Human rights activists ask parliament to check security agencies over continued violence

By Deo Wasswa

The Ugandan Parliament has been urged to convene an argent meeting involving all heads of government security agencies to ask them explain the continued misbehavior of security personnel against the innocent citizens especially during the covid19 lock down.

The press conference held in Kampala, organizations advocating for human rights say, the meeting should address how to bring the mater to an end.

The statement presented to the media by Sylvia Namubiru, the executive director of legal aids service providers network, an umbrella which brings together 55 organization has revealed some of these cases of abuse.

Among them include, The killing of Mr. Francis Ogwanga Munu, an elderly man aged 65 years was beaten in Oyam district on 27th June under the guise of enforcing curfew guidelines.

The case of Private Robert Muyaga who short his wife, Jacqueline Nagasha dead in Masaka town on allegations that she was having an extra Marital affairs with Francis Musasizi, the Lutovu B village chairperson on 08th may 2020.

On 30th April , a 25 year old deaf and blind Oloya Willis was shot in the leg by an LDU in Mugira west village, Ago district.

In Lagile Parish, Pader district, a police officer shot at three people killing one Odong Bosco on site.

On 7th July 2020, four LDU officers were under the spotlight for assaulting the Mityana Lc5 chairman , Joseph Luzige.
Another Victim of security torture is the late Emanuel Tegu, a veterinary student at Makerere university who was allegedly beaten by unidentified security operatives.

Attacks on human rights defenders have become rampant in Africa

By Deo Wasswa

Attacks on Young Human Rights Defenders have become unprecedented allover Africa.

According to a report dubbed “African youth defenders perspectives 2019 from rhetoric to action” launched by Transformative leaders Network-Africa, these attacks are carried out by a range of state and non-state actors, including armed militant and extremist groups, police and military forces, government authorities and off campus groups among others.

According to Fredrick Ekakoro Etoori, head of secretariat at Transformative Leaders Network -Africa (TRANET-Africa), the report, provides a general situation of youth human rights defenders in 2019, the category of the youth human rights defenders at most risk, the country and or region that recorded the most cases of youth human rights defenders at risk among others.

The report documented 70 cases in Uganda, 25 cases in South Sudan, Kenya 25, Sudan 16, Tanzania 2, south Africa 5 Among others.

Nalongo Nana returns to police to file a case

By Deo Wasswa

Anette Namata a.k.a Nalongo Nnana, a human rights activist has today stormed at central police station in Kampala demanding for justice.

Carrying her baby, Annette stormed the police after denied opportunity several times to register a case where she claim to have been beaten by police officers last year at Naguru police headquarters as she was trying to demonstrate against the way Uganda police was brutalizing Bobi wine and other opposition members.

Nalongo says after she was buttered by police officers, she lost her uterus and also delivered a premature baby.

Nalongo was taken inside the Central Police Station to avoid causing more chaos.

She had come to CPS with her Lawyers Gawaya Tegule to assist her file the case

Opposition MPs want IGP Ochola out

By Alice Lubwama
Opposition members of parliament demand that the inspector general of police Martin Okoth Ochola resigns,they claim he has lost control over the police.

Speaking to the media at parliament Buhwejju county MP Francis Mwijukye noted that the RDCs have taken over the powers of the the inspector general of police that is why they are the ones ordering for closer of media houses which hosts opposition leaders and arresting them has it was seen in kabale and Jinja recently.

Mwijukye also noted that it is a shame to see that the RDCs are violating the order management act when the police which is supposed to implement it are just looking on.

“RDCs and police are not supposed to switch off any radio station because it is the work of Uganda Communication Commission, but we are now seeing RDCs doing the work.” said Mwijukye

Kalungu west MP Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu attacked the Uganda Human Rights commission for failing to take any step when the security organs in Uganda are violating people’s rights , yet parliament allocates them money every financial year to protect the rights of Ugandans .

The law maker threatened that parliament will not give any money to the commission if it fails to respond to respond to human rights abuse in the country.

Ssewungu has also attacked colleagues on the parliamentary committee on Human Rights for not doing enough to see that people’s rights are noted violated by security organs.

Rujjumbula county MP Fred Turyamuhweza also asked president Museveni to publicly come out and condemn the acts of his forces and also order them to stop acting unlawful and respect the order management act.

Rukungiri municipality MP Roland Kaginda Mugume noted that they are planning to take to court all the security operatives who tortured their people in Jinja noting that they have already gathered their names.

Human rights activists demand for disciplinary action against Kyaligonza

By Alice Lubwama
The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) has tasked Government to take disciplinary action against major general Matayo Kyaligonza for his actions against the police officer on duty rather than selectively applying the law to only his body guards.

The executive director Foundation for Human Rights Initiative Livingstone Ssewanyana says that the act of assaulting the traffic officer by Kyaligonza and his body guards show the increasing acts of impunity perpetrated by state security officers .

Ssewanyana adds that the Impunity by state security agents has reached acute levels and requires urgent remedial actions from the Government.

The Foundation also calls for an expeditious inquiry into the incident to ensure justice is served to the traffic officer and journalist who were both assaulted in the course of duty.

This is not the first time general Kyaligonza has been involved in controversial acts of impunity.

One incident is during the 2016 elections, where General Kyaligonza is alleged to have assaulted a journalist of Radio Hoima, Amlan Tumusiime.

Human Rights defenders demand that Kayihura be produced in court

Human Rights organizations demand that the Uganda Peaple’s Defense Force as a matter of urgency to produce the arrested people before the competent courts of law and stop abusing their constitutional rights of 48 hours rule.

Among the arrested people mentioned includes the former Inspector General of police General Kale Kaihura who is currently detained at Makindye barracks

The programs officer at the Human rights network Uganda Patrick Tumwine says arresting everyone is not the solution but rather should go through court processes to be charged if found guilty.

Since October 2017, close to 26th senior police officers including the former IGP have been arrested by CMI on allegations of involvement and abating crime.

By Wasswa Deo

2 Karamojong victims earn big from human rights compensation

The Uganda Human Rights Commission Tribunal sitting in Karamoja has awarded Shillings 85 million to two people for the loss of their families at the hands of a Uganda People’s Defense Forces soldier.

Mzee Peter Lomuge was awarded Shillings 55 million as compensation for the loss of his wife, Anna Korobe and daughter, Rose Loyoro while Edmond Ayopo Lokol was also awarded Shillings 30 million for the loss of his 17-year-old daughter, Teresa Aule.

Human Rights Commissioner, Meddie Mulumba announced the awards during their monthly tribunal sessions in Moroto on Monday. According to information by URN, the trio was shot on September 9th, 2010 in Nakapiripirit district by a UPDF soldier only identified as Kaikura in their house. Kaikura is said to have opened fire on the victim over a love affair gone bad.

During the hearing, Lomuge told the tribunal that on the fateful day, Kaikura confronted his daughter for allegedly refusing to honor their ‘deal’ after drinking his beer.

He says that whereas the matter was resolved, Kaikura the soldier returned at midnight and opened fire indiscriminately killing three people and injuring others. The two welcomed the tribunal ruling, saying at last justice has been done.

“This cannot bring back my wife and daughter to life but it will help me since am now incapacitated as you see,” Lomuge said as he tried to wink his sight less eyes.

The tribunal also dismissed a case of torture reported by a UPDF soldier in 2010. According to Paul Otim, the in Karamoja UHRC Regional Officer, the case was dismissed when court found out that the complainant; Dominic Mwesigwa had passed on in the Central African Republic.

Otim says the tribunal deferred one case pending judgment and adjourned seven others for hearing in the next session. Meddie Mulumba, the presiding Commissioner urged the local communities to value their rights by reporting perpetuators of human rights violation to authorities.




Police tops list of human rights offenders as Human rights commissions awards 500M to Victims

Over 500 million Shillings was awarded to individuals who suffered human rights violations in the hands of government entities last year, the 2015 Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) report shows.

The report released last week indicates that a total of 579 million Shillings was awarded to victims of violations such as torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, and the violation of the right to life during the year. The awards followed investigations conducted by the human rights tribunal across the country.

Of this amount, 520 million Shillings was awarded by order of the tribunal while 59 million Shillings was agreed upon by the parties amicably.

“The amount of awards has gone down from 1.1 trillion Shillings awarded in 2014. However, this is because the tribunal hearings were conducted for only three months in 2015 compared to ten months in 2014,” Medi Kaggwa, the chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission says.

Kaggwa adds that the highest awards were against Uganda Police, amounting to 219 million Shillings on grounds of 35 cases of rights violations. It was followed by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) with 179 million Shillings and Rapid Response Unit/Violent Crime Crack Unit with 70 million Shillings.

The highest awards by order of the tribunal were made in respect of violation of the freedom from torture at 245 million Shillings, followed by the violation of the right to life at 153 million Shillings and violation of the right to personal liberty amounting to 107 million Shillings.

The report also points out that the Ministry of Justice is yet to pay out awards totaling five billion Shillings accrued before 2012.

“Although the Ministry of Justice has argued that this is mainly due to limited budgetary allocations, UHRC has realized that the delay is sometimes caused by the bureaucratic processes that require the respective state attorney to form the first opinion on whether to appeal or clear payment of the award. This has caused untold delays,” Kaggwa laments.

Responding to the report, Fred Enanga, Police spokesperson told URN on phone that the institution’s legal department is still studying the concerns raised and will make a comprehensive report thereafter.