KCCA, arcade owner’s meeting with trade minister changes traders’ plot

By Robert Segawa

Traders under Kampala City Traders Association ( KACITA) have asked members operating in city arcades to close the shops.

The association through their spokesman Isa Ssekito had earlier called in traders to open their shops today after the three days ultimatum expired.

The association secretary general Thadius Musoke says the development comes after the minister of trade Amelia Kyambadde called for an urgent meeting with KCCA leadership, arcade owners and traders’ leadership this afternoon to discuss away forward without defying presidential directives to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Meanwhile police this morning had a scuffle with some traders who insisted and opened their shops in the various arcades.

Patrick Onyango Kampala metropolitan police spokesman says traders who have opened their shops were and are doing so illegally.

KCCA elections to be held on Thursday

By Robert Segawa

Kampala Capital City Authority has set 5th March as the election date for the post of speaker and his Deputy. This comes after the president Museveni signed the new KCCA act of 2020 in November 2019.

Addressing journalists at the Media center the minister for Kampala metropolitan affairs Betty Among said the five divisions of Kampala will also hold the elections on same date at their division headquarters.

According to the set guidelines for the poll, only the Lord Mayor, his deputy, division mayor’s, executive director, town clerk , RCC , division mayor’s chief magistrate and journalists will be allowed to access the voting area.

She further adds that mobile phones and other recording devices have been prohibited to from voting exercise.

Three people have so far shown interest in the race among them FDC Doreen Nyanjura, Abubaker Kawalya, and NRM Bruhan Byaruhanga.

KCCA seeks UGX 8 billion to finance a supplementary budget

By Robert Segawa

Kampala Capital City Authority has asked Parliament to approve a supplementary budget of over 8 billion to cater for the office of the speaker.

The Kampala amendment act created the position of the speaker and his deputy to preside over KCCA council meetings.

Appearing before the council on Tuesday, the authority acting executive director Eng Andrew Kitaka said the current proposed budget can not cater for above positions.

He further revealed that the speaker will be earning a monthly salary of 13 million shillings and his deputy will be earning 11 million shillings without allowances.

KCCA is expected to present their budget frame work paper today in Parliament.

KCCA demands for more garbage collection trucks

By Deo Wasswa
The Kampala capital city authority has failed to agree with policy directive made by the cabinet in regard to garbage collection in communities.

According to the cabinet decision, KCCA is supposed to collect garbag in slum areas at no cost and only charge residents in high end areas.

Due to inadequate capacity by KCCA to collect garbage, it always subcontracts the Concessionaires to collect garbage in some communities with some charges.

Apparently KCCA’s capacity can only enable them to collect only 50% of the garbage in communities.

Speaking during the council meeting today, the acting executive director at KCCA, Engineer Kitaka Andrew has noted that before implementing the cabinet decision as KCCA will first go on ground and do an assessment to see who is capable and not capable of paying for garbage because they are also rich people who reside in slum areas.

Kitaka has also observed the need to increase budget so as to attain more garbage tracks to improve on garbage collection in the city.

Apparently KCCA has only 25 tracks that collect garbage in the 5 divisions that makes up Kampala

KCCA to imprison parents forcing their children unto streets

By Moses Kidandi
Kampala Capital City Authority has embarked on a man hunt and prosecution of parents and individuals who nurture young children into street begging,consuming weed and sniffing fuel among other habits.

The tough exercise involves prosecution and imprisonment of the perpetrators.

This was disclosed by the deputy director in charge of children at Kampala Capital City Authority Josephine Lubwama as street children selected from 5 Primary and 4 Secondary schools within Kampala, including children with disabilities converged at sharing youth center Nsambya to participate and attend the children’s parliament.

The children’s parliament is an event organized by dwelling places a Christian NGO helping to provide holistic care services to street-connected children, high-risk slum families and abandoned babies is aimed at giving 100 girls and young women a platform to lobby for policy change on issues affecting them.

This includes survivors of child trafficking and street connectedness, sharing the pull and push factors to give a clear perspective to the decision makers.

Josephine Lubwama says as KCCA they are hunting down perpetrators in order to reduce the cases of child trafficking into the city.

Ragga Dee misses hearing of his case

By Sania Babirye

State is today expected to inform city hall court on whether or not they will continue with a noise pollution case against local Musician Daniel Kazibwe also known as Ragga Dee.

On the 1st of April, the case had come up for mention at city hall court to allow Ragee to take plea but as usual he was no where to be seen in the court room.

Ragge Dee as usual decided to come to court but stayed outside the courtroom chatting with his Juma Seiko as the case was called for mention.

This prompted KCCA prosecutor Elijah Ndamuran to inform grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna that they want an adjournment of two weeks to allow them to go through the file to see if they can continue with case or drop it.

The Magistrate then adjourned the case to today and issued a third criminal summon against Ragga Dee.

On the 15th of February, Ragga Dee again missed the mention of his case despite arriving in court early.

He is needed to answer to charges related to emitting noise beyond permissible levels in his Kololo Big Mikes Bar which he co-owns with Maj Juma Seiko .

However, Ragga Dee instead of sitting in court to wait for his case, rather decided to spend all his time outside the courtroom talking to the media.

And as a result, the magistrate called his case and later adjourned it to today and also extended more criminal summons to Ragga Dee and his co accused a one Rita Nancy who is the manager of the bar.

His lawyer David Mushabe that day informed court that Ragga Dee was in talks with KCCA to have the matter settled out of court.

On the 4th of February, criminal summons were issued against Ragga Dee to answer to charges in relation to failure to comply with an improvement noise and breaking council property [seals].

Prosecution states that, Danial Kazibwe and Ritah Nancy on the 29th of February 2019 at Kololo Central division in Kampala did play music equipment emitting noise above the National permissible levels under the National environment noise standards and level regulations 2003.

On the 23rd of February, Kampala Capital City Authority closed Ragga Dee’s Bar over noise pollution, Flouting public health regulations and operating without a license.

According to KCCA the closure was part of their crackdown on places emitting noise pollution including places of worship and bars.

KCCA says such noise disturbs the peace of the neighbors.

Ragga Dee’s summon comes after some residents in the area dragged a total of Seven bars including Big Mikes bar to court over Noise pollution.

These also sued KCCA and NEMA of failing to regulate such noise coming from the said bars.

These had claimed that apart from the too much noise being emitted by such bars through music concerts and parties that goes late into the night, some of these bars had big screens and flood lights that penetrates in to their homes thereby disturbing their peace and comfort which they wanted court to stop.

However, Ragga Dee claimed that Banyima’s name was just being used for political purposes because her bar H20 was among those not sued.

While speaking to the media after his bar closure, Ragga Dee accused KCCA of double standards claiming that he had dully paid all his taxes to KCCA and that his bar was the only one being targeted yet other bars near him and emits more noise have never been closed.

Ragga Dee who also affiliates to the NRM ruling party and was the party flag bearer for the seat of Kampala Lord Mayor in the concluded 2016 General elections against incumbent Erias Lukwago, also accused KCCA of leaving many people unemployed since his bar employees more people whom he claims that would be affected with such closures.

He accussed KCCA officias of being corrupt claiming that many officials receaive bribes from especially foreign rival business owners to take other businesses mainly owned by locals down to push then out of business.

Ragee Dee also claimed that KCCA does not measure noise coming from bars but only suplies a document indicating that there is noise pollution.

He said that in December last year, he paid KCCA the license fee and has receipts including license fee for bar, pool table, restraunt, guest house and club and that if his business was found lacking in anyway, then it should have been denied the license or if it fulfilled all the required standards, then he should have been cleared and given a license

He however says that although KCCA did inspect the bar, he was never given any of the above.

He says that it would have been better if KCCA would take that energy used to close bars to close those places engaging in harmful health activities like those selling the banned smoking substances like Shisha than targeting those that comply to the set regulations especially his bar that has been in existence for the past 18 years.

He described the move to close bars as a bad economic move since such bars contribute to reducing unemployment in country by giving jobs to many Ugandans more especially the youths who are the majority population and unemployed .

KCCA law enforcement officers warned against brutality

By Robert Segawa

Kampala Capital city authority Lord Councillors have resolved to meet the KCCA law enforcement officers on Monday afternoon hear some of the reasons why they have continued mistreating traders while enforcing trade order .

This was resolved in the council meeting that is still ongoing at city hall debating on the document that was released by the minister for Kampala Betty Olive Namisango Kamya to interdict the 9 KCCA law enforcement officers that were pinned recently for their continued brutality.

Before the resolution Councillors had proposed that such KCCA enforcement officers be expelled from the authority something that the acting deputy executive director Samuel Sserunkuma objected saying that the KCCA enforcement team must first be heard before the decision .

The KCCA Lord Councillors during the last council meeting had passed a motion to prosecute the KCCA law enforcement officers who engage in acts of brutality towards street vendors and hawkers.

The motion was brought by Makerere University Councillor Doreen Nyanjura in a meeting chaired by the Lord mayor Elias Lukwago at City Hall Kampala, and out of 34 Councillors 19 supported the motion.

Currently councilors are Still debating on how best they can pardon hawkers and street vendors as the minister for Kampala Betty olive Namisango kamya proposed in her statement that she released on 12 March 2019.

Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has suspended eight Kampala Capital City Authority law enforcement officers.

In a letter dated March 12, 2019 to the Acting KCCA Executive Director Eng Andrew Kitaka, Kamya said the officers in question were accused of extortion and brutality and that they should be interdicted immediately to pave way for investigation into their conduct.

The suspended officers whom the minister mention by one name include Jemba Bernard, Wampamba, Mukalazi, Kato, Muyimbwa, Kabito and Mariam.

Minister said, they should be relieved of their duties and hand in their uniforms, tools and facilities.Kamya adds that she expects a report within one month from the date of the letter.

Early this month Minister held a meeting with over 1,000 vendors and hawkers operating in downtown Kampala who accussed the law enforcement officers of being brutality and corrupt.

During the same meeting Central division Mayor Charles Musoke Sserunjogi asked KCCA law enforcement to stop arresting vendors beyond the stipulated time.

Lukwago said KCCA trade act stipulates that the law enforcer should stop operating at 5 pm, but some enforcers have gone a head to impound the goods of the vendors after the time some thing that’s illegal.
The authority still in discussion to have the vendors relocated to gazetted places.

Parliament orders investigation into irregularities in KCCA recruitment

By Alice Lubwama
Parliament has ordered for an investigation into alleged nepotism in recruitment of KCCA staff.

The directive by the deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya to the presidential affairs committee came after the shadow minister for Kampala Betty Nambooze informed parliament how KCCA contracted 742 people on temporary basis, leaving out the staff who were offered jobs by public service.

Reports show that KCCA has 1.333 staff out of which 391 of whom are employed on permanent basis while other 742 are on temporary basis terms.

Nambooze through parliament wants the ministry of public service together with the minister for Kampala to urgently file a report to parliament stating how staff in KCCA employed on temporary terms are sourced, screened and remunerated.

Nambooze claims that she has evidence that the temporarily staff that were recruited at KCCA are relatives of ministers, MPs and other top government officials.

Nambooze add that this is the first assignment she has undertaken in KCCA as she assumes office of the shadow minister for KCCA.

Musisi has raised properties worth Ugx 650bn for KCCA during her tenure

By Robert Segawa

The outgoing Kampala Capital City Authority Executive director Jennifer Musisi Semakula has appealed to all those who will succeed her, businessmen and city political leadership to desist from plundering what she has left in place.

Jennifer Musisi made the call while visiting Nakivubo Blue primary school where she was launching a project to replace asbestos roofs said to be causing cancer.

The new iron sheets have been fundraised by KCCA staff and administration at a tune of shs 67m.

She revealed that at the time she took over KCCA leadership, the authority had properties worth shs 46bn but said that at the time of her departure, it has raised to shs 650bn which said was a greater achievement.

She added that by the time she came to KCCA, she found KCCA land like Philip Omondi stadium and Centenary park had already been sold but she managed to save it.

She further urged whoever will succeed her to protect KCCA markets, land and construct buildings to improve on the city standards.

Musisi also disclosed that only 11 schools are remaining with asbestos iron sheets which she said will be worked by the incoming administration.

She said that the athority diverted the money that was meant for the annual city carnival this year to improving structures in KCCA Schools.

She says that KCCA has built modern toilets in schools, piped water, Kitchen, teachers houses as the way of improving eduction standards in city schools.

She further warned thugs and opportunists not to invade City hall on Monday after leaving the office as their plan to loot the sweat she has worked for seven years.

Musisi warned political leaders not to grab KCCA property like land, buildings, and markets which have been center of conflicts in the authority for the time she has been Kampala capital city authority.

Two month ago Jennifer Musisi announced her resignation from the post of executive director Kampala and she’s leaving the office this Friday on 14th December 2018.

KCCA operation leaves many street vendors in tears over confiscated merchandise

By Robert Segawa

Kampala Capital City Authority law enforcement officers have this morning raided streets of Kampala in which several street vendors have been apprehended with their merchandise.

This follows a directive by the minister for Kampala Betty Olive Kamya to the street vendors to leave Kampala streets and join different gazetted markets around the city.

This morning KCCA with help of police conducted operations on different streets of Kampala where over 15 vendors  were arrested  for trying to fight law enforcement officers and their merchandise confiscated.

KCCA police commandant SSP Kitumwa Rusoke conducted this operation on the different streets namely, like Luwum Street, Namirembe road, William Street, Nabugabo, and Nakasero, Bendicto Kiwanuka street where vendors were seen crying for their confiscated goods.

Rusoke says the minister was responding to concerns by the traders in shops who complained that vendors were taking away their clients while they were not paying government taxes.

He added that taxis which load passengers in gazetted areas around the city will be impounded in order to reduce traffic jam in the city.

It should be remembered that ever since KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi wrote to president Museveni asking to allow her resign her office on December 15th 2018 KCCA law enforcement officers had stopped operations in the city.

Jennifer Musisi was appointed as Executive Director KCCA by president Museveni on 15th April 2011, as she has spent 7 years in office in which she  has tried to change the face of Kampala city by building good roads, traffic lights , drainage as well as spear heading evictions of street vendors along Kampala streets.

The vendors have been accusing the law enforcement of manhandling vendors and stealing their merchandise during the operations.

Kitumwa warned KCCA law enforcement that whoever is found manhandling vendors will be arrested and charged in accordance with the law and asked them to perform their duties with professionalism.