Dr. Stellah Nyanzi has pleaded not guilty to charges relating to attacking the privacy of President M7


Makerere University Researcher Dr. Stellah Nyanzi has pleaded not guilty to charges relating to attacking the privacy of President M7 and his late mother Esteri Kokundeka and immediately informs the court that she has no interest in being released on bail.

Dr. Nyanzi who has so far spent 2 days on remand at Luzira prison has informed Buganda Road Court Grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu that as a poetess, she has been writing extensively about what she terms as an illegitimate regime of president Museveni and she wonders why at this time the president claims to have taken offense when she writes about his late mother.

Nyanzi explained to the court that she is not interested in applying for bail and would rather stay in prison to teach other women to write and express themselves on facebook.

Nyanzi also wondered when the prosecutor Jane Kitimbo told the court that police is still investigating the matter when the alleged obscene words that offended the president are clearly written on her official Facebook page.

She has now been remanded back to Luzira prison until the November 22nd. Court has ordered police to expedite its investigations and have her quickly tried.

Nyanzi earlier denied the two o counts of cyber harassment and offensive communication, prosecution first tendered in court an amended charge sheet detailing more particulars of the offenses and removing the name

Prosecution states that Nyanzi between the 16th and 17th September 2018 with an intention of disturbing the peace of President M7 posted obscene messages on her official Facebook page(Stellah Nyanzi) while attacking the privacy of the President and that of his late mother Esteri.

Unlike on Wednesday when Nyanzi demanded that the charges be read in her mother tongue – Luganda, today she accepted that they are read in English- the official court language.

Nyanzi was arrested on Friday Last week from Wandegeya police station where she had gone to seek permission and security to organize a peaceful demonstration against Makerere University’s refusal to reinstate her as a researcher following a 2-year suspension due to alleged misconduct.

This is the second time Dr. Stellah Nyanzi is charged before the court on offenses relating to attacking the person and privacy of the President.

Details: Dr Stella Nyanzi granted bail

By Sania Babirye

Buganda road court chief Magistrate James Eremye Mawanda has granted a 10million non cash bail to controversial Makerere university researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi. Her five sureties have also been ordered to-each-pay 10 million non-cash.

The magistrate granted her bail on grounds that she has access to personal files to examine her sanity. Stella has been ordered to deposit her passport to the court and also barred from writing or discussing any matter relating to the case.

The magistrate has however ordered the defense team to not engage the media in discussing any deeper issues relating to the case.

The matter has been adjourned to the 25th of May 2017 to allow the defense to respond to the state application in which they want Dr.Nyanzi to be subjected to a mental examination to prove her sanity.

Prosecution States that between January and March 2017 at  Kampala district,  Nyanzi while having no legitimate purpose of communication posted on her Facebook page suggestions and proposals referring to his excellency president Museveni  that he is a pair of buttocks.

If further alleged that, Nyanzi willfully and repeatedly using electronic communication posted offensive messages via Facebook with an intention of disturbing peace and the privacy of president Museveni.


In the mental examination application state says Dr.Nyanzi should be locked up at Murchison bay Luzira prison hospital in reference to Butabika hospital for her mental monitoring as a measure to control what they termed as continued reputational damage and injury to her victims.

State prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya claims that Dr. Nyanzi needs a thorough mental checkup (examination) and that her mental condition should be monitored continuously.

State further says that her actions have a direct impact on the morals of society since she had periodic erratic episodes, related unusual behavior characterized with gross indecent utterances as testified by Police while at Kira police where she had been detained.

State further says that Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a case of proper mental examination given her history of public undressing at Makerere University.

The state prosecutor says that no person of her age and stature can exhibit such conduct and further evidence shows that she has ever been a patient at Butabika mental hospital and reportedly with a history of erective psychiatric disorder.

Prosecution states the law only allows suspects whose mental status has been established to stand trial and that Dr.Nyanzi’s mental status needs a full examination to prove that she is fit to stand trial.

The state also wants a comprehensive report regarding the current and previous mental status of Dr. Stella Nyanzi availed to court.

Dr Stella Nyanzi bail review proceedings happening off camera

By Sania Babirye

Journalist and the public have been prevented from attending the bail review proceedings of jailed controversial Makerere university researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi.

The proceedings are being heard off camera in justice Elizabeth Kabanda’s chambers.Only Dr Nyanzi, her lawyer Nicholas Opio and State Attorneys are allowed inside.

The public interest case has left both local and international journalists scattered in court corridors waiting for the outcome.

Meanwhile police officers from the counter terrorism squad are guarding the judge’s chambers were the proceedings are taking place.


On the 10th of April  chief magistrate James Eremye Mawanda denied to hear Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s bail application and remanded her to Luzira until she has been subjected to a mental  examination to prove that she is fit to stand trial as requested by principle state attorney  Jonathan Muwanganya.

However Stella’ s lawyers led by Isaac Ssemakade says this is an abuse of Stella’ s rights since bail is her constitutional right.

Ssemakade also said that  the actions of the chief magistrate are denying his client the right to a fair and speedy  trial.

Nyanzi is charged with cyber harassment and offensive communications all counts stemming from the Computer Misuse Act.


By Sania Babirye

High court judge Elizabeth Kabanda is today expected to hear an application filed by the jailed controversial Makerere University researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi seeking to review the decision by Buganda road court to deny her bail.

On the 10th of April  chief magistrate James Eremye Mawanda denied to hear Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s bail application and remanded her to Luzira until she has been subjected to a mental  examination to prove that she is fit to stand trial as requested by principle state attorney  Jonathan Muwanganya.

However Stella’s lawyers led by Isaac Ssemakade say this is an abuse of Stella’s rights since bail is her constitutional right.

Ssemakade also says that the actions of the chief magistrate are denying his client the right to a fair and speedy trial.

Nyanzi is charged with cyber harassment and offensive communications all counts stemming from the Computer Misuse Act.

Photo Credit: The Tower Post


A member of the Uganda women parliamentary association says they regret the nude protest by Makerere university researcher by Dr Stella Nyanzi.

Chairperson of the association Oyam South MP Betty Amongi however noted that   women have undressed as the last resort because they feel powerless.

Amongi says that although they do not agree with the method Stella used to resolve the issue because she could use other ways to resolve the matter but women should not be pushed to the wall to resort to stripping to get justice.

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The committee that was instituted by Makerere University to investigate the wrangle between Prof. Mahmoud Mamdan and Dr. Stella Nyanzi started work on Wednesday 20th .

According to the vice chancellor Makerere University Prof John Dumba Sentamu the investigation team is going to be headed by David Bakibinga from the school of law and should present their finding by Friday 22nd April 2016.

After which the report will be presented to the university appointment board for consideration.

Prof Dumba says among the issues committee is expected to investigate include evaluating the extent of misunderstanding between the two in regard to working condition at Makerere institute of social research which is headed by Prof Mamdan.


Makerere University has re-opened the offices of Makerere University Lecturer Dr. Stella Nyanzi after she undressed.

Today the Vice chancellor Prof. Dumba Sentamu intervened forcing the university to re-open her office.

Dr. Nyanzi undressed Monday 18th April morning after her office was closed on orders of Prof. Mahmood Mamdan the head of the institute of social research for refusing to teach in the PHD department.

She claimed the program is not in her contract since it came into effect after she signed her contract.

Meanwhile the minister of ethics and integrity father Simon Lokodo has ordered for the arrest of Dr. Nyanzi for indecently exposing her body.

Dr. Nyanzi stripped in front of media protesting the closure of her department office. Father Lokodo says Nyanzi will be charged under the Pornographic Act for undressing in public.

The department has condemned the incident as regrettable and shameful.


Prof Mahmood Mamdani early this month directed the executive director of Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) to Dr Stella Nyanzi, a senior research fellow at the institute, to vacate office.

This came after Dr. Stella had declined to participate in a PhD program at MISR.

In a letter dated April 4, Mamdani argued that MISR was short on office space and therefore only staff participating in the program would be allocated office space there.

It read in part: “I note that in spite of multiple invitations and instructions over several years you are the only research fellow who has refused to participate in the PhD program…In light of these circumstances I regret this notice asking you to vacate the office you currently use at MISR and handover the keys to the property manager, Mr George Owor, not later than April 15, 2016.”

This all incident set the stage for a new confrontation.

Dr. Stella after chaining herself.

Today morning, Dr. Stella Nyanzi chained herself in protest at MISR, Makerere University.

NBS TV had to cut the coverage of the ongoing incident short after Dr. Stella Nyanzi threatened and attempted to undress in protest.

Actions that prompted NBS TV to cut the live broadcast.

While the live television broadcast was off, Stella went nude.


In her words, this is what she had to say;

“Mahmood Mamdani locked me out of my office, even after the Deputy Vice Chancellor refused him to continue with evicting me. I have found his ugly padlock barring my access to my office. This is the third day.

Well, we can all buy padlocks. Duh! Oppression makes even wise sages full of power and foolishness. Mamdani bought one padlock, I bought a chain and three padlocks. I have also tripple locked him out of his building. Mamdani and his two illegal Assistant Directors are all locked out of their building.

If Mamdani has locked me out of his office, I have also locked him out of his building. He is welcome to go and sit in the library for the day. Check mate.

Now, I am going to undress in protest.

Weeeeeeeweeeeee, Weeeeeeeweeeeee, Weeeeeeeweeeeee.
The battle cry of the oppressed is my cry this morning.

I am going to undress oppression at MISR as I undress myself to the nude.”

Now circulating on social media are pictures she took of herself naked plus a video.

Ingrid Turinawe the FDC iron lady has said she is standing by Stella.

No Body can convince me that Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a mad woman. She has been Pushed so Hard to the wall. She Finds her self helpless with no any other tool to protect her job. She has openly and defiantly expressed her political stand like any other Ugandans employed or unemployed. Badru Kigundu has not been terminated for supporting a presidential candidate and stealing votes for him. Any termination of her Job should be done in a proper procedure and with relevant reasons in which she must have a right to defend herself. i will not Join any one castigating her! I Stand by you Stella Nyanzi. I painfully call for Opening her office. MAMDAN, hands off Stella Nyanzi NOW!! OPEN HER OFFICE NOW!!