Kasiwukira’s widow declared not guilty for her husband’s murder

By Sania Babirye
The court of appeal has dismissed an appeal filed by the Director of Public Prosecutions against the acquittal of Sarah Nabikolo for the murder of her husband and businessman Eria Ssebunya Bugembe aka Kasiwukira.
Three justices of the court of appeal led by justice Elizabeth Musoke , Helen Obura and Ezekiel Muhanguzi have unanimously ruled the the DPP did not adduce sufficient evidence leaking Nabikolo to her husband’s death and that they only relied on hearsay evidence.

These have explained that the said evidence brought by state only brought suspicion because it was not conclusive but still wanting to sustain the murder charge against Nabikolo.

During trial, the state had presented three key witnesses including a bodaboda rider who was allegedly hired by Kasiwukira to spy on Nabikolo every time she allegedly visited a witch doctor ,the late’s brother John Guy Bugebe who claimed that Kasiwukira and Nabikolo had marital problems and an alleged voice recording in which Nabikolo promised to pay 50 million to a woukd be killer of her husband, which evidence was thrown out by the high court and the court of appeal today.

Court : The of murder Kasiwukira

By Sania Babirye

Sarah Nabikolo, has started defending herself in the case of murder of her husband Eria Ssebubya Bugembe aka  Kasiwukira .

Nabikolo appeared before high court Judge Wilson Masalu Musene and denied killing her husband. She told court although she was not happy when her husband took on a second wife; she forgave him when he apologized.

Nabikolo denied knowledge of any plot or connivance with her sister Sandra Nakungu and a police officer Jayden Ashiraf to pay  Kasiwukira’s  murderers 20 million shillings.

She committed the alleged offence in October 2014.

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The brother of the late Kampala businessman Sebunya Eria aka Kasiwukira has told court his brother had marital problems with the widow Sarah Nabikolo.

John Bugembe told court that Kasiwukira and Nabikolo the prime suspect in this case developed misunderstandings when he took on a second wife.

He says efforts to reconcile the couple were not successful and the two continued to have constant fights.

Bugembe the 12 witness was appearing on Monday 18th April before high court judge Wilson Masalu Musene.

Another state witness Karimani Silver a Bodaboda cyclist has told court that he was hired by the late Kasiwukira to trail Sarah Nabikolo and her sister Sandra Nakungu’s movements one month before his death.

He added that Kasiwukira had suspected that his wife and sister in law were visiting witch doctors.

Sarah Nabikolo together with her sister Sandra Nakungu and a police officer attached to Muyenga police station Ashraf Deden are charged with the murder of Kasiwukira.

They committed the alleged offence in October 2014.

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