Kayihura’s case further adjourned

By Sania Babirye
The case against   the former inspector General of police General Kale Kayihura has been adjourned to the 1st of October 2018.
This was communicated by Gen.Kayihura’s lawyer  Elison Karuhanga today while appearing before the General court Martial today.
Kayihura was supposed to return today in court for mention of his case, however Karuhanga informed court chair Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti that his client’s case was adjourned to next month when he reported before the court’s registrar for his bail extension on Monday. Kayihura was also not in court.
On the 24th of August, Gen.Kayihura was formerly arraigned and charged after spending 76 days in detention at Makindye military barracks. He pleaded not guilty to  three counts relating to failure to protect war materials and aiding/abbeting kidnapping of Rwandan Refugees in Uganda. He was however granted bail on the 28th of the same month and ordered to report back to court today.
Prosecution led by Maj  Raphael Mugisha states that between the years 2010 and 2018, Gen Kayihura allowed the issue of arms and ammunition to Boda-Boda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitatta , a person unauthorized to own a firearm.
In the second account Kayihura is charged with failing to supervise and ensure accountability for arms and ammunitions he issued to specialised  units under  the office of IGP including Flying squad unit, specialized operations unit, witness protection unit  and the Crime  Intelligence Directorate of the police .
The Gen.Kaihura was also charged with aiding and abetting his junior soldiers to kidnap 3 Rwandan exiles , refugees and Ugandan citizens to Rwanda.  These are ; Lt. Joel Mutabaazi, Jackson Kaleemera and Sgt  Innocent Kaliisa.
Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti who chairs the army court however released Gen.Kaihura on bail with strict conditions including restrict inrestricting his movements to only Kampala and Wakiso districts.
He presented three sureties including including  the deputy commandant of Land forced  Maj. General Samuel Kavuma,  Maj. General James Mugira who is the managing director of National Enterprises and  the Entebbe Municipality member of parliament and also  his cousin  Rosemary Tumusiime.
He was ordered to not fly out of the country without the permission of the army court and report before the court registrar once every month or failure to do so have his bail reversed.

General Kayihura formerly charged

By Sania Babirye and Robert Segawa
The former inspector General of police Kale Kaihura  has been formerly charged before the General court Martial.
Gen.Kaihura has been charged with three counts  of  failure to protect war materials and aiding and abetting kidnapping from Uganda and denied all the charges.
In the second count, Kaihura  is said to have failed to account for the guns given to his former office of the IGP that he issued to other units such as the Flying squad, witness protection unit and others
 He is also said to have aided his junior police officers to return 3 Rwandan exiles; Jackson Kalemeera, Joel Mutabaazi and Innocent Kaliisa to their country without their consent.
Prosecution led by Maj. Rapheal Mugisha has now asked court to adjourn the case to next month as inquiries into the case are still on-going.
Army court chair Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti has however officially remanded Gen.Kaihura to Makindye military barracks until Tuesday the 28th of August to rule on his bail application.
 Earlier in his  lawyer  Peter Kabatsi had asked court to release his client on bail on grounds that his rights have been already violated since he  spent more than 2 months in Detention.
However Lt Gen. Gutti declined his submissions saying its by the Army court’s  law for anyone seeking bail to file a written formal bail application for consideration.
The court also declined pleas from Kaihura’s  senior lawyer Dr. Elison  Karuhanga that Kaihura  needs to go home and touch his wife and sleep on his bed after two months in detention.

Concerned citizens demand for Kayihura’s release

By Sania Babirye
As the former Inspector general of Police General Kale Kayihura continues to be detained at the Makindye military police barracks without formally being charged,  two people calling themselves concerned citizens have petitioned  the High court in Kampala seeking for his his immediate release or have him produced in a competent court and formally charged.
 Issa  Ogomba an advocate and Sarah Rukundo a Uganda Christian University student are now suing the attorney General saying as citizens they are aggrieved with the injustice that has been subjected to the General and as a result, its their duty as Ugandans to see that Ugandans rights are respected.
 The two who claim  to  have no personal relationship with General Kayihura further claim that General Kayihura continues to be illegally detained beyond the mandatory 48 hours with out trial  since he was arrested on the 13th of June 2018 and detained there by denying him his constitutional  right to a fair and speedy trial.
It almost two months since the troubled IGP was arrested from his home at Kashagama in Lyatonde district and update, government has however not formally states any   charges against him.
But unconfirmed information states that he is to be charged with murder,espionage,and kidnap among others.
Government also continues to arrest most of General Kayihura’s former close security allies who are also being detained at the Makindye military police barracks and under trial in the general court martial  on different criminal charges.

Opposition demand a commission of inquiry be put to investigate Kayihura

By Robert Segawa

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change says president Museveni should institute a commission of inquiry to investigate former Inspector General of police Gen Kale Kayihura for the last 13 years he has been at the helm of police management.

Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, the FDC spokesperson while addressing the media at party headquarters said the commission should be headed by a competent judge in order to probe crimes committed by Gen Kayihura during his tenure. Semujju noted that many people have been tortured, killed and others were wrongly detained thus need to be given a chance to explain themselves and pin him.

He added that Kayihura has been handling police office as a ruling party NRM cadre and commissioned arrest and torture and arrest of opposition members .
The party now wants Kayihura to be charged with all cases he committed while in office including intimidation, arbitrary arrests of opposition members during their peaceful demonstrations. Ssemujju also wants all the victims to be compensated by government over the sins of Gen Kayihura.

This was the most peaceful Christmas; Kayihura

By Robert Ssegawa
30 people died in homicide cases on Christmas day compared to 50 people who died last year.  While releasing the latest crime report today, the Inspector general of Police Kale Kaihura noted that this year’s Christmas was the most peaceful one ever enjoyed by Ugandans.
He has attributed this to proper community policing responsive capabilities, as well as team work of crime preventors.

Police boss faces court over criminal charges of torture

The Uganda Police Force has taken over the defense of its Inspector General Kale Kayihura who faces criminal charges of torture as an individual.

Makindye Chief Magistrates Court last week summoned General Kayihura and seven other senior police commanders to appear in court to answer charges of torture and inhuman treatment.

The move by court is in connection with the recent beating of former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye’s supporters in Kampala.

Despite the officers being charged as individuals in line with the provisions of the Anti-torture Act, police management says it will use its Legal and Human Rights Directorate to defend their actions in court.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says the force is still waiting to receive summons from the complainant’s lawyer to begin preparing defence for the officers charged. “Even if they are charged individually, we will be defending them because all of them including the IGP were acting on behalf of the police,” Enanga says.

According to the criminal summons signed off by Chief Magistrate Richard Mafabi, the police chief and the other officers are “commanded by the Uganda government to appear in this court on the 10th day of August 2016 at 10am or soon thereafter as the case can be heard.”

Some of the officers facing torture charges include three commanders who are currently on suspension. They include Andrew Kaggwa who until the suspension was Kampala South Regional commander and Samuel Bamuziibire, the suspended Kampala Metropolitan Field Force Unit commander.

Others are Patrick Muhumuza, operations commander of Field Force Unit – Kampala Metropolitan South who is also on suspension Moses Nanoka who was suspended as Wandegeya Division police commander. Also on the list are James Ruhweza who is head of operations, Kampala Metropolitan, Wesley Nganizi, Regional police commander, Kampala North, and Geoffrey Kaheebwa, Deputy Regional Police Commander, Kampala South.

Most of these commanders who the police Director Human Rights Erasmus Twaruhukwa will be defending are already undergoing prosecution in the Police disciplinary court.

The officers   are charged with offense of torture contrary to sections 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act, 2012.

The private lawyers behind this case allege that Kayihura and his officers, being superior officers of the Uganda Police Force, in various places in and around Kampala, are liable for the acts of torture committed against supporters of Dr Besigye.

Lawyers identify the victims as Joseph Kaddu, Andrew Ssebitosi, Rogers Ddiba and other members of the general public including boda-boda riders.

The officers are also facing a civil suit by two victims of the alleged torture. The two victims, Ronald Muhereza and Michael Nyesiga, are seeking compensation of 50 million shillings each for torture, loss of their motorbikes, work and being humiliated.


Kayihura throws out officers named in Besigye beating

The Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura has with immediate effect suspended four commanders who were recently charged for beating up Dr. Kizza Besigye’s supporters.

The suspended officers include the Regional Police Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police South Andrew Kaggwa, Kampala Metropolitan Police Operations Commander Samuel Bamuzibire, Katwe police Operations Commander Patrick Muhumuza and Wandegeya Division Police Commander Moses Nanoka.

Kaggwa has been replaced by his deputy Godfrey Kahebwa while Nanoka is replaced with Joseph Nsabimana who has been the officer in charge of Nateete Police Station. Bamuzibire and ASP Muhumuza’s replacements have yet to be appointed.

Kayihura and Saleh disagree over Aine

Christopher Aine, the former aide of ex-prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi is still in the custody of General Salim Saleh five days since appearing from his hideout in Tanzania.

Aine went into hiding after he was arraigned in Jinja Magistrate’s court for assaulting Edgar Nyabong, the Kiira Regional Police Commander and his involvement in clashes between National Resistance Movement party supporters and those of Mbabazi in Ntungamo district during presidential election campaigns.

However, since his return, Aine has remained in the custody of General Salim Saleh.  Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, says the issues of Aine are being handled at a political level. According to Enanga, shortly after his return, Aine told Saleh that his life was in danger, which forced him to seek audience with General Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police.

However, URN has learnt that Kayihura and Saleh have failed to agree on the way forward in regard to Aine. According to a source, Kayihura blames Saleh for the bad press the police force has been receiving in relation to the Aine’s case given the fact that he was aware of the whereabouts of the suspect but failed to communicate and has refused to hand him over.

“Kayihura wants Aine to be handed over but Saleh has refused. He feels his position as IGP is being undermined,” the source told URN on condition of anonymity. Enanga told URN that Kayihura has written to the Attorney General seeking his opinion on the matter and how it should be resolved.

In December 2015, Kayihura announced a cash bounty of Shillings 20 million for whoever will provide information leading to Aine’s arrest. However, police has since cancelled the bounty on grounds that Aine surrendered to General Saleh at his home in Munyonyo, a Kampala suburb.


FDC’s Besigye a free man now

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has withdrawn security from  the home of former opposition Forum for Democratic Change candidate retired Col Dr. Kiiza’s Besigye in Kasangati. The withdrawal of force come a day after the Supreme Court   declared the NRM candidate Yoweri Museveni was validly elected in the February 18th polls.
Besigye was placed under house arrest a day after the elections following reports that he was planning to declare his own results of the polls at the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi. Gen Kayihura has told the media in Kampala that Besigye’s house arrest was to prevent him from disrupting the electoral process that was going on that time. He adds that Besigye was sending out messages that were aimed at inciting the youth engages in violent activities.
Kayihura ordered the DPC Kasangati to withdraw all police barricades from the route heading to Col Besigye’s home