Kanye makes new version of his song, Bed

Yeezy bounces back with a whooping 17 minutes new version of his song Bed.

Kanye West dropped an extended, 17-minute version of his 2007 song, “Bed” on his SoundCloud account Tuesday.

The track features fellow rapper, The-Dream, and made its debut at West’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.
The rappers have a long musical history together — most recently, on West’s “Ultralight Beam” and “Highlights.”
Although West has been featured on several songs from other artists over the past year, this is the first track he’s put out since being hospitalized in November.

Rapper Kanye meets Trump to express concerns about violence

Kanye West had a long-term plan when he asked to meet with Donald Trump … talk about life during the first meeting, and death on the streets during the next one.

Sources close to the rapper tell us Kanye has been thinking a lot about the violence in Chicago, and wants to use his name to make a difference. The rapper’s had a good relationship with Trump, and he’s decided to use it to help promote peace on the streets in Chi-town.

As we reported, Kanye didn’t raise the issue of violence in his Trump chitchat Tuesday … the 2 just talked broadly about life. But Kanye plans to deepen the relationship once Trump becomes Prez.

Kanye knows Trump has lots of people in his ear so he wanted a face-to-face to get on the radar now.

Kanye will have the time on his hands to pursue peace in Chicago … his concerts have been cancelled indefinitely while he stabilizes his life after his hospitalization.





Kim and Kanye are not divorcing, it is a just a rumor

Fret not, dear mortals, the love of Kimye lives on.

Rumors started spreading like wildfire this week that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were on the brink of divorce, with Us Weekly reporting that the reality star is ready to file. A Kardashian “friend” told Us that she has been distancing herself from him since his release from the hospital.

“It will take some time before she can do anything,” the friend said, adding that Kardashian wants full custody of their children, North and Saint, “but she doesn’t want to stay married … She cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs, but she’s felt trapped for a while.”

The official media mouthpiece of the Kardashians, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Twitter account, said the rumors are false.

Someone close to Kardashian’s legal team told E! that the reports are inaccurate. “I know for a fact that’s not true,” the source said of the divorce.

The couple, who has been married for two years, has had their ups and downs recently ― from West’s hospitalization to Kardashian’s October armed robbery in Paris.

“It’s been a very hard couple of months,” a source told E!.

Kimye forever.




-Huffington Post

Kanye West cancels concert to attend to Kim Kardashian after she was robbed in Paris

Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint by five men in her Paris hotel room Sunday night and robbed, French officials said.

A spokesperson for Kardashian West said the celebrity was “badly shaken but physically unharmed.”
A spokesperson for the French Interior Ministry said the armed men threatened the concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to open the private apartment. Kardashian West was locked in a bathroom while the men took two cell phones and jewelry worth millions of dollars, the spokesperson said.
Kardashian West is currently overseas for Paris Fashion Week along with her mother, Kris Jenner, and sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. She was staying at a private mansion in Paris, according to CNN affiliate BFM TV.
The French Interior Ministry’s spokesperson said no one was hurt during the incident and that the men did not discharge their weapons. It’s not clear if Kardashian West’s family, including her two young children, were present at the time.

Kanye cancels show

Her husband, rapper Kanye West, abruptly left his set early at the Meadows Festival in New York on Sunday night after telling concert goers there had been a “family emergency.”
The Meadows NYC’s official Twitter account confirmed West would not be coming back to finish his set.
Concert attendees shared videos of the abrupt departure. The crowd gasped in surprise.
“Dude just ran on stage and grabbed Kanye and he said, ‘Sorry guys, family emergency I have to leave the show’ and just ran off the stage,” Twitter user Joe Berg said.
“It was wild, too, because Kanye ignored the dude at first like on some ‘I can’t leave’ and dude wouldn’t leave without Kanye leaving with him.”
CNN’s Frank Pallotta was at the concert and tweeted that people were shocked at the way it “just ended.”
It has not been an easy week for the reality star. In Paris on Wednesday, Kim was rushed by prankster Vitalii Sediuk who tried to kiss her famous rear end. Sediuk, who has pranked celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Will Smith and Gigi Hadid, was immediately tackled by her bodyguard.

Sex tape demon still wandering, Ray J calls Kanye West a shameless hypocrite

Kanye West is a hypocrite for embracing his wife’s sex tape now that it suits his purposes, after blasting Ray J for daring to write a song about the famous video … at least that’s what Ray has been telling his crew.

We’re told Ray is livid that Kanye rhapsodized about the sex tape during the VMAs … even giving him a shout-out. You’ll recall after Ray J dropped “I Hit it First,” Kanye called him “Brandy’s little sister” and threw in “lame” for bad measure.

Ray J can’t do anything about his cameo in the “Famous” video, but he’s not happy about it … and it has nothing to do with shame over the sex tape. He just feels Kanye is two-faced for turning his nose up at the tape but then embracing it to make a buck.

We’re told Ray is also pissed that Kim trashed him after he released “I Hit it First,” but then grinned ear to ear at the VMAs when Kanye referred to the sexual tryst that made her untold millions of bucks.




Wiz Khalifah’s tweet sends Kanye into an outrageous mess

What. Just. Happened.

That is the question most of the Internet had on Wednesday, when, before our very eyes, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa started the greatest Twitter feud since the beginning of Twitter (no, but really).

Basically it all started when Kanye renamed his album WAVES, and then Wiz tweeted some displeasure about it and also some initials that maybe belonged to Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian and it escalated from there. The ensuing feud had more than a dozen tweets, many disparaging remarks and several references to Wiz’s “cool pants.” Kanye also brought Amber Rose into the whole thing, and things got kind of unfortunate.

But who cares about the actual feud, because the memes are way funnier. The denizens of the Internet, as they are wont to do, had a lot (and we do mean a lot) of fun with the whole thing. Here are some of the best reactions:

twitter 2twitter



-USA Today

Following up on Kim and Kanye’s new bundle of joy

The West family just became a party of four! Kim Kardashian made the exciting announcement that she and her husband Kanye West had welcomed their second child, a baby boy, early Saturday morning.

After the 35-year-old’s public fertility struggles, and her candidness throughout all of her pregnancy, we already know a lot about Kimye’s wee one even before meeting him!

But what do we know about the famous couple’s son’s birthday—AKA today! Let’s have a look:

1. Family First

While not all members of the Kardashian family were by Kim’s side as she went into labor, E! News has learned that her mother Kris Jenner and older sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian were at the hospital. Kourtney’s ex and father of their three children, Scott Disick, was seen dropping her off at the medical center, where he remained for about 20 minutes, E! News has learned.

The family also took the time to visit Lamar Odom, who was first hospitalized in October.

No word yet on where Kim’s other siblings were, except we do know that Kylie Jenner is currently in Miami for Art Basel. And while Kanye was just in New York City to accept an award for his footwear designs this week, he made it just in time to meet his first son.

2. Breech Baby

Earlier this month, the E! reality star informed her fans that her son was breech. After researching every way to remedy the situation possible, and working closely with her doctors, Kim announced just a few days ago that her baby had been flipped.

“This weekend I checked into the hospital and underwent a procedure called an ECV, which is done to manually turn the baby from a breech position to a head-down position,” she explained shortly before sharing that the process was “probably more painful than childbirth.”

Meanwhile, a source told us earlier this morning that the last few days have been “stressful” for the expecting mama, adding that “it was time.”

3. Fashionably Early

Kim and Kanye’s son made quite the arrival—which seems fitting! Kim’s original due date was on Christmas Day, but clearly the Wests little miracle arrived a few weeks before.

4. What’s in a Name?

Sure, it’s pretty hard to come up with something as original as North West, the couple’s first child, but Kim revealed days ago that all potential names were completely out the window.

“We can’t think of a good name,” she recently admitted to E! News. “It’s so hard!”

5. In Good Company

Keeping up with the Kardashians may be tricky, but not when you’ve got plenty of cousins around!

North‘s little brother is going to be surrounded by several first cousins who are all very close in age. How close? Like almost a year to the day close.

We can already see play dates between Kim and Kanye’s yet-to-be-named son and Kourtney and Scott Disick’s third child Reign Aston Disick, who was born this time last year (more specifically on Dec. 14, 2014). Reign’s older sibs Penelope Disick and Mason Disick are also bound to be future BFFs with their less than five year age difference between them, too.

Congratulations to Kimye on their latest arrival! It’s sure to be a wonderful holiday season this year with the newest member of the family.






Source: E! Online