Stella Nyanzi earns big behind bars

Makerere researcher Stella Nyanzi is UGX50Million richer after High Court Civil Division awarded her the hearty sum for the violation of her rights by the government.

The award stems from an application challenging the infringement of her fundamental human right when the government secretly placed her name on a “no-fly list” and confiscated her passport.

Nyanzi was blocked from leaving the country on March 19, 2017, to attend a scholarly conference in Amsterdam. By the time of the action, Nyanzi had already checked in at Entebbe International Airport, but she could not get clearance from the immigration desk.

During the time police said it was investigating a possible case of offensive communication and cyber harassment against Nyanzi and she was required to assist police investigations, according to a letter from the Makerere University Vice-Chancellor.

In a subsequent complaint to Joseph Obwona, the Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, Stella Nyanzi indicated that her passport and boarding passes had been confiscated making her unable to travel. She demanded in vain to be removed from the no-fly list prompting her to run to court for redress.

In her application, Dr Nyanzi sought special damages for the infringement on her rights, lost transport, visa fees, air ticket and hotel booking.

In a judgment delivered on Monday, Lady Justice Henrietta Wolayo found the state in breach of article 24 of the constitution, which provides for respect to human dignity and protection from inhumane treatment. She added that the act of preventing Dr Nyanzi from travelling was an unnecessary interference with her right to enter and leave the country at will.

She added that the decision to block Dr Nyanzi was meant to embarrass her because she was eventually cleared to travel, although it was late for her to catch the flight.

She issued orders restraining the government from preventing Dr Nyanzi from leaving the country or embarrassing her at a port of entry or departure. Justice Wolayo however, declined to grant the applicant special damages on transport, visa fees, air ticket and hotel booking since her lawyers from the Centre for Legal Aid dropped the prayers during the hearing.


Acid attacker case starts

By Sania Babirye
Hearing of the murder case against Kampala Business man Kakaire Kasimu who poured acid on his wife 35 year old Namanda Josephine and two weeks old bay causing his wife’s death has commenced today before high court judge Anthony Ojok Ayuko.

The first prosecutions witness a one Musa Wakabi an expert witness from the Government analytical Laboratory has testified before court that he examined cloths and shoes belonging to the late Namanda and concluded that they contained a strong acidic substance which is harmful to human life.

On the 13th of December 2018, Kakaire was officially charged with murder and pleaded not guilty.
In March 2018 , Nakawa court chief magistrate Flavia Nasuuna committed Kakaire and his two co-accused Namanya Ivan and Walusimbi Farouq to the High Court to be tried over his Wife’s death.

But before they could be tried the two co accused Ivan Namanya and Faroouq Walusimbi pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder and were sentenced to 25 years in prison by Nakawa high court Justice Elizabeth Nahamya.

According to Prosecution Kakaire hired the two men at 3 million shillings to pour acid on his wife and their two weeks old baby along the Northern By-pass in November 2014.

Investigations further reveals that Kakaire was also traveling in the same car with his wife and daughter from Jinja district were they had been attending a christening ceremony of their daughter during the attacker.

Namanda a business woman at containers village in downtown Kampala sustained severe burnt injuries and was admitted at Mulago hospital and later died in February 2015 as a result of her injuries.

However, the baby survived with no injuries since was fully covered to protect her from the attacker by the mother.

Meanwhile Kakaire also sustained acid burnt wounds and scars which are visibly seen on his face and hands.

Evidence from equity Bank also shows that Kakaire was stealing money from his wife before and after her death.

According to documents produced today from equity Bank, kakaire withbdrew 12 million shillings from the account of his stepdaughter that his wife had opened for her.

The money was withdrawn while the Namanda was fighting for her life in Mulago hospital after the acid attacker.

Kakaire apparently persuaded Namanda’s underaged stepdaughter Caroline Nasiiwa who was the signatory to the account to authorise his withdraw of the money were he would make the bank call the child to give permission to withdraw the money.

The case has further been adjourned to the 10th of January 2019.