Education ministry procuring lightening conductors for schools

By Alice Lubwama

The ministry of education has started the procurement process to install lightening conductors in some schools across the country, to save the pupils from being hit by thunderstorms.

The state minister for higher education john Chrizestom Muyingo says that the lightening arrests will be first installed in the districts that are mostly affected by lightening such as Yumbe and Kiryandongo

Muyingo however, appeals to schools to set aside some money for the lightening conductors, noting that the fund which was given to his ministry is not enough to fix these machines in all schools.

This comes a week after three Primary School pupils died after they were struck lightning and 78 others were critically injured at Mungoyo Primary School in Yumbe district.

In June 2011,  17 pupils were struck dead by Lightning and one student teacher at Runyanya PS Kiryandongo district.

Traditional advice for people caught in a thunderstorm is to avoid sheltering under trees as they act as lightning conductors and to make sure you are not the tallest object on the ground.

A week back it was reported that two pupils died and several others were injured after lightening struck a school.

Lightening strikes two inmates to death

Lightning has struck dead two inmates and injured three others at Buzaya prison in Kamuli district.

Michael Kasadha, the Busoga North Police spokesperson, identifies the dead as 20-year-old Emmanuel Wambi and 18-year-old Denis Ngobi.

Two of the survivors who are admitted at Kamuli main hospital are Katakuwange Waiswa and Fred Muyingo. According to Kasadha, the thunderbolt hit the Prison cells at 5pm on Tuesday, killing the two inmates and injuring three others seriously.

By the time of filing this story, the bodies of the dead inmates were still at Kamuli main hospital mortuary.