Museveni should address tax policy issues: Mao

By Segawa Robert

The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has highlighted the key issues that should be tackled by Museveni  during the state of the nation address which is slated for this afternoon.

Among the issues Mao expects the president to tackle is the reconciliation bill that will be tabled so that most worried Ugandans can have the best avenue for forgiveness He adds  that  the tax policy  should also be reviewed  to favor all Ugandans.

In a weekly media briefing at city house, Mao said that the questions of land ownership through the land policy is should also be among the concerns Museveni should address. He adds that there should be should other ways of property ownership so as to cater for the urban poor in the slams.

Mao adds that the employment sector should exhibit  transparency by availing a balanced salaries and provide jobs on merit.

In the same press conference, Kalungu legislator Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu demands  that Museveni states his stand on Kaweesi murder and ongoing insecurity coupled with brutality.

Mao blames high sugar prices on corrupt government officials

By Robert Segawa
Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has accused the government of being behind the ongoing country wide hiked sugar prices. He says government officials are keeping sugar in their stores.
In a weekly press conference at the party headquarters in Kampala Mao has tasked  trade  Minister Amelia Kyambande to lead the opening of the sugar store campaigns as a short term solution. He adds that a  massive tax reform should be carried out to avoid recurrence of the shortage.
Mao observes that not only sugar prices have been hiked but also prices of other essential commodities like matooke, fuel, maize flour, and drugs which he  blames on high taxes imposed by the regime corrupt officials
It will be recalled that the minister last week announced the government’s directive to sugar manufacturers not to sell sugar beyond five thousand Ugandan shillings country wide.

Democratic Party decries the torture of suspects in Nalufenya

By Segawa Robert
Democratic Party (DP) has condemned the Police for torturing suspects in the killing of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi.
While addressing media at DP offices in Kampala Fred Mwesigwa, the DP Press Secretary  said it is wrong to torture suspects while in detention.
He questioned how Police could defend that the suspects were injured before arrest. He adds that they were paraded in court with fresh wounds while others were rotting.
Mwesigwa also warned security against turning Nalufenya into a torture center and advised them to transfer the center from Busoga to another part of the country.
To this, Mwesigwa called on security to follow guidance from International Law on Torture.
Mwesigwa asked Uganda Human Rights Commission to revisit Nalufenya Detention Center to monitor how secure the facility is.

DP’s Mao to join Ugandans to seek justice over sim card registration deadline

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic party says the order by the Uganda communication commission to disconnect all sim cards which are not registered using National IDs is not in good faith.

Party president Norbert Mao while addressing the journalists at their offices said that  UCC directive of sim card registration by national IDs  the time flame is too short, many registered but haven’t got theirs and many village people are facing much hardships to register.

Mao adds that national ID is not the only document to use and so they are going to join other Ugandans to seek for justice in court.

UCC gave 20th April 2017, to block all sim cards which are not registered.

DP to pay Shs500000 for every goal.

By Robert Segawa

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) in support of the Uganda Cranes Team has pledged to pay half a million shillings for every goal that shall be scored in AFCON.

“The party continues to congratulate the Uganda Cranes upon making it to the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) after a period of over 30 years,” said the party spokesperson, Kenneth Paul Kakande on Tuesday.

Kakande said that the party will continue to support the Cranes with all necessary support pledging that they will do more than the pledged Sh500, 000 for each goal scored as the game continues.

He has however condemned the failure by government through Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation to rely the tournament which is a great disappointment to the sports fraternity in the country.


DP starts 120 million campaign to support Agnes.

By Robert Ssegawa

Opposition Democratic Party has started a campaign to raise 120 million to enable Agnes Nayiga an ordinary Ugandan travel to India for cancer treatment.

The party president Nobert Mao told the media in Kampala that Nayiga has been battling breast cancer since 2013 and has already lost one of the breasts.

Mao says the party has printed T-shirts that will be sold at 30,000 to raise the money to save Nayiga’s life.

He has appealed to Ugandans of good heart to support this noble cause by contacting the number; 0772629121 or 0701629121.



By Robert Ssegawa

Nobert Mao the DP president has asked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to sort out the grievances in UPDF and the government.

Mao says that opposition doesn’t have any hand in destabilizing the country as the government narrates.

While addressing the media at party headquarters Mao says the attack at Gulu police station should not be pinned on those who contest president Museveni victory in previous presidential election

Mao says there is lack of intelligence in military officers which create gap in to those with their negative interests against the nation.

He asked all those were detained in police cells their information to be revealed to the public saying many of them have lasted beyond 48 hours which is mandatory time.