Robert Kyagulanyi released on bail

By Sania Babirye

The National Unity Platform party president and presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has been granted bail by the Iganga magistrate court.

Chief magistrate Catherine Agwero Nshemere has released Kyagulanyi on a non cash court bond but with stringent measures.

She has ordered Kyagulanyi to respect the guidelines issued by the electoral commission and the standard operation procedures issued by ministry of health to combat COVID-19.

Kyagulanyi is expected not to have more than 200 people during his remaining campaigns. He is expected to wear a mask and exercise social distancing. He should always have hand washing equipment at all his venues. He also must campaign within the stipulated time.

Kyagulanyi pleaded not guilty to one count of doing an act likely to spread an infectious disease contrary to penal code act and the public health control of COVID-19 rules.

Prosecution states that on the 18th of November 2020 at around 11:00am at Luuka town council, in Luuka district, negligently did an act which he knew or had reasons to believe was likely to spread the infectious of COVID-19 a disease dangerous to life.

When given a chance to address court, Kyagulanyi informed the Magistrate that this case instead of being Uganda vs Kyagulanyi should instead be Uganda vs Museveni.

Bobiwine while in the court dock stated that President Museveni should be tried for the alleged killing and committing of other crimes against innocent Ugandans.

He said that he has not committed any crime , but his crime is just contesting to challenge the over 35 year murder reign of dictator Museveni.

He has however stated that Uganda does not belong to president Museveni but belongs to the people of Uganda and Ugandans will soon reclaim it.

His lawyers led by Medard Segona also asked court to order a police officer who confiscate his torn and dirty clothes that he was arrested in .

This is after his lawyers made him change into some thing clean as he reached court but a police officer only identified as

Segona stated that it was an upfront to the integrity on the process of court and have no right to confiscate his clothes at court since once an accused person has been delivered to court he seizes to be a property of police and so his belongings.

Bobiwine’s sureties included Jonh Baptist Nambeshe, Paul Mwiru among others.

He returns to court on the 18th of this month for further mention of his case.

Kyagulanyi promises to return Busoga to her former glory

By Sania Babirye and Deo Wasswa

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has urged people of Busoga to vote wisely if they are tired of poverty.

While addressing people in the districts of Mayuge and Iganga, Kyagulanyi said that poverty has made all people in Busoga prisoners in their own country.

He noted that efforts by communities to grow sugarcane will continue being useless in the fight against poverty because this kind poverty is political and is the reason communities have no control over their plantations and prices.

Dilapidated Education institutions in Busoga were among key things that Kyagulanyi cited which he says if elected, he will work on them.

Kyagulanyi also sympathized with the fishing community in Busoga region who are now jobless after the Army took control of the lake in the area.

He also has promised to revive the glory of the people of Busoga, the NUP big man says that the ruling party has killed the glory of this great region.

He also stated that many children in Busoga no longer go to school and have been subjected to working in sugarcane gardens which contributes to the high levels of poverty in the region.

He however says that if elected in power, he will make Busoga region shine and return all those things that made the region shine.

Kyagulanyi says NUP is ready to become ruling party

By Sania Babirye

Now Confirmed National Unity platform party president Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi says despite today historic court victory, the said case has successfully fulfilled its main reason of antagonizing them as NUP by their detractors.

Speaking on the said judgement, Kyagulanyi stated that despite the said won case being bogus, and are grateful that the judged also was in agreement with them, he says that the said case was brought up to cut their speed and vulgarize them as NUP.

He claims that due to the uncertainty of the ownership of their party, they lost over 50 candidates who were not sure whether or not the legality of NUP would be upheld.

Kyagulanyi says it was the intention of the state to cast doubt about the NUP party and cit on the domination of NUP candidates.

He says that now that the court has ruled that they ate a legal party , they are ready to become the ruling party in the coming presidential elections.

Kyagulanyi also stated that he will be going for nomination for the 2021 presidential candidate come 3rd of November.

MP Kyagulanyi asked to team up with police to fight crime

By Robert Segawa
Police has asked the newly elected member of parliament for Kyadondo East Robert kyagulanyi to work with police in fighting crime in this area .
This followed his landslide victory on Thursday last week which was mainly attributed to overwhelming support from youth.
Speaking to media today, the police spokesperson Asan Kasigye said that kyagulanyi has good connections with young generation who have occasionally been pointed out in criminal tendencies
Meanwhile he said during the whole election process 27 people were arrested for election malpractice cases and these are to appear to respective courts of laws today.