Government departments should learn a lesson from UNRA-World Bank incident: Kagina

The executive director Uganda national road authority Allen Kagina warns that the with draw of funds by world bank from Uganda’s road project should be a lesson to all Government departments not to ignore concerns raised by the community as they work on certain projects.

Addressing  journalists at Uganda  media centre kagina said that if the old managers  of UNRA  had addressed the issues that were raised by the communities  in fort portal  kamwenge road , the funds wouldn’t have been withdrawn by the  world bank.

The world bank withdrew funding  for   Fort portal  kamwenge road in December  last year following complaintd recieved by an independednt board.

Among other complaints were failure to manage stone quarries, mistreatment of workers,child labor. There were also serious allegations of road workers’ sexual relations with minor girls in the community, and sexual harassment of female employees sited.

World Bank also warned to review other world bank programs in Uganda and other countries to make the needed improvements.