Justice Bamwine asks lawyers to challenge judges prolonging adjournments

By Daudi Zirimala

The principal Judge Yorakamu Bamwine has lashed at the judges who make prolonged case adjournments saying these have contributed to case backlog in the Judiciary.

According to Justice Bamwine, Judges in different courts of judicature should stop making long adjournments because such adjournments lead to case back log and deny deny justice to Ugandans.

He has also implored lawyers to always challenge judges and magistrates who make such adjournments to at least make short adjournments in the shortest time possible.

Principal Judge Bamwine made the remarks at the launch of the International center for arbitration and Mediation in Kampala ICAMEK which is intended to handle the growing number of commercial disputes and huge case back log within the courts.

The Uganda Law Society and the Uganda Bankers Association resolved that a private sector led arbitration center ICAMEK be established to ensure quicker resolution of disputes,Promote access to justice,train mediators and arbitrators and generally position Uganda strategically as a competitive and attractive investment hub.

Speaking at the same function the minister of Justice and constitutional Affairs Hon Kahinda Otafiire who was the chief guest said that ICAMEK will play its part in de-congesting courts of commercial matters especially banking cases, therefore assist expeditious delivery of justice and facilitate the commercial growth and development of the country.

He noted that due to resource constraints the judiciary has over 155,000 cases pending resolution within formal judicial system and this statistics was obtained after a careful study by National Backlog Committee setup by the judiciary of Uganda and with support with the ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

We should all note that the government of Uganda is continuously taking steps to ensure that Uganda is an investment friendly destination as borne out by the policy measures it has undertaken including passage of favorable fiscal measures,infrastructure improvement,investment in energy generating capacity and assurance of security of personal property and safety of the citizens said Gen Otafiire.

Hon Otafiire further said that one of the determinants of luring investors into our country has been the establishment of ICAMEK as an alternative dispute resolution center will be received and viewed favorably by owners of capital with intentions of investing in Uganda.