DP, People power reveal plans to front single presidential candidate

By Robert Segawa
The Opposition Democratic party and People power pressure group have revealed that they have plans to engage Forum for Democratic Change and Dr Kiiza Besigye with the aim of fielding a single candidate topple dictator president Yoweri Museveni from power.

Dr Abed Bwanika a member of the opposition DP told the media today at DP offices in Kampala that failure by FDC to work with other opposition parties does not help Ugandans who are yearning for change.

Bwanika says Dr Kiiza Besigye and FDC have been given many chances but failing to deliver victories adding that its time to join other opposition parties to field joint candidates from all levels including one presidential candidate and single members of Parliament in area’s each party has a majority support.

He adds that the DP will front Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and Hon Nobert Mao and urged FDC to bring its candidate such that a single candidate can be chosen by all opposition team to vote for a better candidate to stand against Museveni in 2021.

Bwanika call’s upon FDC and other political parties that this time the people of Uganda have no space for confusion,no body will confuse them, this time we stand for unity, United front so that we change Museveni’s government.

He further adds that Ugandans this time will know who works for Museveni and his NRM, because it’s now clear when people want to work together for a change and other party officials divert us.

Joyful Abed Bwanika adds that Ugandans will know who stand with them during 2021 campaign to host Museveni from power.

He urged other politicians and other players in DP Bloc to continue reach out to FDC officials at Najjanankumbi, to visit Dr Kiiza Besigye to inform them what people of Uganda wants this time a round.

He further urged DR Besigye to stop blackmailing him that he made a memorandum with the government saying that its Besigye who brought Museveni into power.

During the same press conference Democratic party has cautioned Ugandan citizens to continue mounting pressure on their leaders for the better change of the country as we near the general elections 2021.

The call has been sounded by the DP publicity secretary Kenneth Paul Kakkande during engaging the media at the party offices in Kampala at city house this morning.

Kakande says that political leaders too need to embark on a struggle away from internal wrangles but rather for the betterment of Uganda to see that Ugandans get a change of power on 2021 general election.

Lawmaker condemns prosecution of junior POLICE officers

By Alice Lubwama

The shadow minister for internal affairs and human rights also Butambala county MP Mohammad Muwanga Kivumbi condemned prosecution of junior officers instead of their commanders for beating up supporters of Kiiza Besigye.

Kivumbi says that the trial of five police constables and a crime preventer over the beating up of FDC supporters is a mockery of justice because they were working on orders of their commanders who have been spared from taking the stand in the dock at the police tribunal that started work yesterday.

The law maker notes that charging the five officers is a trick by the IGP to fool Ugandans that justice will be served.

Photo: www.redpepper.co.ug

Drama in a police disciplinary court

By Robert Ssegawa

There was drama in a police disciplinary court where the Inspector General of police Kale Kayihura exonerated his high officers who commanded the beating of Dr. Kizza Besigye supporters last week in the city center and instead charged their body guards.

The officers who were supposed to appear before the disciplinary court include ACP James Ruhweza the operations commander Kampala, Andrew Kagwa the RPC Kampala south ,his deputy Geoffrey Kahebwa, Wesley Nganizi the RPC Kampala north but in the dramatic event the same court instead charged their body guards.

The charged police constables and body guards to the above officers include police constable PC Willy Kalyango, Sula Kato, Dan Muhangi, Moses Agaba, Dan Tandeka a crime preventer and Robert Wanjara.

Court chaired by SCP Denis Odongpin gave the charged police constables a bail and ordered them to appear on Monday when the case will be coming for hearing.

However the charged police constables have vowed to reveal all the operational plans by the force against Kiiza Besigye.



By Gloria Nakiyimba

Uganda Human Rights Commission is calling for the urgent prosecution of the errant police officers who beat up innocent civilians this week.

The calls comes days after  people who lined up along Gayaza road  to see Col Kiiza Besigye who was on the way to his home after his release from prison  on Tuesday were beaten with sticks and electric cables by policemen riding on police patrol vehicles.

Crowds especially bodaboda riders following Col Besigye to the FDC party headquarters were beaten by stick wielding civilians and policemen.

Uganda Human Rights Commission Chairperson Meddie Kaggwa has strongly condemned these actions which he says are a blatant violation of the rights and freedoms of the victims of both incidents.

He adds that the perpetrators should be punished, under The Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Law of 2012 which provides for individual liability.

Photo: allafrica.com



Police in western Uganda has intercepted a bus which was transporting 76 people from Rukungiri to Kasangati.

A group is reported to be of Christians from All Saints Church – a home based church that was travelling from Rukungiri to hold Easter Monday service with Kiiza Besigye at his residence in Kasangati and give him Holy Communion.

The team was led by  three Anglican Reverends, RT Rev Bamushangire, Rt. Rev. kanyonyi and Rev. Kahangirwe and traveling also with Rukungiri mayor His Worship Charles Makulu.

They were all being held at Kahunga a few Kilometers to Ntugamo.

However, the group of 76 people that was intercepted overnight have been set free and allowed to proceed to Kampala

They are now on their way to hold Easter Monday service with Dr. Kiiza Besigye at his residence in Kasangati


“Declare the police’s continued siege of my residence in Kasangati as illegal”-Dr. Kizza Besigye

Forum for democratic change has accused the judiciary of working under the influence of the state.

This follows the recalling of the file to which the kasangati magistrate Prossy Katushabe  adjourned and fixed  a ruling for Today .

Yesterday Justice Prossy Katushabe  overruled the state objection to Dr. Besigye’s application challenging the continued incarceration at his home and ordered the matter to be heard on merit.

In his application, Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye, wants Court to declare the police’s continued siege of his residence in Kasangati as illegal and order them and other security forces to leave his home.

The final ruling is expected to be delivered today however the reported recalling of the file by the principal Judge Yorokam Bamwine puts the case in balance as court may not seat to rule on the application.



Police allowed a group of opposition leaders to visit Dr. Kiiza Besigye at his residence in kasangati.

The group comprised of  Hon. Latiff Ssebaggala, Hon Kassiano Wadri and counsel Shifrah Lukwago is being led be kampala lord mayor Eryas Lukwago.

Lukwago and the delegation also attended court in kasangati where Kasangati Chief Magistrate overruled the state objection to Dr. Besigye’s application challenging the continued incarceration at his home and ordered the matter to be heard on merit.

The final ruling is expected to be delivered tomorrow morning.


LOCKED UP: FDC officials

FDC officials are locked up  in a standoff with police in Kasangati after they were refused to leave the residence of former presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye.

The officials had visited Kiiza Besigye to take him supplies of food, medicine and other necessities.

Police that has blocked the way out of Kiiza Besigye’s residence accuses the FDC officials of taking pictures rapidly as they drove in to Besigye’s House.

Police is demanding that the pictures are erased because the FDC officials are not Journalists to take their pictures.

One of the officials Sarah Eperu however says they were allowed in by police but later as they attempted to leave, police started making false allegations against them.

Dr. Kiiza Besigye has been put under preventive arrest at his residence on grounds that his intention of going out is to mobilize the masses into public disorder.


1 dead, 19 injured and 22 arrested.

After the disorders of this morning in the city center, this evening the Police engaged again Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, who in total disregard of his authorized program tried to hold a procession in the heart of Kampala city. The FDC presidential candidate left his home in the early afternoon to hold his scheduled rally at Makerere University, which he dis attended, choosing instead to march with his supporters into the city, en route to Kafumbe Mukasa through Wandegeya, Bombo and Kampala main roads.

The Police faced the provocative behavior and actions of the protesters, after they went on rampage, yelling, and threatening, looting and damaging property in the suburbs of Wandegeya.
Notwithstanding the provocations, the Police tried, in such difficult conditions, exercising the greatest degree of restraint in approaching the disturbance from the emerging crowds that were throwing bricks and projectiles at the Police.

Although the FDC candidate has the right to take the political lines he deems appropriate, such right must be exercised within a legal framework and, most importantly, without violating Kampala citizens’ right to peacefully conduct their business without having their activities being disrupted and their safety and property endangered by such disorders.

These acts of gratuitous defiance carried out by Col. Besigye coincide with the intelligence gathered all along that the FDC as a party was mobilizing the P10 youth to promote mayhem in the city.

The Police have a duty to protect the safety of the public, together with the right to protect themselves, and had to act accordingly, given the intensity of the attacks they faced from an emerging crowd of rowdy protesters. A total of 19 persons including 1 female police officer were injured, 16 were discharged while 5 are still admitted though out of danger, 1 death whose cause has not been established yet, and 22 suspects, all male arrested. Meanwhile the FDC Presidential candidate was transported back to his home this evening.

The situation has been contained, calm and normalcy returned to the suburbs of Wandegeya, and the wider Kampala City. With one more day of campaigns, we shall continue securing the electoral environment, free from abuse for all voters, candidates, and the general public.

CP Fred Enanga

Dr.Kiiza Besigye:Campaign program

Two days to the polls, Ugandan police force has arrested opposition leader Kizza Besigye Monday as he campaigned for the country’s presidential election on Thursday. Besigye was take to the Central Police Station and detained at Kira Road Police station briefly.

The arrest followed chaotic scenes as Besigye campaigned in parts of Kampala including Kamwokya. Witnesses said police fired tear gas at a Besigye’s procession in the capital, Kampala, and took him into custody.

Besigye is reported to have refused, but was cut off at Kitgum House after defiantly getting out of the car to continue on foot.

His actions prompted police to fire tear gas to disperse crowds that were following him and later he was arrested by the District Police Commander Aaron Baguma.

There was a growing crowd of FDC supporters gathering outside Kira Road Police Station chanting “Besigye, Besigye” as they called for his release.

Besigye who is making his fourth run for president was whisked away from Kira Road Police Station in a police van to his home in Kasangati.

According to FDC mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe, Besigye’s campaign trail is as follows;

  • Kamwokya 9am
  • Nasser road 10 am
  • Nakasero mkt 10.30am
  • Arua park 11 am
  • Kiseka mkt 11.30 am
  • Kagugube 12 pm
  • Bukesa 1pm
  • Makerere university 2pm
  • Mini price 2.30pm
  • Cantainer village 3.pm
  • Kafumbe mukasa 3.30pm
  • Nabageleka p/s – main rally. 4pm