Democratic party now open for dialogue with dissatisfied members

By Robert Segawa

Democratic Party leaders at different levels have attacked some of the party members who are championing the conflict and bickering in the party who they say are failing the party activities

The DP party leaders led by the national Party Vice President Mukasa Mbidde while addressing a news conference at national campaign party headquarters at Balintuma road in Mengo, noted that they are open to dialogue with the party members. Mbidde adds that these dialogues will aimed to streamline the party because the party leadership is currently focused at organizing the party delegates conference.

Mukasa Mbidde has also attacked the government for always interfering with the operations of the political parties that are aimed at strengthening the parties at grassroots level. He says this has now forced the members of these parties to struggle for positions at headquarters.

At the same meeting, Gerald Siranda the party Secretary General said that the party will take disciplinary action to all party members who don’t turn up for party activities.

Some of the members of parliament who include Andrew Komaketch the Deputy Party chief whip and Kenneth Bbosa Kiyingi the Bukomansimbi South Member of parliament attacked their fellow members of this generation for their failure to streamline the party and instead promote violence in the party

Democratic Party’s Deo Hasubi Njoki declines job offered by Museveni

The Democratic party Busia LCV by election candidate Deo Hasubi Njoki has declined the Uganda human rights commission Job offer by president Yoweri Museveni. Njoki who was nominated on 6th November on DP ticket and is backed by other opposition political parties as a joint candidate announced the the decision to day during the weekly party press conference in Kampala.

He confirms that he received the a copy of the letter which president Museveni addressed to the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga appointing him as the commissioner of Uganda Human rights commission.

Njoki says he wrote a letter to the party leadership informing them of what was going on.

He added that after consultations with the party leadership he has decided to turn down the offer of the job he would have preferred because that’s what he studied resolving to serve the people of Busia.

Njoki announced that he is returning to Busia to start campaign and DP will win the election.

The DP party president General Nobert Mao noted that the letter Njoki wrote to the party was linked to media by members of the party leadership and this resulted into bashing of the party including members of other opposition political parties.

DP Party President Nobert Mao - PHOTO BY Robert Segwa for Capital FM
DP Party President Nobert Mao – PHOTO BY Robert Segwa for Capital FM

He warned president Yoweri Museveni to leave DP and Njoki alone sighting that DP has invested heavily in Njoki. He noted that they are heading to Busia to and they will be Joined by other opposition leader’s in campaigns noting that they will win and Museveni will be ashamed.

The elections for Busia District LC V by elections are set for November 28th 2018. The campaign manager DP Florence Namayanja member of parliament Bukoto East assured for a land slide victory on 28th November as he called for further support.

Early this year Justice Andrew Bashaija nulified the election of NRM candidate Ouma Adea and ordered fresh elections for Busia LCV. This was after petition by Deogratious Nkoki DP candidate saying Adea was bared from holding public office for a period of 10 years when he was convicted by the anti corruption court for abuse of office and corruption.

Democratic Party applauds the COSASE report

By Robert Segawa
Democratic Party  hails Abdul  Katuntu’s  COSASE report saying that unlike other committees, this report has pinned government officials who always solicit public resources even when they are well paid.

During a  press conference at City house party president Nobert  Mao  said that the committee’s recommendation to block president Museveni from getting a supplementary budget to refund the handshake was among the best ideas.

Mao congratulated the house over the recommendations and they agree with the findings. He therefore calls for the office of the IGG to take up the report and  implement as per law.

He adds that even power sharing in signing of Government  documents within ministries as per the report will minimize mistakes like minister Saida Bumba did when she signed on documents which she didn’t read through an act indicating that she could even have signed her resignation letter if it had been tabled before her.

Democratic Party decries the torture of suspects in Nalufenya

By Segawa Robert
Democratic Party (DP) has condemned the Police for torturing suspects in the killing of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi.
While addressing media at DP offices in Kampala Fred Mwesigwa, the DP Press Secretary  said it is wrong to torture suspects while in detention.
He questioned how Police could defend that the suspects were injured before arrest. He adds that they were paraded in court with fresh wounds while others were rotting.
Mwesigwa also warned security against turning Nalufenya into a torture center and advised them to transfer the center from Busoga to another part of the country.
To this, Mwesigwa called on security to follow guidance from International Law on Torture.
Mwesigwa asked Uganda Human Rights Commission to revisit Nalufenya Detention Center to monitor how secure the facility is.

DP’s Mpuuga mourns Mathias Nsubuga

Mathias Nsubuga, the Democratic Party-DP Secretary General is dead. Nsubuga suffered a stroke on Friday and passed away on Sunday evening at Case Clinic in Kampala.

Elvis Kintu, the DP Capacity Strengthening Coordinator told URN last evening that Nsubuga was rushed to Case Clinic in Kampala on Friday after suffering a massive stroke at Mukono Bookshop in Kampala.

Prior to Nsubuga’s, death Kintu told URN that the former Bukoto South MP could neither talk, eat nor move his body. He said doctors had carried out MRI- Magnetic resonance imaging tests to establish the cause of the stroke.

In his Facebook post, Norbert Mao, the DP President, says DP has lost a clean hearted man. The Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga, says the death of Nsubuga is a very big loss to his family, the Democratic Party, Masaka and Lwengo district in particular.

“Honorable Nsubuga has been around, his death is the most unfortunate, he should have been around to see the change he so much desired come to bare in this country”, said MP Mpuuga.

Mpuuga also noted that Nsubuga’s death should be a lesson to the Democratic Party.

Mpuuga also noted that while in the Ninth parliament, the late Nsubuga was passionate on human rights and trade among other issues.

Nsubuga will be buried on Thursday in Masaka.

Sack the minister- Democratic Party

By Robert Ssegawa

Democratic party have tasked president Museveni to sack minister for water Ronald Kibuule over the miss conduct over the security female guard at Mukono Stanbic bank.

Kenneth Paul Kakande DP spokesperson says that the government has on several occasions agitating the public to be security conscious regardless of one’s status.

He says that Kibuule’s actions can’t not be accepted in today’s Uganda and that if possible he should resign before being sacked and that also he should be counselled and dp is willing to free counselling services. Track

Democratic Party wanted police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi to parade Kibuule like he has been doing to other suspects who committed assault.


Democratic Party warns members of the ruling NRM party

By Robert Ssegawa

Opposition Democratic Party has warned members of the ruling NRM party not to indulge in electoral malpractices during the elections of leaders of newly created districts next week.

The party spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande alleges that the NRM party has started ferrying members of the notorious Kifeesi to the districts with aim of disrupting the exercise scheduled to take place on 29th August.

Kakande says  DP will remain vigilante to combat any malpractice.



By Robert Ssegawa

Democratic Party has called upon government not to deploy soldiers to S.Sudan without approval by parliament.

Keneth Paul Kakande DP spokesperson while addressing media at DP offices said that government should not engage Ugandan soldiers in the conflicts in the S.Sudan without fulfilling the proper procedure of engaging in foreign land.

Kakande has also called upon the Uganda government to ensure that all Ugandans are repatriated back home safely with their belongings from war tone country.

He asked the East African heads of state to make sure that the fighting in S.Sudan stopped with immediate effect and make sure that those engage in crime against humanity should be brings to book.