Justice Gadenya airlifted to Nakasero hospital

By Sania Babirye

Masindi high court Judge Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa has been airlifted to Kampala after terrible accident he suffered this morning.

The judge, his body guard and driver were travelling from Kampala to Masindi for work when their vehicle registration No. UG 0781J had a head-on collision with a truck registration No. UBH 831 that reportedly joined the main road recklessly at a place called Bigando near Masindi town.

According to Jamson Karemera, the Judiciary public relations officer, justice Gadenya was this afternoon airlifted to Kampala in a military chopper for specialized medical attention.

He says that the judge, his driver and personal bodyguard sustained serious injuries from the accident.

The injured were evacuated by the emergency services coordinated by the Judiciary, Uganda Police and the UPDF from the accident scene,”

They were first briefly admitted at Kitara Medical Center in Masindi for first aid before being airlifted to Nakasero Hospital in Kampala for better medical attention.

Child mothers on the raise in Arua

Increased number of teenage mothers in a Arua district is worrying officials.

Arua Regional Referral Hospital is overwhelmed by the high number of teenage mothers seeking maternity and antenatal services.

Sr. Lilly Awili, the in-charge Maternity Ward at Arua regional referral hospital notes that more than 20 girls below 20 years deliver at the facility in a month.

She noted that of the 19 births registered on New Year’s Day at the hospital, 8 were underage girls who experienced obstructed labour resulting from excessive bleeding.

Sister Awili says that child mothers should regularly seek antenatal services so that complications are detected early.

Sr. Doreen Byabu, the in-charge of Oli Health Center IV in Arua Municipality said the health unit receives pregnancy complications of teenage mothers. She says that teenage pregnancy can lead to devastating health consequences for girls as adolescents are not yet physically ready for pregnancy or childbirth.

Statistics from the community development office Arua indicate that cases of young mothers are on the increase and this has been attributed to school dropouts which make the girl child more vulnerable and gender-based violence.

Richard Obia the Community Development Officer-CDO Arua says that they have embarked on massive sensitization campaigns in the sub-counties of Ullepi in Madi Okollo district, Uriama in Terego and Ayivuni in Ayivu county to help young girls to avoid early pregnancies.

Some of the complications associated with pregnancies among underage girls include high risks of infections, delivery complications, fistula as well as maternal death.

~story from Uganda Radio Network

Hospital pays 10 million compensation for nurse’s negligence


A private City hospital has agreed to pay Ten million shillings in compensation to a 2 year old boy who was pricked with a same cannular that had pricked the nurse’s hand, well knowing that she was HIV positive.

Victoria Medical Center along Lumumba Avenue in Kampala has entered a consent judgement signed with Ruth Mushabe, a mother to the victim who sued the hospital along with its nurse Rosemary Namubiru for compensation.

The hospital has on Monday however agreed to amicably settle the nearly five year old dispute by way of compensating the complainant on grounds that it doesn’t condone professional negligence .

In 2014, Rosemary Namubiru, a nurse attached to Victoria Medical Centre was arrested, prosecuted and convicted of criminal negligence when she used an intravenous needle on the child after pricking herself with it.

Namubiru was however released in November 2014 after she successfully appealed against the excessive 3 year jail term before High court judge Rugardya Atwooki.

Both parties appeared before justice Henerietta Wolayo and agreed the mode of payment. According to the agreement the hospital will be paying compensation money in installments of one million shillings per month starting on 10th February.

Nurse beaten to pulp by patients for reporting to duty drunk

Robert Turyamuijuka, an enrolled nurse at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital is nursing injuries he sustained in an attack by patient attendants. The angry attendants assaulted on Saturday night after he allegedly refused to attend to their patients.

It all started when a primary seven pupil of Moroto KDA School was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after collapsing in the dormitory. Loyce Ikwalingat, a teacher in charge girls at KDA, says on arrival the nurse barked at them instead of attending to the girl.

Ikwalingat says that although the nurse attended their patient, he became intolerant when the relatives of the patient arrived. She notes the nurse was provocative and was repeatedly asking similar questions without paying attention to the response since he appeared intoxicated with alcohol.

Amina Mashaka, the mother of the girl says immediately she arrived at the hospital, the nurse started inquiring into the medical history of the girl. She notes that when she told the nurse that the girl had been diagnosed with peptic ulcers, he demanded for the medical forms and turned violent.

But Robert Turyamuijuka, the implicated nurse denies he was drunk while administering treatment to patients, saying he wouldn’t have managed to save the patient if he was indeed drunk. The nurse claims that the attendants are raising the issue of drunkenness to defend their barbaric acts.

Joyce Namuli, the Acting Senior Principle Nursing Officer, says they are investigating the matter and will communicate the findings after hearing from all the parties. She notes that if her staff indeed messed up as alleged, he will be put under disciplinary action.

She appeals for tolerance from both health workers and the community.  Some patients who spoke on condition of anonymity blame the nurse for being rude to patients. They claim that by the time of the pupil was rushed to the hospital, two patients including a casualty and four year child had spent hours unattended to since the nurse refused to treat them.





Mother held in hospital for five months for failure to clear hospital bills

A mother who gave birth to twins five months ago is still held hostage at Bishop Ceaser Asili Memorial Hospital in Luweero town over unpaid medical bills.

The mother, identified as Stella Adongo, a resident of Kizito zone in Luweero district, was admitted at the facility on December 21, 2016 and gave birth to twins by caesarean section. She was subsequently billed 495,000 Shillings which she had to clear before she could be discharged from the facility.

However, the 20-year together with her husband Festo Magumba failed to raise the money. The man later disappeared and switched off his mobile phone leaving the mover stranded. Adongo has since remained in the maternity ward where she and her children are surviving on handouts from well-wishers.

Adongo says that the hospital administrators refused to discharge her and she gets daily reminders from the hospital cashier to clear the bill before getting out of the facility.

Adongo was also supposed to undergo another operation three months after delivery. However, the hospital declined to conduct the operation over unpaid bills.

Bishop Ceaser Asili Memorial is Catholic Church founded private hospital based in Luweero town. The facility receives 77 million Shillings annually under the Primary Health Care strategy, which seeks to make health care accessible to all individuals and families in a community.

Paul Mukungu the LC III Chairperson of Luweero Town Council faults the health facility for the inhumane treatment that Adongo has been subjected to over the last five months. He says that there is no reason for the hospital to hold the patient they have access to Primary Health Care funds allocated by the Ministry of Health to address such challenges.

But Sister Ernestine Akullu, the Administrator of Bishop Ceaser Asili Memorial Hospital denied holding the patient. She says that the hospital had hired the husband Festo Magumba as a porter on its construction site to help him raise the money. However, Magumba worked for only one day and disappeared from the site.

Akullu adds that the facility subsequently sought her relatives and advised them to commit to a payment plan but they failed to adhere to the advice.  She says that they have since petitioned FIDA, the Association of Women Lawyers to intervene in the matter and restore hope for the desperate mother.

Stella Adongo met with Festo Magumba in Gulu where he had gone to burn charcoal and relocated with him to Luweero town council to start the family.



Hospital suffers a water crisis for 15 years, authorities were forced to lock the toilets

Bududa hospital hasn’t had clean water supply for the last 15 years URN  has learnt. Issa Ngati Bukoma, the Bududa District Water Engineer, says the Water Pump Station, which used to serve the hospital since it was built in 1960s become idle due to the low water level in River Tsutsu,

He says some people took advantage of the situation and stole vital parts from the pump making it dysfunctional. Dr. Imelda Tumuhaire, the Medical Superintendent Bududa Hospital, says the water crisis compelled them to lock toilets, which compromises the hygiene in the facility.

According to Tumuhaire, they have made several pleas to the authorities to address the water crisis in vain. Currently, patients and their attendants trek long distances in search of water for use at the facility.
Some of the patients and their attendants interviewed by URN said they find difficulties to answer nature’s call since the hospital has locked off toilets citing the water crisis. Our reporter saw polythene bags used by some patients and their attendants to answer nature’s call.

Bison Nasha, one of the residents says currently patients; their attendants and hospital staff rely on unprotected water springs at the banks of river Tsustu in Buwamboka village in Manafwa district.

He says the situation worsens during the dry seasons when the water level in the springs reduces. John Wamono, the Buwamboka Village chairperson, says the situation is so demeaning given the fact that patients now depend on water from unprotected springs, which is contaminated with human waste. According to Wamono, residents bath in the springs at night.

Wilson Watila, the Bududa District LC 5 Chairperson, says the water pump station is irreparable because they can’t get some of the parts on the open market since the pump is old model. Stanley Watenga, the Principle Engineer in the Water Ministry, says they will utilize the money meant for installing new water tanks at the hospital to repair the old tanks and make new water connections.



Police arrest two officials for stealing the Arua hospital autoclave

Police are holding two officials from Arua Regional Referral Hospital over theft of an autoclave machine. The device is used to sterilize and kill microorganisms in laboratory instruments, glassware and medical equipment.

The arrested officials include an Assistant Procurement Officer, Robert Dombo and the hospital Driver Nathan Oluka, who was found selling the machine within Arua municipality. Oluka later told police that he was working under the instructions of the Assistant Procurement Officer.

Josephine Angucia, the regional police spokesperson for the West Nile region says police has opened wider investigations into thefts of equipment at Arua Regional Referral Hospital. She says prior to the latest incidence, the hospital management had reported theft of hospital scrap and a number of other items.

Angucia says that the thefts seem to be the work of an organized racked within the hospital. She adds that one of the arrested individuals named a few other officers with whom they connive to steal government property.

Arua regional referral hospital has been cast in bad light in recent times. Last year in October, 14 children reportedly died due to lack of oxygen in the hospital.

A similar incident resurfaced on New Year day 2017 when a baby suffocated because the hospital lacked oxygen and the only expert who should have attended to patients was not available at the time.

Recent reports indicated that a number of patients died at the operating theatre because of power outages. However, URN was not able to independently verify the allegations.

Kim Kardashian spends Thanks Giving with Kanye in hospital

Kim Kardashian is spending Thanksgiving by her husband’s side.

E! News has learned that Kanye West will remain hospitalized during the holiday, and Kim is currently with him.

“Kanye is trying to get better, but he has not been released yet because he and the doctors feel he needs more time to recover,” a source tells E! News.

“Kim is indeed with him and will be by his side for a while today. She plans on going to eat with her family later and the kids. North and Saint [West] just think their dad is away now. Kanye wants to get better, so that’s s big part in this healing process. Kim is overwhelmed but is doing the best she can.”

As for Yeezy’s current status, another source tells E! News, “he is actually doing really well.”

Earlier this week, we reported that the rapper voluntarily admitted himself into a Los Angeles area hospital. According to a separate source, the star had been working around the clock on fashion design, his tour and other projects. It ultimately became exhausting and a bit too much to handle for the A-list star.

“She is just holding things down like Kanye did for her when she needed support,” a source previously shared with E! News exclusively. “Kim is doing much better and is strong. This shall pass she believes.”

“Kim is by his side now and will stand there till everything gets better,” our insider shared. “Their time together was just about support. Kanye will be ok. He has a good set of doctors and the main thing is he wants to get through this.”

“Kim was concerned that he may have been taking on too much with all these shows,” a source explained to E! News. “It was many things on his plate that started to pile up at once.”

Under his doctor’s direction, Kanye doesn’t have a phone or computer as he continues his hospital stay.







Makerere University hospital dilapidated

Makerere University Hospital is in a sorry state. The once glorified Makerere University Hospital operates in dilapidated structures, lacks reliable electricity and is poorly staffed. Originally, a 32 bed hospital serving both out-patients and inpatients including university staff, students and neighboring communities, the hospital has now reduced to 22 beds.

According to the University website, Makerere university hospital offers both curative and preventive services.  The dental unit offers extraction, scaling, polishing and filling-in services for the teeth.  There is also a new and modern X-ray unit which deals with all X-ray diagnosis.  The Laboratory concerns itself with examining samples of blood, stool and Urine.

In addition, it also offers maternal Child-health and Family Planning Clinic deals with the immunization of children and students, dispenses vaccines and contraceptives, first aid during student strikes and university functions like graduations among others.

Dr. Margret Wandera, the Director Makerere University Hospital, says their biggest challenge is understaffing and inadequate resources. According to Wandera, because of its capacity the hospital is supposed to have 74 workers. However, currently there are 54 staffs with only 3 doctors, 2 clinical officers and two nurses only available at night.

The rest of the workers are cleaners, rendering the hospital short of skilled workers. “When I joined this hospital in September 2014 as the acting director, there are some things that I put on my top priority list like increasing staff, but up to today I have never achieved it because of the government ban on recruitment,” she said in an interview.

“We have three doctors, one physician, one radiologist, one public health doctor and two clinical officers who are on a six months contract. As a result, we have even elevated some of the cleaners who have upgraded to serve as book keepers,” she added. According to Wandera, due to staff shortage they have teamed up with other partners to provide some services. “We have partitioned some of the wards because of the few resources to run the hospital. We are partnering with some organisations for instance to provide Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) services,” said Dr. Wandera.

Adding that, “X-ray services are outsourced because we cannot afford the cost of maintaining some of the machines. And we don’t have staff to operate some of the units.” In the recent past, the hospital has registered declining performance with some services being stopped; it is more of a neglected section of the university.

Dr. Wandera says “The inpatient hospital services are restricted to students from Makerere University; this university hospital handles largely students. On a semester basis, we can handle between 700-900 patients.” “We offer services to different university units, but we are too stretched. That ambulance is my car. It’s what I use to monitor, deliver medicine to Jinja campus, Kabanyolo and main campus,” said Dr. Wandera.

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Makerere University confirms the deplorable state of the hospital, saying their major problem is poor funding.

Prof. Nawangwe says they are hunting for partners to transform the hospital into a teaching hospital.

Every student pays Shillings 10,000 for the services at the hospital for their entire period of study. Dr. Wandera says the money is used for running costs of the hospital, which is insufficient. Students in other universities such Kyambogo pay Shillings 50,000 as medical contribution every semester.

Before 1972, the university maintained a health post known as Makerere University Students Health Service or Sick Bay at the current Makerere University Police Post.  In 1972, when Idi Amin expelled Asians, the university acquired the premises formerly known as Nile Nursing Home.

The university Sick Bay relocated to the new premises. On 16 February 1978, President Idi Amin visited the Sick Bay and elevated it to a Hospital status. According to Makerere University Hospital Situation Report of 2015 conducted by the students’ guild, the hospital as of July 2015 was offering comprehensive health care to the students, staff and their families as well as the surrounding communities serving a population of about 60,000 people.

The hospital is located on Makerere hill road off Gadaffi road about 2 kilo meters southwest of Mulago National Referral Hospital.


Medical doctor arrested for stealing equipment worth 800 million

By Robert Ssegawa
A medical doctor attached to Jinja referral hospital has been arrested by state house security operatives for allegedly stealing equipment. Dr Robert Kisakye who has been working at the orthopedic department was picked from the hospital in operations led by Jinja deputy RDC Eric Sakwa.
The suspect was taken to Jinja central police station where he recorded statement and was later driven off by state house operatives. Deputy Resident District Commissioner  Eric Sakwa said the suspect was found in possession of  stolen bandages in his car and several equipment worth more than  800  million  that had gone missing from the orthopedics department.