Parents asked to support children with deaf blindness

By Alice Lubwama

People living with deaf blindness are asking parents not to neglect their children living with this disability, saying if well supported and educated can be useful like normal children.

Abukitto Agnes the treasurer National association of the deaf blind in Uganda says if the parents appreciate children with the disability and support them to be educate them, they will be able to leave on their own without over depending on them.

Abukitto further asked parents to give their disabled children the necessary guidance and love them so that the communities around them can appreciate them.

She says that if a child with this disability is educated, it will be easier for him or her to contribute to impact society positively without necessarily depending on the parents.

She adds that because her parents appreciated her and took her to school, she has been able to move from one to another, reaching places where even people without disabilities have not reached.

Abukitto says that she can now participate in community activities without being discriminated.