Defiler sent to Luzira

By Sania Babirye

A 20year old youth who defiled a six year old girl has been charged and remanded to Luzira prison.

The suspect is identified as Patrick Kalule. He appeared before High Court Judge Elizabeth Kabanda and was charged with aggravated defilement.

He has however denied the charges and remanded until the 28th of this month when hearing of his case is expected to begin.

Prosecution states that Kalule on September 4th 2017 at Kiwanga village in Wakiso district performed a sexual act with a 6year old girl who was apparently his neighbor’s child .

Trial of man who defiled own niece starts

By Sania Babirye

Kampala high court has started hearing a case of a 42 year old man who strangled to death a new born baby girl he had fathered after defiling his brother’s 15 year old daughter.

Masolo Ashiraf is said to have committed the offense at Nakwero B village in Kira Town council found in Wakiso district.

The suspect was arrested by the Kasangati police after a concerned neighbor and a friend to Masolo’s niece discovered that the baby was born alive but Masolo had strangled it to death and later starched her remains in a black polythene bag and buried it to un identified place.

The neighbor has informed High court judge Tony Vicent Okwanga that the girl was staying with her uncle and his 11 year old son and that the girl had confided in her that she was pregnant but had not disclosed who the father was.

And that she first learnt that the girl had given birth to a baby girl from her uncle’s son and that the baby was alive but some time later , Masolo came to her home and informed her that the girl had given birth to a dead baby helped by two village old ladies.

The witness also testified that he had asked Masolo the gender of the baby but Masolo had claimed that he did not know the gender of the baby because he did not bother to check the gender since the baby was born dead raising her suspicion.

However, when the neighbor met the two ladies who had helped the girl to give birth, they informed her that they had helped the girl give birth to a healthy live baby girl but immediately after the birth, Masolo chased them away from his house when they asked him to allow them to take care of her.

She also revealed that when she tried to go and see the girl, Masolo informed her that she had gone to visit unidentified friends forcing her to report the matter to police.

And as result Masolo and the girl were arrested and when his son was interviewed by police, he revealed that his father removed the baby who was sleeping with the mother from the bedroom and carried her to the sitting room and held her in his arms for a few minutes then strangled her to death.

The son further elaborated that Masolo strangled the baby until her eyes came out and later put her in a black polythene bag and left in the middle of the night.

While at police, Masolo refused to say anything or reveal where he had buried the baby’s remains, but the girl later told police that his uncle brought her to live with him and his son in 2015 after his wife deserted him.

She further revealed that they started having sexual relations until she got pregnant .

She also revealed to police that Masolo was the father of the baby but when she got pregnant, he told her to never reveal to anyone that he was the father and that immediately after giving birth, he informed her that the baby can not live because his reputation will be destroyed if his brother and other people found out that he had been sleeping with his niece.

The girl also revealed that she does not know were Masolo buried the baby’s remains and the girl has since then gotten married to another man.

And since the witness never saw the alleged child and police never recovered the dead body, Masolo was only charged with defilement.

However, evidence from the state shows that the girl was indeed pregnant and was going for antenatal at Nakwero health center and actually did give birth on the 19th of October to a live baby girl.

However, the suspect denies all the allegations.