Cyprian Lwanga was an NRA sympathizer -Museveni

By Gloria Nakiyimba

President Yoweri Museveni says the late Archbishop for Kampala archdiocese Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was an NRA sympathizer during the war that ushered the NRM government to power.

Speaking during the state funeral of the fallen archbishop at Kololo independence ground on Tuesday, President Museveni said “Cyprian Lwanga was part of our bayekera sympathisers. We were in the bush fight but we had sympathizers. They did not shoot guns but I am sure they prayed for us. They also contributed , they were with Cardinal Nsubuga, there were also other leaders like Bishop Yokana Mukasa , and the Muslim leaders like prince Badru Kakungulu they were part of our sympathisers.”

The president who was accompanied by First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni, explained that this was one of the reasons why he ordered for the official mourning of the Catholic prelate at Kololo grounds.

He further explained that as a church leader at the level of an archbishop, Dr. Cyprian Lwanga had to be accorded a state funeral.

“He has been an archbishop. We don’t have many of those. They are only four for the Catholic Church. The one in the North, Archbishop John Baptist Odama, the one in the East Emmanuel Obbo, the one in the West Lambert Bainomugisha and the one here ” he noted

According to the head of state, honoring the late Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga with a state funeral is part of building national culture and it’s not just only to honor the political people and traditional leaders.

“The church leaders are also national leaders. So I think in terms of developing your national culture of recognizing value and contribution, you must include the religious leaders but of a certain level” Museveni emphasized.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who was the chief mourner revealed he got to know about the late archbishop through the late Emanuel Cardinal Nsubuga.

“When I came from the bush, Cardinal Nusbuga invited me to Kyankwanzi and Kizito Lwanga was there as a young priest always with cardinal Nsubuga. That’s how I came to know him personally but originally I just knew cardinal Nsubuga” he said.

The president hailed Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Lwanga for setting up a micro finance project to help the people.

“One of the things I came to appreciate was his microfinance project called Twekembe which he started with his salary and it’s now a big microfinance involving many people”

The late Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was honored with 17-gun salute by the UPDF during the national mourning ceremony at Kololo organised by the government.

The ceremony was attended by religious leaders, and government officials.

His body was later airlifted to his ancestral home in Kyabakadde in Mukono district where another requiem mass was held at St. Charles Lwanga Kyabakadde.

Arch Diocese Dr. Cyprian kizito urges Christians to continue fasting.

By Robert Segawa

Christians have been asked to use today’s way of the cross as a sign of unity despite the main differences they have amongst each other.

Leading a joint good Friday prayers under Uganda joint Christian council ( UJCC) at Old Kampala SS pray ground after the Ecumenical public way of the cross , the Archbishop of Church of Uganda his Grace Stanley Ntagali expressed fears that if we fail to get United by the death of Christ on the cross, then we cannot be United.

He meanwhile says the nailing of Jesus on the cross is a sign of light for the people who are staying in the dark, this should be celebrated as a great Friday.

Ntagali urged the public to embrace Christ in their lives as to stop all things against his teachings such as ,injustices, domestic violence ,corruption which he says is rampant in our country just because of greedy and selfish people .

He adds that on this Easter people should do things which glorify God, desist from domestic violence, corruption hence peace in our families, communities and country at large.

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He has advised parents to keep a keen eye on their children because now days they face many challenges such as sugar Mummies, and daddies which disrupt them adding all this come because of parent neglect to their families.

Different people at Old Kampala playground have prayed for peace in the country, families, those in hospitals and communities as well.

On his part as new Chairman of Uganda joint Christian council the Arch Bishop of Kampala archdioceses Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga called upon all Christians as well as Ugandans to have a good life.

He pointed out the challenges such as corruption, nepotism, tribalism, violence against women and children, rampant killings of innocent men, women and children , manipulation of people, witch craft in our society and yet Uganda is a country that believes in God.

Archbishop Lwanga also wondered of many children begging on streets of Kampala who are learning bad behaviors, defilement, early marriages, child labor and exploitation of many children lives with single parents and some end up spending hour’s alone with maids which is dangerous to our future generations.

He further pointed out poverty caused by land grabbing and eviction in some parts of the country, change in rainfall patterns caused by the environmental degradation which has left number of families faced with dry spells leading to the death of cattle which has led to hunger and over dependence.

Archbishop Lwanga Consoled the business community who have been affected by closure of the Uganda Rwanda boarder, and prays that the two leaders meet and resolve the issues amongst their two countries.

Bishop Lwanga while leading the Christians on the ecumenical public way of the cross from Rubaga cathedral,Rubaga road, Kabaka Njagala, St Balikudembe parish Mengo Kisenyi, St James Church of Uganda, today , said that Christians should not stop doing what they have been doing during lent because the needy ,poor still exist and need prayers for protection from doing Wrong .

Bishop adds that our love to God must be extended to our families and communities and this in turn will help peace to prevail in our country