Kasango to be buried in Fortportal

By Sania Babirye

Kampala High court Judge Lydia Mugambe rules that the late lawyer Bob Kasango should be buried in Fortportal as sought by his wife Nice Kasango Bitarabeho.

This is after Bitarabeho dragged Kasongo’s mother Rosie Kabise to court accusing her of frustrating her late son’s wishes to be buried in Fortportal instead of Tororo were she comes from.

Kasango’s wife while testifying in court revealed that her husband had fallen out with his relatives including his mother many years ago and that that is why he bough a large piece of land to settle with their children and burial upon death.

He passed away in Luzira prison on the 18th of February due to heart failure were he was serving a 15 year jail sentence after anti corruption Court in 2018 convicted him of embezzling 15 million shillings worth pensioners money.

His remains had since then been held at a funeral home after the two family sides failed to agree on where to bury him.

Four arrested over the death of lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park

By Moses Kidandi/ Annah Nafula

Four people have been arrested in connection with the death of six lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. They include Ampurira Brian 26 years, Tumuhire Vincent 49 years, Aliyo Robert 40 years and Miliango David 68 years.

The four were arrested during a joint operation mounted by UWA, UPDF and Police in Kyenyabutongo village, Rusoroza Parish, Kihihi Sub County, Kanungu District and have taken the security team to a location where three heads of lions were found hidden in a tree and the fourth one was buried with 15 legs under the same tree. The suspects said they dropped one leg in the park. Three bottles containing chemical commonly known as Furadan and a two litre Jerry can of lion fat oil were recovered in a banana plantation. Two spears, one panga and one hunting net were found hidden in a garden at the home of Tumuhire Vincent.

The carcases of the lions were discovered at Ishasha sector on Friday last week .The suspects are expected to be arraigned in the courts of law.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has applauded the security agencies that have tirelessly worked to have the offenders come to book.

Uganda boasts of a population of about five hundred lions. The Queen Elizabeth lions are commonly known as the tree climbing lions that give tourists a life time experience during their tours.

Families fight for late Kasango’s remains

By Sania Babirye

Drama has ensued at All Saints Cathedral in Kampala after relatives of the late lawyer Bob Kasango and that from his wife’s side fought on where to bury him.

After his funeral service, relatives from his wife’s side wanted to take him to Fortportal for burial claiming that they had already made all the burial arrangements.

However, his relatives led by his mother, protested the move claiming that the late Kasango was a Japadhola from Tororo and that he should be buried at his ancestral home but not at his in-laws place as if he was homeless.

His mothers side later over powered his wife’s side and took the body by force and bang it to a van .

Kasango succumbed to heart failure at Luzira Maximum where he was serving a 16 year jail sentence handed to him by the anti corruption Court in 2018 for embezzling 15 billion shillings of pensioner’s money with three others.

Angry woman throws own twins in the stream

By Robert Segawa

Police in Kitgum has arrested 30 years old woman for allegedly throwing her 8 months old twins in a stream, blaming her husband for not buying meat on independence day.

The Suspect has been identified as Lillian Oyera resident of Labong Amida village a wife to a one Kenneth Ocwo who failed to buy meat on independence day which angered a woman and decided to kill the children.

According to police spokesman Fred Enanga the angry woman also burnt several house hold properties like utensils, Beds , clothes before throwing the twins in the stream.

Enanga adds that one of the infant Ocen Fred has luckily been recovered live by police and local divers, but other twin Apio Jennifer was found dead.

Police registers an increase in suicide cases

By Robert Segawa

Police has registered 275 cases of suicide have been registered country wide due to Covid-19 lock-down.

According to Uganda police statistics,there has been a registered increase of 20% compared to last year.

While addressing the journalist, at media center today the deputy police spokesman Polly Namaye said that the increased number of suicide in a country is fueled by depression due to the impact of Covid 19 and other challenges.

She mentioned that Lwengo district has the most number of reported suicide cases, followed by Rukungiri, Tororo, Nakaseke, Gulu, Mbale, Mpigi, Kakumiro, Adjuman, Koboko, Kumi among others.

She further urged Ugandan’s to seek help from expert’s instead of killing themselves.

Four sent to jail over Tegu’s death

By Sania Babirye

A task team actively investigating the murder of Tegu Emmanuel, 24 year old, male University student of Makerere, on the Wednesday, charged four suspects at LDC court for his brutal murder. The deceased was violently beaten on the 27.06.2020, and sustained life threatening injuries, which he eventually succumbed to on the 3.07.2020 at Mulago Hospital, Kiruddu.

The four suspects include; Oigu Charles; a 34 year old Area Councilor; Nyeko Balam, a 33 year old security guard; Kakuru Johnson, a 24 year old resident of Makerere and Sekitoleko Moses, a 21 year old resident of Makerere.

Their actions were supported by the postmortem report which revealed the cause of death as blunt force trauma, due to open wounds along the back, multiple cane marks on the back of the right elbow and abrasions along the abdomen and the entire back of the victim.

The prevailing facts indicate that on 27.06.2020, the victim left his sister Rachael Ariongeti’s home, at Namungoona where he also stayed with his brother Sam Okwalinga, and proceeded to his church at Makerere.

He did not return home, but in the evening at around 10pm, he was found by PC Mukose Farouk who was on routine patrol behind the main building near the water tank.

The officer attempted to inquire about who he was and what he was doing at such an ordinary hour, out in the cold.

He appeared erratic and responded by throwing stones at the officer, who fired three shots in the air to scare the victim but kept charging at him.

This forced the officer to withdraw and communicated to his supervisor.

The victim ran towards St Augustine church and Centenary bank, where he charged at the three private security guards but was overpowered.

They hit him using the metallic chairs from the visitor’s tent, and it’s at this stage that he cried out for help, which attracted about 10-15 residents from Zone 1 and West road quarters around Lumumba hall.

Among the respondents were a few youth who joined the private security guards and violently assaulted the victim, whom they suspected to be a thief.

It is after the intervention of the Chaplain, St Augustine Church Makerere that the private guards and the few charged residents stopped torturing the victim and alerted the police about him.

The police team responded and rushed the victim to Mulago National Referral Hospital.

The following day of 28.06.2020, he was traced at the hospital by his brother and discharged on 29.06.2020.

While at home, the victim’s condition started deteriorating and he was taken to Mild May Clinic, Sseguku on 30.06.2020, to his personal doctor, Dr Arinda Anita who was treating his bipolar condition since 2018. She referred them to a specialist at Rubaga Hospital, to check if there was a problem with his kidney, since he was not passing urine.

At Rubaga Hospital, he was further referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kiruddu where he died on 3.07.2020.

The task team has established that about three private security guards of SGA and seven others, who responded to the alarm, were behind the violent assault of the victim.

The scene was reconstructed and a few key pieces of evidence including CCTV footage from St Augustine Church, metallic chairs from the visitors’ tent at the banks which were used as a weapon against the victim, a wire rod and relevant witness statements recorded.

We would like to inform the public that the investigations are still open and we have clues about three more suspects who are still at large.

It is very helpful if we avoid speculation and instead avail evidence that is crucial to the matter under inquiry.

We would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to our officer, SGT Okwalinga, the father to the victim, and all family, friends and relatives.

We are also devastated by the senseless murder of a son who had a dream, of working in the veterinary field.

He was an evangelist who was compassionate and always helping out. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Woman stabs neighbor to death over free government food

By Sania Babirye

A businesswoman has been remanded to Kigo government prison after she allegedly attempted to murder her neighbor by stabbing him in the stomach for refusing to sell to her government relief posho and beans he had received in the ongoing COVID-19 lock down.

The suspect is identified as 27 year old Mariam Kukundakwe a resident of Kasanvu zone Kisugu parish Makindye division in Kampala district dealing in retail shop at Kisugu in Kampala.

She has been arraigned before Makindye court Grade one magistrate Patience Lonah Tukundane who charged her with attempted murder.

She has been remanded until the 8th of July 2020 to be able to take plea before a chief magistrate.

Prosecution states that the accused with the help of others who are still on the run on the 5th of June 2020 at Go-down zone Kisugu attempted to cause the death of Elias Twinomuhwezi.

Court heard that the accused stabbed the victim in the stomach using a knife after a serious quarrel accusing him of refusing to sale to her government food.

Army releases guidelines on burial of fallen Rtd. Lt General Kasirye Gwanga

By Sania Babirye

The army has released the burial details of the late Rtd Lt.General Kasirye Gwanga.

According to the Uganda People’s Defense Forces Spokes person Richard Karemire, Gen.Kasirye Gwanga will be buried tomorrow in a ‘scientific’ burial at Nkene village in Busujju county , Mitiyana district at 10:00am.

Karemire says a limited number of people comprising of mainly relatives will attend the burial as away of observing the COVID-19 standard operation measures , a cause that the deceased died fighting for.

The Army has also banned any kind of gatherings at the road sides because it will violate the social distancing directive and only state media; UBC station has been accredited to carry out the live coverage of the burial process. He also says that there will be a live stream on YouTube and Facebook to minimize congestion.

The army has advised neighbors to the late and other well wishers of Mitayana to respect the said measures because they will not be allowed to bury him emphasizing that the UPDF and other security agencies will be reinforcing the said measures .

Wife kills husband for changing a radio station

By Robert Segawa

Police in Kapchorwa district are investigating circumstances under which a 40 year old man was killed by his wife over radio program.

The deceased has been identified as Micheal Kalafugo a resident of Kapsweti village in Kapchorwa district was reportedly struggled to death while drunk by his wife Thabisa Wikefa 30 year’s with help of her brothers following disagreement over radio program.

According to Sipi region police spokesman Fredrick Chesang the deceased returned from a near by trading center and on reaching home, he found his wife and brothers listening to music yet he wanted listen to news on radio .

Chesang says that in process of changing to news the it is reported that the wife and brother attacked and struggled him while in drunken state.

The wife and three other suspects are now in police custody to help with investigation.

Woman kills husband for suspecting that she aborted

By Sania Babirye

26year old house wife who allegedly stabbed her husband to death after he suspected her of having aborted their baby has been charged with murder by the Makindye magistrate court.

Moreen Nakintu is accused of murdering Cyrus Kitamirike who was the headteacher of Royal College secondary school Makindye.

She appeared before Makindye court chief magistrate Prossy Katushabe who did not allow her to take plea since she is charged with a capital offense that is only tryable and bailed by the High court.

She has been remanded to Kigo government prison until the 23rd of May 2020 for further mention of her case.

Prosecution states that Nakintu a resident of Royal College Secondary school Makindye Kirundu Zone, on the 18th of April 2020 at school quarters with malice aforethought unlawfully killed her husband Cyrus Kitamirike by stabbing.

According to evidence before court, Nakintu allegedly had the abortion four days before the murder in which she stabbed to death her husband, made an alarm and called Makindye police who found her next to her dead husband half naked.