The cable cars would be used by tourists- Kiwanda

By Alice Lubwama

The state minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda has led a delegation to Malaysia to study the use of cable cars before there introduced to Uganda for mountain climbing.

Kiwanda says the cable cars would be used by tourists who visit the country to for mountain climbing especially, Rwenzori but cannot do it on their own.

Kiwanda says, the ministry will be able to attract more tourists and make more money if cable cars are introduced.



By Alice Lubwama

The ministry of tourism in conjunction with the ministry of culture is organizing the international cultural fair to show case Uganda’s culture.

Addressing the media at Uganda museum, state minister for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda said that the fair is aimed at creating awareness on diverse and rich cultural heritages in Uganda so that they are
protected, promoted and preserved for the future generation.

Kiwanda says that the fair will also help to establish relationships with people from different cultural heritages across the globe and this will support in creating an environment in which people can work
together despite different behaviors.

The fair will run from 29th to 31st of this month at the Uganda museum.