Men gather conference to discuss roles of men in families

By Phiona Namutebi

In a bid to curb the soaring number of divorce cases in Uganda, Phaneroo Ministries International is organizing a men’s meeting that will be aimed at giving men insight on how to handle marital issues.

While speaking to the press today, Zac Mutyaba a Pastor at Phaneroo Ministries said, ‘Many men are not particularly aware of what they are doing wrong, He said some for example do not know how to save money, budgeting for their families and others don’t have purpose to marry instead they marry because of excitement and peer pressure. He adds that these gaps weigh heavily of wives leading to painful separations and divorces.

Mutyaba also intimated that as a church, they do not agree with divorce because of its outcomes including single parenting which comes with its own challenges. At the Men Gather Conference, men will be reminded about their primary role as heads of families. This event is scheduled to take place on the 29th of February at Kololo Independence ground.

The event which is expected to start at 9Am has a great deal of activities lined up till evening including car care, fun games and exhibitors of different products.

Former VP Bukenya’s wife files for a divorce

By Sania Babirye
The wife to former vice president Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya has petitioned the high court seeking to dissolve her marriage accusing Bukenya of deserting their marriage by engaging in various endless adulterous relationships .

Margret Mary Musoke Bukenya married Bukenya on the 21st of September 1974 and had three children with him including Richard Mutawongo Bukenya who is 45 years old , 42 year old Georgina Nabukenya Bukenya and 37 year old Gilbert Roy Bukenya.

However, through Ligomare advocates, Mrs.Bukenya has filed for divorce on grounds that Bukenya has not been faithful.

According to documents before court, Mrs. Bukenya claims that in the course of the Marriage, Bukenya has deserted her at their family matrimonial home and instead engaged in endless instances of adultery and infidelity and subjecting her to endless acts of emotional distress and abuse.

In support of her petition , Mrs Bukenya has sighted various sexual relationships which she claims that Bukenya has been engaging in through out the years.

These include Bukenya having several affairs which have highly been publicized in the media much in her shame and ridicule including that with popular musician Irene Namubiru and Princess Sheila Nvanungi.

Bukenya is also allegedly accused of having a sexual relationship with a one Josephine Nakku whom Mrs.Bukenya says is his personal assistant.

Mrs.Bukenya has also stated alleged adulterous affairs which She says Bukenya has been having through out the course of their over 40 years of marriage including:

A repeated adulterous affair with a one Teddy Nadagire between 1982/83 whom she says resulted in a child and now deceased captain Brian Bukenya.

She also claims that in the 1990’s Bukenya had an affair with a one Stella Njuba who is now deceased and fathered two children with her and constructed them a house in Bunamwaya where they live.

Bukenya is further a accused of having sexual relationship with a one Jamila Nakku in 2004 and that the two lived together at their country home in Nagulu Lwantama and that Jamila publicly claimed Bukenya as her husband alleging that Bukenya had married her at a cultural function at her parents home .

Other alleged adulterous relationships include in 2000 with a one Margret Kabasinguzi Nyabongo who was allegedly part of his mobilization team in his constituency which resulted also in a child forcing the mistress to end her marriage and that Bukenya is still seeing them at a home in Fort Portal which he built for them.

Court documents further states that in 2014, Bukenya started a sexual relationship with a one Justine Najembe and fathered a now about four years child with and currently live in a house in Namayumba in Wakiso district which he also constructed for them and Namujju Cissy also a former political mobilizer .

Mrs.Bukenya says that she has been a witness to some of these extra marital affairs and that despite confronting Bukenya on the same, he has not been repentant or shown any sign that he is willing to desist from these ridiculous and demeaning behavior.

She says that she been abandoned by Bukenya without any explanation whatsoever in a manner that can only amount to desertion since:

Bukenya has not spent a night at their family matrimonial home in Ntinda since July 2012.

She further states that before that, Bukenya would visit briefly in October 2011 and July 2012 when he was released from prison and that since then, she has only visited once in May 2015 .

She is also accusing Bukenya of of failing to give her any provision or upkeep for the maintenance of the their family residence since his abandonment which resulted in her guards that were given to her as a wife of a former vice president withdrawn because she was mot able to feed them.

She also says that Bukenya issued strict instructions to her to stay away from their country home in Busiro Block 233 plot 7 land in Nagulu Lwantama nearly 10 years now and that only visits the home on invitations to attend social functions.

Mrs.Bukenya is accusing Bukenya of living at a different home in Garuga for the past 10 years where he is allegedly known to host scandalous sexual parties including the famous Bikini parties with young girls, city Socialites to embarrassment of his wife and family.

She says that she has become the never ending source of ridicule and embarrassment in the media following Bukenya’s shameless behaviours with women and girls especially with the media making direct mention of her as his wife.

She also says that due to those extra marital affairs, she has constantly endured the agony and fear of not only undergoing HIV and STD tests, but also worrying about her safety in light of the claims from other women that Bukenya is their legal husband on top of undergoing constant spiritual therapy.

Mrs.Bukenya is also accusing Bukenya of cutting off all communication with her for several years without returning or answering her phone calls forcing her to suffer humiliation since she had to ho through third parties including his staff and mistresses to reach him.

Mrs.Bukenya says that basing on such behaviors by Bukenya despite being 70 years old, her sacred Catholic beliefs against divorce or Bukenya ever changing and wanting to live as husband and wife have been dashed hence seeking the marriage to be dissolved.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bukenya says that during their marriage, she dedicated her earnings and savings as a doctor with organizations like save the children Fund and AMREF solely to fending for her children and development of her family and educating her children on top of contributing to the acquisition and development of several properties registered in Bukenya’s name.

These include the purchase and development of home in Garuga, Kakiri Busiro and says she is entitled to a share of the same despite the said properties being in Bukenya’s name.

She has also asked the high court to award her alimony in line with the life she is stationed to and also be awarded half value of the property she contributed to as determined by a valuer of the high court.

She also wants Bukenya to pay costs to the suit and other relief court will deem fit.

Female legislators insist on passing the marriage and divorce bill

By Alice Lubwama

Women activists under the domestic act coalition in partnership with Uganda women parliamentary association have joined the international campaign to end violence against women and girls, by calling government to expedite the amendment of the employment act 2006 which will require all employers to have a policy on sexual violence.

The call has been made amidst celebrations for the 16 days of activism to end gender based violence in country. This year’s theme is , “end gender based violence in the world of work”.

Kamwenge woman member of parliament Dorothy Nshaija who is also the treasurer of the association says that among every five women at least one had experienced sexual violence compared to eight percent in men and they would like employers to put in place measures to curb sexual violence and exploitation at the work place.

Nshaija also wants government to regulate alcohol consumption as this is one of the reasons why cases of domestic violence are still many.

Mitooma woman MP Jovah Kamateeka called Government to re-introduce the marriage and divorce bill saying that the continuous clauses on the title and recognizing cohabitation as a form of marriage have been dealt with.

The legislator says that this law is very critical because it will address the conflicts in homes.

People think that this law is for elites yet it’s not the case, this bill proposes that what the man acquired when he was alone will be his but what they have acquired together, they share at the time of separation.

Hon Nshaija has asked all Ugandans to support the law because its intention is not for women to grab men’s property because women also own property.

The Uganda Joint Christian Council warned parliament against passing the Bill arguing that its provisions are like inducements for divorce, turning cohabitation into marriage, and making a woman and a man equal in the marriage setting, are contrary to the Christian teaching.

But the women MPs including the speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga have been pushing for the bill saying it’s good for the whole family not only for women.

The 16 days of activism starts on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and ends on 10 December on the Human Rights Day.

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign is a time to stimulate action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

Janet Jackson talks about her divorce and resuming world tour

Janet Jackson took to Twitter on Monday night to make several big announcements about her family and her return to the stage.

The new mother kicked off a minute-and-a-half long video by addressing her weight gain, but quickly moved on to gush about her three-month-old son Eissa Al Mana whose picture she recently shared on social media.
“Hey you guys, it’s me Jan, just in case you didn’t recognize me cause I have put on quite a few since I had the baby,” Jackson said. “I thank God for him, you guys. He’s so healthy, so beautiful, so sweet, so loving, such a happy baby.”
She also addressed her separation from her Qatari businessman husband, Wissam Al Mana, saying she wanted to “keep it real” with her fans.
“Yes, I separated from my husband,” Jackson said. “We are in court and the rest is in God’s hands.”
Jackson then announced that she would be resuming her “Unbreakable” tour which she has renamed the “State of the World” tour.
“It’s not about politics,” she said of the name change. “It’s about people, the world, relationships and just love.”
Jackson postponed her tour first in 2015 for surgery and then in April 2016 as she and her husband planned their family.
She confirmed in October last year that she was becoming a mother at 50.
Jackson’s tour is scheduled to resume beginning with a concert September 7 in Lafayette, Louisiana.
The superstar concluded the video by thanking her fans for their patience.
“I am so excited,” she said. “I cannot wait to see you on stage, September 7.”
Tickets for the rescheduled tour dates go on sale May 5.

MP and gospel singer Judith Babirye files for divorce, accuses husband of violence

By Sania Babirye
Buikwe district woman MP also gospel singer Judith Babirye has filed for divorce in the Family court.
In her divorce petition Babirye  wants the court to dissolve her marriage with husband Samuel Niwo citing sadness  due to  what she describes as  Niwo’s cruel ,erratic , male-violent behavior and lack of respect.
She accuses Niwo of being a serial adulterer and neglecting his fatherly responsibilities to the many children he fathered out of wedlock. Babirye has also asked court to grant her sole custody of their ten year old daughter.  The family court has not yet summoned Niwo for to file a response.

Brad and Angelina Jolie agree to keep their divorce process under wraps

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have agreed to work together for the sake of their family.

The actors released a joint statement Monday evening stating that they have reached an agreement to handle their divorce in a private forum and will keep future details of their divorce confidential by utilizing a private judge.

According to the statement obtained by PEOPLE, “The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.”

It concludes: “The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification.”

For the past several weeks, Pitt, 53, and Jolie, 41, had been trading harsh accusations in filings in Los Angeles Superior Court, but recently both agreed to seal sensitive records relating to their six children.

Pitt and Jolie — who are parents to Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 — have a voluntary temporary custody agreement in place that allows Pitt supervised visitation with the children.


Men should marry cleverer and younger women than they are -Research

Men should marry a woman who is cleverer than they are and at least five years younger, if they want the relationship to stand the best chance of lasting, according to new research.

Scientists tracked 1,000 couples who were either married or in serious relationships over five years and then looked for patterns among those who were still together.

They found that neither should have been divorced in the past, the man should be five or more years older and the woman should have received more education than the man.

The academics’ report, published in the European Journal of Operational Research, did say that men and women choose partners “on the basis of love, physical attraction, similarity of taste, beliefs and attitudes, and shared values”.

But it added that using “objective factors” such as age, education and cultural origin “may help reduce divorce”.

Their research suggests marital bliss for pop star Beyoncé Knowles, 33, and her husband, the rap mogul Jay-Z, who is 11 years older at 44. She is also better educated as he did not receive a high school diploma.

However while Michael Douglas, 70, is considerably older than his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 45, the fact that he was previously divorced would count against them, the findings suggest.

The scientists, including Dr Emmanuel Fragniere of the University of Bath, found that a previous divorce lessened the chances of a relationship surviving, but this was less marked when both partners had been divorced before.