FDC extends nomination deadline for the third time

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change Party leadership has once again postponed the nomination deadline for presidential flag bearer.

The Party’s Electoral Commission chairperson Bonifance Toterebuka Bamwenda told journalists at the Party offices in Najjanankumbi-Kampala that reluctance by the National Electoral Commission to furnish them with electoral guidelines was the reason they have continued to postpone events.

Bamwenda said the new schedule would be announced when the National Executive Committee (NEC ) convenes on Friday.

Bamwenda said those interested in picking nomination forms for FDC Presidential flag bearer must pay 5 million shillings which is non refundable.

This is the third time when the main Opposition Party postpones nominations.

The Party has also issued a one week ultimatum to all it’s district structural leadership to identify Member of Parliament aspirants in the newly demarcated 46 Counties by government.

FDC announces extension of nomination dates

By Sania Babirye

Forum For Democratic change has extended the dates for the nomination for the party presidential flag bearer to 3rd to 4th August this year.

Addressing the media today, party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says those interested in the seat were meant to pick their nomination forms this Thursday and Friday but Friday being a public holiday, they had to change the dates

He however notes that no one has sofar expressed interest in running for the party presidential flag bearer .

He says so far 512members have picked forms for the member of Parliament seats.

He has also warned those who do not qualify for the position to not pick nomination forms especially those with any outstanding obligation to the Party.

FDC will not miss members who have left

By Alice Lubwama

The Forum for Democratic Change secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi says the party will not miss the nine members who have left the party since these had already become double faced.

The latest members to leave the party include Paul Mwiru Jinja municipality East, Gerald karuhanga Ntugamo municipality, Elijah Okupa kasilo county ,Soroti municipality mp Hebert Ariko , Angelina Osege Soroti woman MP , Odongo Otto Arua county and Simon Oyet Nwoya county.

In an interview with the press at parliament Nandala claimed that these people only Joined FDC to achieve their personal goals which they have got, warning Ugandans to watch out for them.

He however vows that FDC will take up their seats come 2021 parliamentary elections.

FDC to petition EC over scientific campaigns violation by some politicians

By Sania Babirye

Forum for Democratic change says it is going to petition the Uganda Electoral commission on what it says the continued violation of the guidelines for the scientific campaigns by some politicians.

Addressing the media today, party spoke person Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said that they continue to see a specific group of politicians not observing the guidelines by going to campaign Publicly instead of using radio or TV stations as stated by the electoral commission.

Ssemujjju has cited among the many health minister Jane Ruth Aceng whose picture went viral over the weekend as she was caught allegedly talking to her voters face to face .

Another video of minister Aceng has angered the public as she was seen meeting a crowd of people without either wearing face masks or observing the social distancing directive.

The minister for information Judith Nabakooba has since come out and apologized on behalf of government over the ministers actions that are also against the standard operation procedures of combating COVID-19.

FDC rejects scientific elections

By Sania Babirye

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change has rejected what it has described as digital elections because they allegedly compromise the quality of the outcome.

FDC says holding a normal election on the dates stipulated in the Constitution (January-February 2020) as announced by the Electoral Commission is a big risk. However, FDC also notes that if the country chooses to do so, then, the said elections must be transparent as commanded by the Constitution.

Addressing the media during their weekly press briefing, party spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda said that the Constitution provides for only normal elections where candidates freely interact with the electorate and any attempt to modify these elections will be unlawful.

He says as a party, they made it clear to the Electoral Commission that extension of the term of the President and Parliament as is being suggested in some quarters cannot happen because it is not supported by the Constitution.

According to Ssemujju, the People’s Government and the FDC are in final phases of producing a position paper that calls for a transitional arrangement of when the term of office for the president, Parliament and local governments should come to an end.

He says they will circulate this document to all political players, civil society and to religious leaders to facilitate a national dialogue and consensus.

“We think the country should allow the term of office for the current administration to expire. When it does so, an interim council should run the government and organize elections when the pandemic is over. The nature of the council and its members should be agreed upon by all political players in the country.” Semujju said.

Ssemujju says this will resolve the current impasse and that Parliament can make the necessary changes to the Constitution and electoral laws to accommodate this situation.

New program to help Kasese flood victims launched

The Forum for Democratic Change has launched an appeal called RESTORING HOPE AND LIVES to aid the People of Kasese now living in desperate conditions in camps following the recent flooding.

On the 25th of March this year, about 125000 people were left displaced and others lost their lives after rivers including Nyamughasana, Mubuku, Lhubiriha and Nyamwamba burst their banks causing heavy flooding.

The flooding also left a number of bridges connecting villages in Kilembe, Karambi, Bugoye, Maliba, Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council, Karusandara, Kyarumba, Ibanda, Kyanya Town Council and the three divisions of Kasese Municipality destroyed.

Since then, government has set up a total of 35 camps for the displaced families as it continues to search for the missing remains of the deceased.

FDC, President Patrick Oboi Amuriat is now calling upon any Uganda to donate food, clothing and any financial assistance to the said cause to help the affected people in Kasese and Bundibugyo.

The party has however criticized the ruling government of failing to prepare for such disasters that FDC says are predictable.

FDC boss announces opening of all national offices

By Sania Babirye

Opposition Forum For Democratic Change has opened all it’s offices nation wide despite the ongoing lock down.

According to the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the move is aimed at resuscitating the party.

Amuriat says they have instructed all their members to observe a the Standard operation procedures from the ministry of health that were issued to combat COVID-19 including wearing of face masks, regular wash of hands and meetings held in smaller numbers.

Meanwhile Amuriat has faulted the government on the increasing number of COVID-19 cases saying the government has failed its people.

According to Amuriat, the Ugandans have done their part by protecting themselves but government has failed to manage the disease which has led to its increase including community to community transmission with health workers among those infected.

As we stand now, Uganda has confirmed more 40 cases bringing the total number to 457.

FDC urges government to close boarders immediately

By Sania Babirye

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change has called on government to immediately close all Ugandan borders crossings if the country is to contain the Corona virus and save the lives of Ugandans.

In a press statement issued by the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, FDC says the fight against corona virus is being frustrated by president Museveni’s failure to put the safety of the lives of Ugandans before the economy by refusing to stop truck drivers and those coming a from abroad from entering the country.

Amuriat says its no use for president Museveni to keep the economy surviving by refusing to close National boarders while Ugandans contract and die from COVID-19.

He further says president Museveni should pick a leaf from Rwanda that has closed its border with Uganda and its economy has not collapsed.

FDC says president Museveni’s decision to keep the trucks and therefore COVID -19 coming into the country is out of self interest and apart from financial accountability, is the greatest failure in the country’s fight against COVID -19.

According to Amuriat, up to date, a majority of the cases of COVID-19 that the country has suffered were imported first through Entebbe International Airport when the authorities failed to act swiftly to close that point of entry, and then later and still ongoing through truck drivers crossing into the Ugandan boarders.

FDC adds that its not fair that majority of Ugandans citizens are suffering after respecting the stay home directive as a preventive measure yet they continue to listen to president Museveni’s monotonous addresses to the Nation that it would be suicidal to stop trucks carrying goods into or through the country and yet on the other hand saying he is not worried about the economy after COVID-19.

FDC is now demanding that all Ugandan borders crossings be closed with immediate effect in order to safeguard the lives of Ugandans or failure to do so, any Ugandan who will riot will have a right to do so.

FDC vows to continue with regional celebrations

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC ) has vowed to continue with their planned regional fifteen years celebrations in different districts across the country despite being blocked by police earlier on Monday.

Police on Monday blocked party president Patrick Amuriat Obbo from holding celebrations in Soroti and arrested Dr. Kizza Besigye from Jinja on his way to the venue , many of his party followers were also arrested from Mbale.

Patrick Amuriat the party president says that they’ll continue with their celebration programs and will hold their celebration in Western Uganda tomorrow.

He further adds that they will also review what exactly caused the arrests Party members during their activities on Monday.

FDC set to elect a flag bearer

By Deo Wasswa
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change party has commenced its preparations for presidential flag bearer elections for the 2021 elections says party deputy spokesperson Jonh Kikonyogo.

Kikonyogo said that since their consultation meetings come to an end this month ,they will soon be advertising the post for the suitable party members to apply.

He says that the party will hold a delegates conference and select the flag bearer out of those who will apply.He adds that the party is set to release the road map to this effect before the end of this month, January 2020.

He says that those planning to contest for this post should prepare all the required documents.