Rhino Fund to employ Nakasongora fishermen at the Rhino sanctuary

By Annah Nafula
There is hope for fishermen around Lake Kyoga as after Angie Genade through Rhino Fund together with partners sought to have a temporary solution to their unemployment since government banned them from fishing.

Fisher men being addressed about the new opportunity at the Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongora. Photo by Bright Baba
Fisher men being addressed about the new opportunity at the Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongora. Photo by Bright Baba

In April this year Government stopped fishermen from fishing siting depletion of fish from the lake caused by poor fishing methods. Government this was done to streamline fishing on the lake and register fishermen and their boats.

Nakasongora Distict chairperson Sam Kigula says many fishermen’s life off the lake is hard because fishermen can barely afford basic needs for their families.

It is against this background Angie who is also the executive director Rhino Fund, created some employment slots at the Rhino Sanctuary for these fishermen to be employed. “The some trees at the sanctuary have over grown causing the grass underneath not to grow well. It is a challenge we want to these fishermen to deal with at a fee because Rhinos entirely depend on grass.” She says.

Angie says that Rhino Fund Uganda doesn’t have all the money to take care of all the 80 fishermen they hope to employ on the seven thousand Hectare sanctuary that is why they sourced for partners who will help them meet this cost. She is hopeful that though the pay here might not match up to the fishing profit, it will at least help them to manage their families until the lake is opened.

Three held for fishing without a license

By Sania Babirye
A 20 year old boy who claimed to be in senior three has amazed court by saying that he goes to St.Paul Primary school.

Kato Benon had been charged together with two other friends by Buganda road court grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu with fishing without a valid license and being in possession of Immature fish.

These were arrested on the 14th of February 2019, charged and pleaded guilty to the charges and as a result asked the magistrate to pardon them because they claimed they were looking for school fees.

However, the three were thrown off guard with the magistrate’s abrupt questioning to prove if they were indeed telling the truth about being in school.

And as a result, poor Kato looked puzzled as he could not remember which exact school he went too, when was the last time he attended school or who was his Head teacher and class teachers.

Matters became worse when the magistrate asked Kato to name the subjects he does and he told court that in senior three, he was only doing Math SST, biology and Geography.

The magistrate in the end failed to sentence them and instead, remanded them back to Luzira and asked them to come back tomorrow with a true explanation to why they were found fishing instead of being in school.

These were arrested from Nakawogo fishing on L.Victoria waters.