Farmers asked to form groups to get government support

By Moses Kidandi

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces have announced the second roll out of government support from Government to local farmers under the operation wealth creation project. Under the second phase, farmers will be required to form groups from 61 in rural-based areas, 41 in urban areas and committees of 9 people in different villages across the country.
“We encourage them to form committees for management, for supervision, committees for finance and investment and then committee for technical for value addition, because we want to go agro-industrialization so that whatever they do, there is value addition,” said Gen. Angina

He emphasized that the committees are for collective responsibility to ensure that you cannot compromise an individual. “In finance where we find a group with a treasurer, we know that it is liable to miss the rest of the group because if the treasurer is compromised then you lose everything, we even believe that we take lessons from other failures that have been in cooperative, in SACCOs because of compromise” he stressed.

Deputy Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation Lt. Gen Charles Angina is now asking different farmers to start mobilizing themselves to groups to benefit from the free distribution of seeds, animals and other agricultural inputs. Gen Angina says farmers who will be organized stand the chance to be the first beneficiaries of Government support to local farmers

“We intend to see to it that we form farmers groups so that they themselves will choose what they want to plant. We only guide them that in this ecological zone you should not grow what will not do well. Because each ecological zone of Uganda has its strength in what you can do best” he said.

With a vision to promote and transform the agricultural sector in Uganda from the point of view of technical leaders, political leaders, farmers, the private sector, Operation Wealth Creation was launched by the Uganda government as an intervention intended to create a system that facilitates effective National Socio-economic transformation with a focus of raising household incomes for poverty eradication and sustainable wealth creation.

Gen Angina was speaking at the National Launch of activities to mark the 38th Tarehe Sita Anniversary at the Ministry of Defense Headquarters in Mbuya, a suburb of the capital Kampala. The day will be observed under the theme “Consolidating peace for sustainable development and prosperity”. The main celebrations will be held on 6th February .in the northern district of Kitgum.