Security beefed up in Amuru land surveying commences

By Robert Segawa
Security has been tightened in Kololo, Amuru district as government starts surveying land set aside for business man Madhvani to grow sugarcanes.
Last week, a group of locals mostly women stripped naked before the Lands minister Betty Amongi who had gone to oversee the exercise.
According to the police spokesperson for Aswa region, Jimmy Akema, they had to deploy heavily in a bid to secure those locals who gave out land for willingly .
 The surveying process was halted by locals who were protesting against  their land being given away.
However, according to Okema both the locals who gave away land willingly and the surveyors will be assured of security when the exercise begins.

Prison wardens pass out

1500 warders and wardresses have been passed out today at Kololo airstrip after 9 months training at Luzira training school.

Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine says this is the biggest number to be passed out.

He adds that this will bridge the huge gap between the inmates and the staff adding that the number of inmates has tremendously increased.

These will now be posted to the 248 prison units across the country.


Masses scramble for bites at Kololo

There was drama at the food distribution points at Kololo Independence grounds on Thursday afternoon during the swearing of president, Yoweri Museveni for a fifth term of office.

Tempers flared at the food distribution points behind the tents of the guests as hundreds of people clamored for food and drinks as the main event got underway.

Because of the big queues that had formed some of the people who couldn’t handle the pressure were forced to leave for the stronger ones.

One of the youth told URN that he came to Kololo to feast after hearing announcements that a lot of food and drinks would be served. “I only came here to enjoy food but it is very hard for me to get even a single plate, because of the big numbers,” he said.

Those who managed to reach the distribution point packed more than their share, which annoyed those behind them.

James Kasozi, one of those who missed the food faulted security personnel for failing to ensure order. “The only reason why there is a lot of disorder is because there is no security personnel to maintain sanity,” he said.

A woman, who declined to identify herself, blamed the mess on the limited number of people deployed to serve the huge number of guests. While people were scrambling for food, security was involved in a cat and mouse game with some people who brought merchandise for sale.

Ivan Omara, a grasshopper vendor told URN that he came hopping to make a lot of money because of the big number of people but to his dismay he was chased by police.

Frank Kaweesa, a vendor of sweets and drinking water also complained of slow business. He said most of the people shunned their products because of the availability of free food at the event.