Flights to Entebbe Cancelled: Ethiopian Airlines plane overshots runway

Report by Robert Segawa

Flights to Entebbe international airport have been cancelled after an Ethiopian Airlines plane overshot the runway early this morning. Communications director Civil aviation authority Vianney Lugya says all 139 passengers on board the air craft Boeing B_737_800 safely disembarked from the airport.

The flight registration number ET- ATV with flight number ET- 338 on 3rd January 2019 on regular schedule service from Addis Ababa to Entebbe Uganda over shot the land way that led to hundreds of passengers remain stranded at Entebbe international airport after suspension of some incoming flights.

This led to tighten the security at the Airport as officials didn’t allow people to access the stream of Airport.

Lugya Civil aviation authority effort is under way to remove the Athiopian airline plane for planes that are coming to the country to land.

The facts that it over shot the land way and is at end of the land way, has some how affects the incoming flight which can not come in at the moment, says Lugya. He however says there wasn’t any passengers that was injured in the morning incident.

The aircraft had a total of 139 people on board all of them disembarked safely without any problems and no observed damage to the aircraft. Lugya adds that it over shot the land way has some how affects the incoming flight which can not come in at the moment.

New detection machines to improve security at Entebbe airport

By Deo Wasswa
Civil Aviation Authority has installed the new modern and automated baggage detecting handling system at Entebbe international Airport to tighten security.
John Kagolo, the director Airport and Aviation security says the machines which have been in place were installed 20years back and were having problems, causing flight delays.
The new system has a highly sensitive detection mechanism and specialized equipment which tresses any sign of having any hazardous machine or object in the baggage. Immediately after detecting any suspicious baggage, the system automatically reject that baggage from the transit and sends its image to security control room to conduct further checking.