Soldier wipes out family over land

By Robert Segawa

A Uganda People’s Defense Force ( UPDF) soldier has shot dead three family members, leaving one admitted at Lacor hospital in critical condition. The incidence is said to have been caused by a land wrangle.

The suspect has been identified as Corporal Geoffrey Okello attached to 4th Division barracks in Gulu district. He is currently detained at Barracks.

The incident happened on Monday at Vangadi Sub ward in Pece division Gulu municipality.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, Aswa region police spokesperson identified the deceased as Betrice Ajok 52 year’s, her sons Joachim Adong aged 20 years and Owen Norman aged 18 years.

He also identified an eight year old girl Afowe Peace, who is currently receiving treatment at St. Mary’s hospital Lacor.

Okema further adds that the two families have had misunderstandings over a small piece of land which the deceased family have been using for grazing goats.

Four charged for trespassing

By Sania Babirye

Kajjansi magistrate court has charged four people with criminal trespass for trying to evict over 100 families from their land in Kajjansi Wakiso district.

They have appeared before Grade one magistrate Christine Nantenge and denied the charge.

They include Thomas Mbwayo, Ivan Lubowa residents of Sesa Kagulu , Mwasa Samuel a resident of Nakulabye and Mubiru Suraj a resident of Nsangi.

These are part of the 15 people who were arrested in sesa Kagulu in Kajjansi town council Wakiso district by the state house anti corruption unit led by col.Edith Nakalema .

These were trying to evict residents from over 100 families from their land amounting to 4 square miles.

According to prosecution led by Harriet Nakigozi states that between the month of July and December 2019, the suspects conspired with 85 year old Sematimba Kyobe a resident of Buuga in Wakiso district and Walugembe Lawrence a resident of Sesa Kagulu to evict over 100 families from land belonging to Degedege Henry by threatening to harm him.

The court has also issued criminal summons to Walugembe and Sematimba to appear in court on the 27th of January2020 and adjourned the case until then.

Legislators return to parliament today, issues to discuss include land

By Alice Lubwama

The parliament of Uganda resumes business today 6th after a one month recess.

While sending Members of Parliament for recess ,the deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya asked them to consult their voters on the issues affecting them and then report back to the house to take a decision.

The recess period has been an action packed one, with several incidences being reported in various communities including several reports of land evictions especially for Bibanja owners the recent being in  Lusanja Parish at Ssekanyonyi Zone, Nangabo Sub-County Wakiso District where over 70 families were evicted and 350 houses destroyed affecting over 550 people.

The speaker Kadaga also promised that she will prioritize the issue of land evictions as first business to be discussed by parliament to find a solution, saying she had also received a number of complaints
from Ugandans who have been evicted from their land with out any compensation.

In 2016  president Museveni appointed a commission of inquiry headed by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to probe an array of issues pertaining to the land sector in Uganda.

The commission  was tasked to inquire into “ the effectiveness of the land law and process of land acquisition, land administration, management and land registration.”

Army big shot issued with arrest warrant over land

By Sania Babirye
The commander of Reserve Forces Maj. Gen. Charles Otema Awany  has been  issued with a warrant of arrest  by the Land probe commission  following his failure to return before the commission as ordered before.

The senior army official is being investigated  by the commission on allegations that he illegally evicted over  6000 people from their land  from Obira Parish in Nwoya district.

This is after the alleged victims led by a one Pierino Jathim from the Jonam tribe appeared before the commission and accused the General of grabbing their land.

The said land is being contested for by the Acholis and the Jonam tribes.

However when General Otema appeared before the commission on the 17th of August, he denied the allegations calling them politically motivated.

He was later ordered by the commission chair Justice Catherine Bamugemeire to re-appear on the 20th of August which he failed to honour forcing justice Bamugemeire to re-summon and issue a warrant of arrest for him.

He has now been ordered to be produced before the commission not later than the 3rd of September next week before the same commission for further interrogation.

In his defense,  General Otema claims that  all the land he has, he aquired it legally and also advised thd commission to investigate whether the land initially  belonged to the Acholis or Jonams before it was turned into public land .

Buganda caucus to oppose land amendment bill

By Daudi Zirimala

The Makindye Municipality legislator, Ssempala Kigozi says they foiled the planned deal by government to bribe members of parliament to pass the proposed forceful acquisition of land in land amendment bill.

Speaking to the Baganda of Buganda Bulange ,Kigozi said that the proposed land amendment bill will be soon back in parliament but as the Buganda caucus they have vowed to oppose the bill.
He has rallied the masses to support their Members of Parliament to oppose this bill on land because it’s a sinister move to forcefully make Ugandans landless.

President’s office distances itself from minister Amongi’s claims about compensation

By Sania Babirye
The troubled Lands Minister Betty Amongi has been disowned by the office of the president in relation to withdrawing huge sums of tax payers money from the land fund  to compensate alleged claimants.
Minister Amongi had claimed that she was   directed  by the president’s  office while she was being grilled by the land probe commission over illegal compensations.
However while appearing before the same commission chaired by justice Catherine Bamugemeire, the principle private secretary to the president Molly Kamukama rather denied the allegations and explained that when petitions concerning land matters reach her office , she usually writes back and  directs the relevant ministry to manage, investigate the complaint and after investigations then writes a report back to the minister.
Kamukama revealed that instead,  minister Amongi undermined the  directives by directly taking it upon herself to withdraw money from the land fund without reporting back to the office of the president or being cleared by the same office as required.
Last week , Minister Betty Amongi told the land probe commission that  she  received several directives from the president to urgently pay- off beneficiaries of  the Uganda Land fund ; whose land has been taken over by government for either settlement or  economic development .
Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has for that matter suggested to Kamukama that the office of the president should not  even wait for the commission’s report and recommendations  but to immediately  deal with such people who steal money from the land fund and deprive off the right beneficiaries.

Lands minister Amongi accused of grabbing land

By Sania Babirye
An Indian Family has dragged the minister of Lands Betty Amongi to the Land probe commission accusing her of using her position as minister to steal their Family property  valued  at 5 billion shillings in Kampala that belonged to their departed parents.
While appearing before the seven member team chaired by justice Catherine Bamugemeire, a one Tashak Partel testified that before the  expulsion of Indian nationals, his grand parents were the registered  proprietors of plot 29 on Acacia avenue which was later entrusted to the Departed Asian custodian board .
Partel explained that in 1995 his family returned back to Uganda  an upon return, his mother Mandakini Manubai Partel re-possessed the said property in which she appointed him as the care taker of the said property.
He says that as a care taker,he rented the property out  to a telecom company -Midcom Ltd but in December 2017, he received a letter from a company called AMOBET investments Ltd asking his Asian family  to vacate the property because it was a government property since it had never been repossessed.
 He adds that in top of that on the 15th of February this year, minister Amongi  using the Ministry’s letter head  wrote to his lawyers of Bitangaro and company advocates summoning  him  to appear at the headquarters of the  Ministry of land Headquarters  to be grilled on allegations that there were forged documents including a land tittle and a certificate of re-possession of the property.
Partel has further revealed that he instructed his lawyer to ascertain the legality and ownership of AMOBET  company  in the registrar of companies and they later discovered that minister Amongi owns 66% of AMOBET company  while a one Cate Odongo owns the remaining 44%.
He has now told the land probe commission that the minister is using her influence to steal their property.
The allegations comes after the minister failed to appear before the commission ladt week to explain the alleged corruption in the land fund in which senior citizens including John Nagenda informed the commission that conmen are being compensated by the land fund instead of the rightful beneficiaries including him for their land given to government.
However Justice Catherine Bamugemeire insisted that the minister will be re-summoned to appear in person to explain the corruption allegations.

UPDF evicts herdsmen off oil refinery land

Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF has taken control of the oil refinery land in Kabaale parish Buseruka Sub County in Hoima district.
It follows a directive by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to the army to take immediate control of the oil.   The Hoima Resident District Commissioner, John Stephen Ekoom, says UPDF has deployed a battalion at Nyahaira primary school to avert further encroachment on the oil refinery land by herdsmen and cultivators.
Last week, security operatives forcefully evicted a group of herdsmen and cultivators from the oil refinery land following the expiry of the ultimatum issued to them to vacate voluntarily in vain.

According to Ekoom, UPDF will conduct routine patrols on the oil refinery land and pick up whoever is found trespassing.

Government acquired the 29 square miles of the oil refinery land in 2012 to pave way for the construction works.


Tooro Queen mother grilled by land commission

By Sania Babirye
The Tooro Queen mother Best Kemigisha has denied allegations that she grabbed and sold off Royal land.
While appearing before the commission of inquiry into land matters headed by justice Catherine Bamugemeire,her majesty has instead told the commission that the land she is being accused of grabbing including that which comprises of royal burial sites belongs to her and her children.
The Queen mother says that the land is legally hers because it was given to her by her late husband King Patrick Mathew Olimi Kaboyo.
She also confirmed that she transferred the said land including that in Kitumba and  Kalandi Individually in her name to protect the interests of her children among others.
She added that she can not steal royal land since the ministry of lands and the Tooro Kingdom administrators know what property privately belongs to the Kingdom and that which privately  belonged to her late husband since there is still a distinction between private property which belongs to the Kingdom and what belongs to an individual.
She says that for example even  land near her palace belongs to her despite having burial sites of Royals.
The commission chairperson Justice  Catherine Bamugemeire issued the summons to the queen other after she failed to show up before the commission sitting in Kampala on the 19th  of this month.
She had  communicated to the commission in a letter that she was unable to make it because she was attending a royal function.
 Last month Tooro Kingdom Royals accused Queen Mother Best Kemigisa of grabbing and selling land belonging to royals.
In their petition to the land commission, royal family members accused the Queen Mother of grabbing the kingdom land and selling cultural sites such as burial grounds of their forefathers at Kagoma and Burongo in Kibitto and Kisomoro sub-counties respectively.
Evidence before land commission shows that upon the death of her husband, King Patrick Mathew Olimi Kaboyo the third in August 1995, the Queen Mother acquired letters of administration as a sole administrator of the estate in 1999 which formed basis for transfer of the land into her names and subsequent sale of the royal family land.

Tooro Queen mother warned against evicting people from land

President Museveni has warned Best Kemigisa, the Queen Mother of Tooro Kingdom against carrying out illegal land evictions.

Museveni issued the warning while appearing on Voice of Tooro radio station in Fort Portal on Wednesday night as part of his nationwide campaign to explain the proposed Constitutional amendments on land.

The warning stems from complaints from some callers against the Queen mother. Steven Mugurusi, a resident of Kitumba requested the President to reign in on Kemigisa. In his response Museveni directed Kemigisa to stop the evictions, saying they are contrary to the law. “The law is very clear; no one should be evicted from their land. That person (Kemigisa) should stop,” Museveni said.

Kemigisa has in the past come under criticism for evicting families using Uganda Peoples’ Defense Force (UPDF) soldiers attached to the security detail of King Oyo. Some of the families are in Kitumba and Kidukuru villages in Fort Portal. Last year, Kemigisa threatned to evict more than 70 families from a piece of land measuring 25 acres in Kitumba. She said that she wants to use the land to construct a school.

Museveni also said that should the evictions persist, the actions of Kemigisa should be brought to the attention of the local leaders in the district and action taken. “It’s good you have told me who is evicting people from their land. This should stop and the leaders in the district should take note and do something”, Museveni said.

In May, Tooro Elders under their umbrella, Isaazi lyAbaantu Bakuru Ba Tooro petitioned the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire Land Commission over Kemigisa’s actions. On the controversial leasing of crater lakes to Ferdsult Engineering Services Limited by Kabarole district local government, Museveni said that the investor should have thoroughly consulted the community surrounding the lakes before restocking the lakes.

“The fishermen have been using the lakes for a long time, they should have been consulted before restocking started. I don’t see any problem with both parties sitting to find an amicable solution”, Museveni said. Kabarole District Local government in 2015 allegedly leased twenty crater lakes to Ferdsult Engineering Services Limited to restock them with Fish.

This prompted Kichwamba Sub County residents to challenge the matter in court. In June Fort Portal High Court Resident Judge, Justice Anthony Ojok Ayuko cancelled the deal citing irregularities. Ferdsult and Kabarole district local government have since appealed the judgment.