Capital FM presents you a chance to be a better driver

By Jackie Nake

How often do you see people driving like they never learnt the skill from a professional?

How often do you see people disregard a road signs and you wonder if they had seen later on understood it all?

I Am sure you also know someone who, if given an opportunity to learn, would a better motorist by far.

Capital FM and Legacy Driving School located at Oasis Mall basement have joined effort to reward deserving people with fully paid for driving lessons and a permit. This should surely impact someone’s life!

Tune into the Big Breakfast with Marcus, Jackie and Oulanyah for a cue to find a post on our Facebook page where you are to nominate someone and give us a convincing reason why they should win.

We want to promote safety by releasing to the roads qualified drivers, who will not only respect signs and rules but will also protect all road users.