Kasiwukira’s murder’s 20 year jail term

By Sania Babirye

Three court of appeal justices have upheld a 20 year jail sentence handed to Sandra Nakungu and Jyden Ashiraf who were convicted of killing famous Kampala business man Eria Ssebunya Bugembe alias Kasiwukira in October 2014.

In September 2016, Kampala High court judge Wilson Masalu Musene found them guilty of forming a common intention to murder Kasiwukira and sentenced each to 20 Years in Luzira prison however, the same judge acquitted Kasiwukira’s wife Sarah Nabikolo over her husbands murder.

Nakungu a sister in law to Kasiwukira and Jayden a police officer attached to Muyenga police post however appealed both their conviction and sentence on grounds that the would be key suspect in the said murder Sarah Nabikolo-the widow was exonerated of any wrong doing by court yet to them, she was the ringleader.

However, three justices including Elizabeth Musoke, Helene Obura and Ezekiel Muhanguzi have ruled that the judge properly applied the law to the facts of the case and rightly found that the death of Kasiwukira was unlawful and caused with malice aforethought in his judgement.

The justices were also in agreement with justice Musene that there was a common intention formed by Jayden and Nakungu to murder Kasiwukira and conceal it as a fatal accident .

They further ruled that the two state witnesses who saw the convicts commit the murder had their evidence collaborated by two other witnesses whom the convicts had earlier approached to commit the said murder.

Justice Musene reached his decision to acquit Nabikolo whom the prosecution had said was the sole funder of the mission to kill her husband ,basing on the fact that there was no single witness who pointed a finger at her that she was seen in meetings with Nakungu and Jayden plotting to murder Kasiwukira.

The convict Jayden was formerly attached to Muyenga community police which is a Diplomate Zone where the late Kasiwukira resided.

The judge ruled that prosecution evidence squarely placed Jayden at the scene of crime as he was seen by several witnesses seated behind the steer ring of the killer vehicle that knocked Kasiwukira dead on the morning of 17th October 2016.

Justice Musene then rejected Jayden’s defence that he was promised 20million shillings ,a job transfer and a big house by businessman Godfrey Kirumira if he implicated the widow Sarah Nabikolo and her sister Sandra Nakungu of Kasiwukira’s murder.

These have so far served three years into their 20 year jail sentence.

Man sent to jail for murdering own wife

By Sania Babirye

The Mpigi magistrate court has remanded to Kigo government prison a man who stabbed to death his wife.

Salongo Vicent Bugingo has been charged with murdering his wife Nalongo Nantongo Juliet is him he had 8 kids with.

Grade one magistrate Moreen Mokoya has however been barred him from pleading to the charges since he is charged with a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the high Court.

Prosecution states that on the 24th of December 2019 at Nabisenke village in Nkozi, the suspect stabbed his wife to death in a domestic violence related incident .

However, Salongo after committing the alleged crime is said to have reported himself at police claiming that his wife was involved in an accident which caused her death.

Police later went to his home and found the deceased in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds on her stomach, head and private parts.

He returns to court on the 28th of this month as investigations into the matter continues.

Court send Congolese national to Luzira over rape

By Sania Babirye

A Congolese refugee living in Uganda has been sentenced to twenty three years in Luzira prison over rape.

Kampala high High Court judge Jane Francis Abodo sentenced 31 year old Mbusa Kamuhinda after she found him guilty of raping the victim whose name has been withheld in August 2017 at Bukoto in Nakawa division Kampala district .

While sentencing him, Justice Jane Francis Abodo ruled that women must be protected from such criminals by giving such convicts custodial long sentences.

She also stated that such rape cases are rampant in her court jurisdiction and there is need for court to hand the convicts deterrent sentences to other would be offenders.

In conclusion Justice Abodo stated that sexual violence against women should not be tolerated and courts of law need to act by keeping away such criminals from their victims and from the country at large .

Nyanzi asks to meet judge chamber

By Sania Babirye
Troubled Former Makerere University researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi who is charged with disturbing the peace of President Museveni and his late mother has asked the trial Buganda road court grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu for an opportunity to meet her in chambers.

Nyanzi through her lawyers Isaac Ssemakadde has informed court that they have an immediate issue which they need to talk about out of court.

Ssemakade has explained that the matter should only be heard by the trial magistrate and the state prosecutors which the magistrate granted.

Now the hearing has been stood over for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, even today, court heard that all the expected defense witnesses including an expert in hacking Mustapha Mugisha who was supposed to be the first defense witness have again refused to turn up in court.

On the 28th of June, Ssemamakde revealed before court that although their client had chosen to remain silent right now, however, they had 20 witnesses led by President Museveni and CID of the Uganda police force Grace Akullo to argue their case and have Nyanzi freed and asked the magistrate to summon President Museveni, Grace Akullo among others.

However, Kamasanyu declined to summon President Museveni on grounds that being a sitting President, he has immunity from prosecution and that according to article 98 (4) such summons are illegal because “while holding office the President shall not be liable to any court proceedings in any court, however,He may appear voluntarily if he so wishes.”

Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu wondered how some of the alleged defense witnesses including the complainant President Museveni can give evidence to exonerate Dr.Nyanzi over cyber harassment and offensive communication charges.

But Ssemakade insisted that their alleged witnesses including President Museveni who is the complainant are not a mistake and are part of the defense’s strategy to see that his client is set free and the said charges dismissed.

He then sked magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu to issue court summons to all their 20 witnesses to appear in court without fail to defend Dr.Stella Nyanzi so that she is set free.

Other witnesses include Prof.Sylvia Tamale(Feminist activist prof.Fredrick Juko a former law prof.atMakerere university, Columnist Allan Taaka, Feminist Mildred Apenyo, princess Solome Nakaweesi, ass.prof.Dr.Ronald Kakungulu Mayambala at the Makerere university school of law , Bishop Zaaka Niringiye,Rev.Father Gaetano Batanyenda among others.

Ssemakade further asked court to prioritize the first witnesses to be summoned to testify led by President Museveni, Dr.Mayambala,Eng.Frank Kitumba who heads ICT at Makerere university and others can follow later.

He also informed court that today, they did not have any of the 20 listed witnesses available in court to testify and asked for an adjournment.

When the magistrate wondered why Nyanzi who was not present in court could not defend herself, Ssemakade has replied that the accused for now remained silent and will be defending herself through her summoned witnesses.

Ssemakade however refused to affirm to court if Dr.Nyanzi’s decision to remain silent for now meant that she will be choosing to remain silent in her defense.

The frustrated magistrate reached an extent of informing Semakadde that without him bear clear on the way his client is to defend herself, he has nothing to write in relation to today’s proceedings or on how she can help the defense team in summoning President Museveni and other witnesses.

Nyanzi is at Luzira prison after refusing to seek bail and she is facing charges including attacking the privacy of President Museveni and that of his late mother , Esteri Kokundeka through her social media Facebook page.

Prosecution states that on the 16th of September 2018, while armed with a motive to disturb the peace of President M7 and that of his late mother , Nyanzi posted obscene messages on her official face book page(Stellah Nyanzi) while attacking the privacy of the President .

Court sends Sebuufu to jail for 40 years

By Sania Babirye

Kampala High court judge Angelin Flavia Ssenoga has handed a 40 year jail sentence to car pine bond proprietor Sebuufu Mohammad and his seven co convicts for murdering Kampala businesswoman Betty Donah Katushabe.

Sebuufu’s co convicts include Paul Tasingika a crime prevented attached to CPS, Shaban Odutu ak Golola, Phillip Mirambe a Congolese National,Kayiza Godfrey,Luwaga Steven a private guard ,Lwanga Yoweri Ketayinbwa,and Sentongo Damaseni.

These have also been handed another 20 year jail sentence for kidnapping Katushabe but all punishments will run concertedly.

These have also been ordered to compensate the family of the late.

Meanwhile Lwanga Steven a special hire driver who was found guilty of being an accessory after commission of an offense for driving the said car that was used to transport Katushabe to sebuufu’s car bond were she was tortured from has been jailed seven years.
Earlier in state led by Winfred Ahimbisibwe had asked Justice Ssenoga to hand Sebuufu a death sentence since the murder was premeditated .

However his lawyer Caleb Alaka had asked court to hand his clients 10 years since his client is married and a sole bread Winner of seven infants.

Sebuufu was also given a chance to address court and asked Justice Senegal to be lenient since he is the sole bread Winner of his family and is also currently looking after many families that are under-prevailed.

However justice Senoga jailed them 40 years each after she found them guilty of the charges.

Last Monday, Sebuufu was convicted jointly with Paul Tasingika a crime prevented attached to CPS, Shaban Odutu ak Golola, Phillip Mirambe a Congolese National,Kayiza Godfrey,Luwaga Steven a private guard ,Lwanga Yoweri Ketayinbwa,and Sentongo Damaseni while a one Lwanga Steven a special hire driver has been found guilty of being an accessory after commission of an offense.

Justice Senoga ruled that prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Sebuufu and 7 others had a common intention to kidnap Katushabe from her home at Bwebajja , robbed her of her mobile phone and tortured her to death.

Sebuufu and his co accused were found guilty and consequently convicted of murder, kidnap and robbery.

The judge explained that prosecution evidence placed the convicts at the scene of crime as those who kidnapped Donah and intentionally caused her death.

however Justice Senoga has exonerated Lwanga of murder and instead accused convicted him of being an accessory since he is the one who drove the car that drove Katushabe from her residence to pine car bond where she was tortured from leading to her death .

In April this year, three court assessors asked court to dismiss all murder and kidnap charges against Ssebuufu and his co accused after Rehema Babirye, Wasimila Joseph and Betty Bogere told court that prosecution failed to adduce sufficient evidence that warrant the accused’s conviction.

The assessor relied on one of the evidence of Ssebuufu’s lawyer Brian Tindyebwa in which he testified before court that his client spent that entire day at Mengo Magistrate court in a land case.

The assessors also advised court to dismiss the kidnap charge on grounds that the deceased had herself requested to be taken to pine car bond instead of CPS when some of the accused persons together with police allegedly came to arrest her from her home.

On the 8th of January this year, in an effort to further prove his innocence, Ssebuufu produced his lawyer Tindyebwa as his witness to prove that he was not near his alleged murder victim on that fateful day.

Brian Tindyebwa informed Kampala high court that on that fateful day, his client spent the whole day at Mengo magistrate court in land case.
He explained that although he had asked his colleague to sit in for him because he had another case, he later joined Ssebuufu and sat behind up to three pm when the case ended.
Ssebuufu had denied to have been near Donah Katushabe or his other co accused when the incident happened claiming that he left Mengo after the case and reached at his car bond around six and found the victim there and later called the former Police commander of CPS Aron Baguma to intervene in the matter.

Ssebuufu closed his defense and the judge ordered both parties to submit their final submissions basing on the evidence presented on why him and his co accused should be acquitted or convicted.

Prosecution closed its case with 26 witnesses against the convicts.
On the 4th of December 2018, Ssebuufu began his defense and choose to give un sworn in defense in which prosecution did not have to cross examine him.

In October 2018, justice Anglin Flavia Ssenoga ruled that Ssebuufu had a case to answer on grounds that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to prove that Ssebuufu and his co-accused tortured to death the victim on the 23rd of October 2015 after failing to pay a debt of 9 million shillings over a car.

Sebuufu had initially been charged with the former Kampala CPS DPC Aaron Baguma over Katusabe’s kidnap and murder but later the DPP without giving any reason to court dropped charges against Baguma and continued with the trial of Ssebuufu and the rest, at the beginning of the trial this year .

According to evidence presented by prosecution, the deceased purchased a car at pine car bond at 13 million but only managed to pay five million.

That after failed attempts by Ssebuufu to have Katushabe pay the remaining 9millions, he instructed his security guards to pick up the victim from her home in Bwebajja along Entebbe road on that fateful day.

Prosecution states that after kidnapping Katushabe, she was taken directly to Ssebuufu’s office from where she was kicked and beaten with sticks there by causing grievous wounds to her body which led to her death.

CJ Katureebe commissions virtual courts

By Sania Babirye

The Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, has today commissioned a video conferencing system to Luzira Maximum Security Prison and Buganda Road court.

Justice Katureebe has called upon all judges and other stakeholders to see that the system is used to serve its purpose.
He said that if fully used by judges to serve its purpose, they will see that the system is enrolled in all courts starting from the smallest (grade one courts) to the highest court (Supreme court).

To see the whole system enrolled, this will cost government 12 billion shillings annually.The facility will be used for the mentioning of criminal cases before they are fixed for trial.
Justice Katureebe has also operational two virtual courts that have been set up within the Luzira upper Prison male and female wings.

According to Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire of the court of appeal judge and also chair of the Judiciary’s technological committee , the facilities are satisfactory.

Justice Kiryabwire has also revealed that they will be needing 12 billion shillings for the next five years to see that the technology is enrolled in the whole country.

He says that this money will enable them to see that all courts in the country from the magistrate courts to the supreme court are connected to video conferencing.

He however says that right now the funding they are getting from ministry of finance is inadequate to allow their plans since they only received UGX 6 billion which is about 50%.

He however says that he is hopeful that government will increase their funding but are also happy to start with the little they have to start on their plans.

He says that the program is going to save suspects and Luzira prison officials the burden of coming to court even for short sessions like mentioning of case as it has been the case.

He also says that the public will also stop being inconvenienced through road closing by security personnel as it has been the case when key suspects are being brought to court.

He said that although proceedings like mentioning of cases takes a little time, however it has been costly in transporting suspects from Luzira prison to court were some of them have in the end escaped from court docks as it was the case in Masaka.

This means that the judge or magistrate will sit at Buganda road and mentions all cases through video conferencing with suspects at Luzira prison

The lawyers will also have a chance to file their cases through E filling without necessarily moving to court to file paper work as it has also been the case.

“We have entered the courts of the future in Uganda,” he said, adding: “Uganda is the first country in East Africa to set up courts inside a prison. Judiciary’s strategy is to revolutionalise how justice is dispensed.Uganda is the first country in East Africa to set up courts inside a prison.”

“We are moving courts from buildings to services that are available to Ugandans who need them. With such a facility, people should be coming to the physical courts only for trials,” said Justice Kiryabwire

Hosted at the National Data Center under the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U), the high-tech court conference facilities were recently installed both in the Luzira Prison and Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court in Kampala.

The technology is designed to aid the mentioning of all criminal cases at Buganda Road Court involving accused persons on remand in Luzira Prison before their cases are fixed for trial.

Buganda Road Court will also handle related cases on behalf of the Magistrates Courts of Makindye, Nakawa, Nabweru, Law Development Centre (LDC), Kira, City Hall, Nateete/Rubaga, Luzira, Kasangati and the Anti-Corruption Court.

NITA’s Executive Director, James Saaka, said the facility is designed to connect the courts beyond the geographical boundaries to provide faster administration of justice.

He said recordings from all court sessions will be safely kept in the National Backbone Infrastructure at the National Data Centre.

The Officer in Charge of Luzira Upper Prison, Moses Sentalo, applauded the move.

“The system will save us the costs involved in the back and forth transportation of prisoners to courts as well as the stress that comes with moving high risk inmates. Imagine, transporting one inmate to court requires five prison officers handling different roles: driver, gunman, orderly, warder and supervisor).”

He said a team of Uganda Prisons staff have been trained to operate the facility and they are ready for the

The facilities will help among other things,

• Lower costs of prisons operations since preliminary stages of cases can be handled online.

• Minimise risks of transporting high profile prisoners as such cases will be handled online in the safety of Luzira Prisons.

• Ease access to information during court sessions since document sharing/storage will be electronic and will be accessed remotely by the concerned parties.

It will also reduce on the case baklog which has also brought about by suspects missing court sessions due to lack of transport.

The prisoner’s right’s will also be protected since they will no longer be chained as it has been while beong transported in court.

Court grants Byandala bail

By Sania Babirye

Three persons who were convicted and sentenced to five and seven years in Luzira prison for causing a 24.7 billion loss to government in the shoddy upgrade of the Mukono-Katosi-Nyenga Road have been granted bail by the court of appeal.

These include the former director of finance at the Uganda Revenue Authority Joe Semugooma, Businessman Apollo Senkeeto and UNRA accountant Wilberforce Senjaako.

They have been temporally released on a ten million cash bail by Justice Cheborion Barishaki who had concluded hearing their bail applications in December 2018.

While granting bail, Justice Barishaki ruled that the three needed specialized medical attention due to their various ill health that can not be managed at Luzira prison and had substantial sureties who would ensure that they return to court whenever summoned.

Bussinesman Senkeeto has been ordered to deposit his land title on a land in Gombe, his passport and the ten million he had deposited at High court transferred at the court of appeal.

The troubled businessman was sentenced to ten years in Luzira prison after anti corruption court found him guilty of being the mastermind and an architect of said scam .

The group was part of the seven people including former works minister Abraham Byandala had had been charged with corruption over the said funds.

However, in August 2018 , the now minister without portfolio Abraham Byandala was let- off the hook and cleared of all charges .
This is after Anti-corruption court judge Lawrence Gududu acquitted him on charges of Abuse of office and disobedience of lawful orders from the IGG in regard to the upgrading of the said three years ago after the IGG had accused him of conniving with UNRA officials to swindle the said funds.

Justice Gidudu instead acquitted him on grounds that given the circumstances surrounding the said road which had become politically sensitive and had sparked off riots due to delays in its construction, the minster was right to direct signing of the contract to begin construction works .

Justice Gidudu also ruled that the solicitor General had given clearance for the construction of the said road by availing the funds yet works on the said road had stalled since 2010, and as a result, the minister acted in good faith rather than fraud intention when he signed the contract.

The judge did also exonerated Byandala of being aware that the securities upon which payment of the 24.7 billion shillings was based were forged since he is not mandated to verify the authenticity of securities .

He was also found not guilty of disobeying lawful orders from the IGG to stop works on the road because according to the evidence, Byandala never saw the said letter from the IGG directing him to stop works on the said road and that prosecution did also not bother to call his secretary a one Matilda who is said to have received the letter on his behalf to verify if he had indeed received the said letter .

In conclusion, Justice Gidudu ruled that the signing of the contract was not irregular and also cleared his co-accused and former UNRA Executive Director Eng. Berunado Sebuuga of Abuse of office

However, Justice Gidudu did find guilty and convicted Semugooma and sentenced him to seven years, Wilberforce Senjaako an accountant was found guilty of neglect of duty by failing to verify securities before approving an advance payment of 24.7 billion shillings to EUTAW company and Businessman Apollo Senkeeto, the masterminded who is said to have stolen the said funds since he is the only one who had access by falsely representing himself as the country director of EUTAW Mississippi in Uganda where as not.

The court also convicted Wilberforce Senjaako of forgery of Bank security guarantees and performance bonds which Senkeeto uttered to UNRA for purposes of fraudulently accessing the 24.7 billion shillings .

Other accused persons who were cleared include Marvin Baryaruha -the UNRA legal advisor on grounds that the advise he offered in signing and drawing the contract between EUTAW and UNRA was solicited by his boss and there is no way he could establish whether the securities presented were fake and that his legal advise was not mandatory to his bosses.

He had been charged of Abuse of office and causing financial loss, and a one Isaac Mugote was also cleared.

In July 2018, the two court accessers advised justice Lawrence Gidudu to aquit all the seven suspects.Vincent Oketch and Stanley Kurongo informed court that they believed that the IGG failed to adduce sufficient evidence to warrant a conviction of the suspects.

The court accessors are members of the public appointed and sworn in by court who give their layman’s opinion after following the case hearing from the beginning to the end but their opinion is not binding to that of the judge because a judge can choose to regard or disregard it.

The group was accused of regularly awarding the contract to rehabilitate the said road to a non-existent company- EUTAW which is said to have sub-contracted another company with no expertise and equipment to do the job.

On the 10th of October 2017, justice Gidudu ruled that Byandala and his co accused had a case to answer because the IGG had proved a pre-mafacie case against them,however the group has since maintained their innocence denying to have stolen the said public funds.

Byandala’s co accused included the former Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) officials, Berunado Ssebbugga the former UNRA acting Executive Director, Joe Ssemugooma former acting Director finance and administration , Wilberforce Senjako Regional accountant and Marvin Baryaruha who was the UNRA lawyer.

Others included city businessman Apolo Senkeeto who was charged with theft and obtaining the contentious 24.7 bn shillings by falsely representing himself as the president of ETAW -Uganda, the ghost company and a one Isaac Mugote of Housing Finance Bank who is accused of failing to verify the securities presented by ETAW before releasing out the money

The accused were facing 24 counts of abuse of office,disobedience of lawful orders,influence and peddling,obtaining money by false pretense and embezzlement among others.

According to the IGG,on the 14th of November 2013 Byandala ordered the signing of a contract between UNRA and Etawu, a construction company before due date for construction and upgrading of the road leading to the loss of 24.7 billion shillings to a company that was not qualified.

The IGG charged Byandala with Abuse of office , causing government a financial loss and disobedience of her orders to stop works on the Mukono-katosi -Nyenga road.

She accused the former works Minister to have defied her orders and instead influenced the procurement process and proceeded to sign the contract to an incompetent company ETAW.

In his written submission, Byandala claimed that he had the mandate to give policy directives as a minister however Justice Gidudu ruled that Byandala must explain whether in his policy directive, it involved directing UNRA to sign a contract to a ghost company.

Serial killer Arinaitwe’s appeal heard

By Sania Babirye
Sentenced serial killer Richard Arinaitwe has today appeared before the Court of Appeal to challenge his life imprisonment sentence after he was convicted of murdering an American volunteer in a Hotel room at Equatorial in 2003.

Arinaitwe has appeared before three justics of the court of appeal led by justices Elizabeth Musoke , Ezekiel Muhanguzi and Hellen Obura.

In the appeal, Arinaitwe is faulting high court Judge Rwamisazi Kagaba who convicted him of murder and sentenced him to death for wrongly trying and convicting him yet he did not have a lawyer to represent him.

However, in 2002 when Arinaitwe was being tried he refused a state attorney that was provided to him and instead asked the judge to allow him to represent himself in the matter since ge was a law student at Makerere university though in his first year.

In December 2003,Arinaitwe was found guilty of stabbing to death Cecillia Maria Goetz; an NGO worker who was in the country by then to follow up the utilization of HIV/AIDS funds.

But he was spared death when the Supreme court made a ruling ruling outlawing the mandatory death penalty on murder and also ordered that all inmates on death row who have spent more than 3 years without being executed should have their sentences mitigated before the High court.

He was asked produced before High court justice Joseph Murangira who substituted his death penalty with life imprisonment.

However, Arinaitwe through his lawyer Elizabeth Asiimwe is also contesting the life imprisonment on grounds that it is too harsh and excessive .

He now wants the court of appeal hand him a much lighter sentence not exceeding 29 years.

He is said to have stabbed her to death at Hotel Equatorial here in Kampala on the 28th of July 1998.

He is a trouble maker who tried to strangle then Buganda road court judge Jane Alividza while appearing before her and it is said that when he was remanded, he was found teaching fellow inmates how to strangle people.

Arinaitwe was trained in Marshal art and kick boxing.

However, through out his trial he maintained his innocence and denied to have been at the scene in the deceased’s hotel room although a receptionist testified to have seen him in the room.

Suspect faints in court during flopped Kaweesi murder hearing

By Sania Babirye
Eight Suspects in the murder of the former spokesperson of the Uganda Police AIG Andrew Felix Kaweesi and their relatives have today protested their continued detention without trial after one of them collapsed at the international crimes division of the High court in Kampala due to hunger.

Suspect Nyanzi Yusuf has collapsed in court after being kept in the court cells since morning without any food or water yet he suffers from severe stomach ulcers and cannot goo without food for a long time.

The aggrieved suspects claim that they are illegally being detained in Luzira Government prison since May 2017 yet they have never been tried in court.

These had appeared before High court judge Lydia Mugambe for their bail application hearing, however the judge was forced to adjourn the matter to this Friday the 1st of March after state led by Marion Ben Bella asked for more time to organize relative documents in her case.

Matters went out of hand when justice Mugambe asked for the case to be heard in her chambers instead of open court which did not go well with both the suspects and their relatives.

The suspects and relatives thought that the case was again going to be adjourned for the third time and as a result started speaking on top of their voices saying they want court to at least execute them because they were fed up of being humiliated and subjected to embarrassment ever since they were arrested, charged, and committed to the crimes court for trial by the Nakawa Chief Magistrate Court in May 2017.

Justice Mugambe later come back to court and inquired why the suspect fainted and discovered that it was due to severe ulcers.

Justice Mugambe has now ordered Luzira Prisons Authorities never to bring hungry prisoners to her Court who are too weak to stand because beinh in prison does not mean deprivation of good.

The suspects claim that their relatives keep on trekking to court wasting money and leaving their work yet court keeps on refusing to grant them bail or formally try them for the past six months.

Some of their relatives have asked court to at least hand their relatives any sentence so that they can rest their worry over their pending trial.

The suspects are represented by Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi and Wameri Anthony.

Prosecution states that the susepcts on the morning of 17th/March 2017 at Kulambiro within Kampala district shot dead AIGP Felix Kaweesi, his body guard Kenneth Erau and his driver Godfrey Wambewa as the trio drove in the official Uganda Police vehicle to work.

Human rights activists demand for disciplinary action against Kyaligonza

By Alice Lubwama
The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) has tasked Government to take disciplinary action against major general Matayo Kyaligonza for his actions against the police officer on duty rather than selectively applying the law to only his body guards.

The executive director Foundation for Human Rights Initiative Livingstone Ssewanyana says that the act of assaulting the traffic officer by Kyaligonza and his body guards show the increasing acts of impunity perpetrated by state security officers .

Ssewanyana adds that the Impunity by state security agents has reached acute levels and requires urgent remedial actions from the Government.

The Foundation also calls for an expeditious inquiry into the incident to ensure justice is served to the traffic officer and journalist who were both assaulted in the course of duty.

This is not the first time general Kyaligonza has been involved in controversial acts of impunity.

One incident is during the 2016 elections, where General Kyaligonza is alleged to have assaulted a journalist of Radio Hoima, Amlan Tumusiime.