DP set to launch campaign for compensation

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic party is set to launch a campaign aimed at ensuring government urgently compensates land owners in districts where the East African crude oil pipeline will pass.

The oil pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania will pass through 10 Ugandan districts including Hoima ,Kikuube,Kakumiro,Kyankwanzi,Kyotera ,Mubende ,Rakai,Lwengo ,Ssembabule and Gomba.

Speaking to the press at the party headquarters in Kampala the DP president Nobert Mao revealed that they will be meeting leaders through their branches together with their legal experts next week to get advise on how to go about with the matter since the pipeline will affect a number of people in the 10 districts.

Mao reminded Ugandans on how government had mooted a plan to amend article 26 in the Constitution that emphasizes compensation of land owners.

The DP president said that government should ensure compensation reaches its intended people since it is coming from the two oil companies including Total and CNOOC.

In related development the Democratic party president said the Visa restrictions against Ugandan government officials by the US are not sufficient to punish them.

He said the restrictions will not be effected during this period when borders of some countries are closed during to the Corona virus pandemic.

DP ready to face off with Museveni in the IPOD summit

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has revealed that they will be attending the IPOD Summit which is slated for Friday this week. The party believes this is the only platform to tell the NRM government the truth about what is happening in the country.

National Resistance Movement’s secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba confirmed that NRM party chairman who is also the current chairman of the IPOD Summit President Yoweri Museveni will chair the IPOD Summit which will take place at Kololo Air strip.

Addressing journalists at Democratic Party headquarters in Kampala, Opio Okolar La Manu, the Party spokesperson revealed that they will participate in the IPOD Summit because it was their idea to have this summit to discuss the country’s current affairs including the kidnap, torture and murder of innocent Ugandans.

Opio Okolar further adds that they believe that dialogue is the best platform for resolving and finding solutions for this country other than using media to fight one another.

He also revealed that DP has no problem holding dialogues with the incumbent president of Uganda because they do it for the good of Ugandans.

Opio Okolar also noted that they are not bothered by Forum for Democratic Change refusal to attend the IPOD Summit because that is their will.

DP die hards not impressed with current party defection wave

A senior member of the Democratic Party and also former Kawempe south MP Sebuliba Mutumba and another senior member of DP warn opposition parties not to celebrate the defection of members from one party to another because it is dangerous to the existence of parties.

In an interview with Capital Radio, Mutumba said that what political parties should do now is to attract new members from the ruling NRM party if they are to progress, other than poaching from each other.

Sebuliba says it is unfortunate that opposition party are killing other parties yet these are the fountain and pillars that can hold democracy.

He called upon leaders of opposition parties to come together and settle the dust before it is too late.

“The current trend of politics is not healthy and leaders need to come back to their senses and settle the dust.” Mutumba said.

Sebuliba adds that parties should aim at consolidating their efforts, other than jubilation when one comes from one opposition party to another.

Mao excludes fighting groups from DP delegates conference

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) president general, Nobert Mao, has revealed that all the people and the branches opposed to DP, will not be invited for delegates conference.

Mao made the remarks during a weekly press briefing in Kampala. He said the party infighting last week hit the peak after an alleged group of members attacked Mao and members of his executive at an extra ordinary meeting at Balintuma road Mengo.

Mao says the party central executive committee will crack a whip on all undisciplined members.

It is on this note that he announced that all branches and people undermining the party Will not be invited to delegates conference scheduled for May this year.

He however revealed that the secretary general was preparing over 2800 invitation cards for both delegates and special guests.

Mao clarified that the party organizing secretary, Suleiman Kidandala was suspended to prevent more damage in the party.

Kidandala was suspended by the party NEC on last Friday on grounds of violating the party Constitution and printing voters registers.

Mao however said he will be summoned and given fair hearing.

DP’s Mao mourns Moi

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has urged President Museveni to borrow a leaf from the fallen Kenya’s former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and handover power peaceful.

Moi was 95 years old when passed on this morning while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

During the Democratic Party weekly press conference, Mao said that although Moi’s leadership was harsh and cruel but at the end he settled for the multi-party democracy in Kenya, term limits as well as handing over power peacefully which helped Kenya to reach the high democracy they are enjoying today.

Mao adds that President Museveni must help Ugandans and handover power peacefully .

He sends condolences to Kenyans, family members, East African Community and all peace loving people over the lost of such democratic man.

DP releases roadmap for 2021 elections

By Robert Segawa

Opposition Democratic Party ( DP) has released it’s road map towards the forth coming general elections 2021.

Addressing the media at the party headquarters in Kampala the National organizing secretary of the party, Suleiman Kidandala, said the party will hold it’s delegates conference between 28th-31st March 2020 where they will elect the new party president and other flag bearers.

Before the delegates conference there will be registration of party members at village level from 14th-26th January.

Kidandala added that there will be elections of party executives at village to district level from 26th January to 9th march.

Meanwhile party representatives from constituency and districts will represent the lower levels in the national delegates conference .

DP’s Mao unbothered by members named in People power coordinators list

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic party ( DP) says it will not take disciplinary action as anticipated against it’s members who are named as coordinator in people power’s team.

Last week, People power pressure group led by Kyadondo East member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobiwine released names of it’s coordinators country wide which included DP members .

The list had Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Ssegona, Butambala member if Parliament Muwanga Kivumbi, Mathias Mpuga MP Masaka municipality among others who are members of the DP block.

Addressing a news conference at the DP headquarters today , party president Nobert Mao said that DP is still committed to work with People power pressure group to bring about change , adding this should be spearheaded by DP as an institution and not at an individual level.

Mao further says he has been informed that President Museveni’s agents in opposition have the intention to destroy the people power movement and DP Bloc efforts.

Other party leaders speak out of DP coalition

By Robert Segawa
Following the formation of DP Bloc which was sealed by signing the Memorandum of understanding between DP and three other opposition political parties on Thursday, several political players have reacted.

The Democratic party, Social Democratic party ( SDP) , People’s development party ( PDP ) and Truth for justice ( TJ ) leaders appended signatures on an MOU agreeing to work together to strengthen the Democratic Party to lead the cause of Regime change.

Recently the president of SDP Mike Mabike, the president of PDP, Abed Bwanika, Lubega Walter Mukaku of TJ among others announced that they were returning to the Democratic party to be part of it’s rebuilding.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at Hotel Africana in Kampala DP president Nobert Mao announced that DP was no more disunited .
At the function, PDP president Abed Bwanika and Kyadondo East member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine on top of calling for opposition unity attacked opposition player’s particularly the Forum for Democratic change ( FDC) and it’s former presidential candidate Col Dr Kiiza Besigye for working to undermine the opposition unity steering public debate.

The DP Bloc has since suggested the opposition election campaign strategy for 2021 dubbed “One to one model. On top of proposing to field a joint presidential opposition candidate against NRM, the strategy proposes opposition fielding joint candidate at parliamentary and local government levels depending on each parties strength.

Mukono Municipality MP, Hon Betty Nambooze, advised the opposition to desist from waging war against fellow opposition player’s and walk the talk of unity.

She urged the opposition not be diverted from the real enemy of democracy,who is Museveni and NRM and waste time in opposition in fighting.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda the opposition chief whip in parliament who doubles as FDC spokesperson, says FDC doesn’t have time to discuss the programs of other opposition player’s but they are concentrating on internal party programs intended at liberating the the country from dictatorship.

Meanwhile the NRM party spokesperson Roger’s Mulindwa disclosed that the opposition can attempt to form the coalition but at a certain point they will disagree

Mulindwa adds that the opposition is struggling to form a coalition against president Museveni and the NRM was a sign that individual players are weak to cause change.

He retaliated that as NRM they are just waiting for the right time to front their candidate and Ugandans will decide.

President of Justice Forum and MP Bugiri municipality, the opposition should stop labeling and smearing each other, but focus at United opposition which many Ugandans are yearning for.

He adds that it’s only United opposition which will deliver victory to Ugandans. He pledged that JEEMA will work with the DP block through constructive engagements along side other opposition player’s to achieve regime change.

The signing ceremony was among others attended by General Mugisha Muntu who is about to launch a new party Alliance for National transformation ( ANT), former DP president Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi who called for unity among the opposition.

DP launches strategy to dislodge Museveni

By Robert Segawa
Dubbed one on one strategy the Democratic party bloc today announced that it will be the platform to dislodge president Museveni in the next elections.

The strategy which clusters opposition political parties per their regional strength follows the research the party allegedly carried out recently concluding that it’s the only through way to dislodge Museveni from power.

At a press conference addressed by representatives of DP , PDP, SDP, justice forum at the DP headquarters this afternoon, the strategy was unveiled by DP spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande, Dr Abed Bwanika, Michael Mabike, Walter Samuel Lubega among others.

Last week the Democratic party president Nobert Mao introduced former DP members from PDP, SDP, justice forum under their new umbrella DP block.

Abed Bwanika explained that they will be able to field candidates in the regions depending on each parties strength. he noted that DP will filled candidate in Buganda, Acholi, Busoga, Sebei and parts of Westnile. He said FDC is fielding candidates in Kigezi, Ankole, Toro, Bunyoro and parts of Teso.

He further added that UPC is fielding candidates in Lango, Karamoja, and parts of north Eastern Teso. While Mugisha’s party will field candidates in westnile, And Rwenzori Subregion.

According to Bwanika, in area’s where the parties have fielded joint candidates performed well compared to area’s where all had separate candidate.

He announced effective next month the DP UYD reunions will resume with Jinja and Kampala on fast schedule, then proceed to other area’s of the country including Karamoja, before proceeding to the Diaspora in London, America and other area.

Mao blames Electoral commission for DP’s loss in Local council elections

The opposition  Democratic party has threatened legal action against the Electoral commission over the recently concluded LC 1 Elections.
DP President Nobert Mao says the Electoral commission illegally invalidated results of the DP Candidate who had won the recent LC 1 Elections at Luwum street Nakasero village, Salompasi Makivubo village and Katwe ii village.
speaking to the press this afternoon Nobert Mao is urging the Electoral commission to declare the rightfully elected DP candidates in Kampala or they go to court.
Mao says he is going to mobilize Members of parliament representing Democratic party in the Parliament to petition the speaker of parliament to compel the Electoral commission to recall LC 1 Chairmen who were illegally declared against the voters will.