Fitness practitioners ask Government to open their facilities

By Deo Wasswa

The Association of wellness health and fitness practitioners in Uganda has called upon the government to consider re-opening of fitness facilities. They claim that they have put in place measures to comply with COVID-19 guidelines

According to the association, since inception of the lock down, the facilities are not earning yet they are spending on rent and some bills.

They say the facilities are now constraining them financially . They fear that many of the facilities will close if government continues the shut down.

Dr. Christopher Mbowa, head of UPDF fitness department who is also the president of the association says things like keeping records, sanitizers, Gun Temperature among others have been put in place by members to comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

The association comprises of 110 fitness facilities only in Kampala and has embarked on the journey to register more facilities across the country in an effort of marking the industry more professional and sound.

Celebrity fitness expert says weight loss begins in the mind not kitchen

In the world of fitness experts and trainers, Holly Rilinger is among the elite. If you aren’t familiar, Holly has been in the game for over 10 years with a flourishing list of credentials. She’s a certified celebrity trainer, master instructor at Flywheel, and the star of Bravo’s new series Work Out New York, and she’s recently been tapped as the new spokeswoman for BIC Soleil Shine’s Make Your Own Sun campaign.

Though she’s a reputable guru in the fitness world, Holly’s ripped body and fit lifestyle are a daily, ongoing journey. So just how does she manage to stay happy, healthy, and in such great shape? We chatted with her and she let us know that the key to losing weight begins with maintaining a healthy mindset.

“What I love about teaming up with BIC is that so many campaigns are about looking perfect, whereas BIC’s message is about feeling good and being positive,” she said. “I say look in the mirror every morning and find one thing you are happy with. We’re so used to finding our flaws, but if you start your day finding something you love about yourself, you’ll find the motivation to go out and meet your fitness goals.” Once you’re equipped with an optimistic mindset, Holly believes the rest of the weight-loss formula is pretty straightforward: “eat right, move (and move often), and have a positive attitude.”

And while maintaining a healthy diet is a core part of managing weight loss, she reminded us that it’s OK to treat yourself once you find a middle ground. “I like to think less about cheat days and more about balance,” she said. “If I really want something in my life, I’m not going to NOT let myself have it. I’m all about enjoying life, but where are my checks and balances? If I know I really want this piece of cake, then I just really make sure I keep myself in check for the rest of the day.” So, there you have it, sometimes it’s totally OK to just eat the damn cake.



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