Lyomoki pledges to continue sleeping at Parliament

By Edwin Muhumuza

Workers MP Sam Lyomoki has vowed to continue sleeping at parliament until when amendments in the NSSF amendment bill 2019 are passed.

Sam Lyomoki notes that even though the speaker refused to listen to his concern over the delay to pass the bill, when she said that the ministers for finance were not around, he has again promised to sleep at parliament if the minister of finance doesn’t table the amendments on the floor.

Some of the amendments in the new 2019 NSSF amendment bill which were passed by the parliamentary committee of fiancé which MPs ask parliament to pass they want workers to access 20% of their midterm NSSF savings for all those who have saved for at least 10 years and when they are 45 years and above.
The parliamentary committee on finance report on the above bill notes that people with disabilities who lack gainful employment or fail to generate income, and are unable to make contributions to the Fund for a period of not less than one year, would also be allowed to access up to 75% of their contributions upon application.

Recently when members of the parliamentary committee on finance met President Museveni over the matter, he advised them to critically analyse their proposals so that they are based on fact and not sentiments.

He also plainly rejected changes in the NSSF Amendment Bill 2019 intended to allow members mid-term access to their savings, saying it would collapse the National Social Security Fund.

Since then the fate of the bill has not been clear and has attracted concerns from other stakeholders.

This afternoon, the visibly angry legislator slammed the table in expression of his disgust in the speaker and the minister of finance, noting that even though parliament has gone into recess, when it resumes business, he will not allow any issue to be debated on the floor until the NSSF amendment bill is sorted.

He in fact wants the speaker of parliament to question the minister of finance and economic planning Hon. Matia Kasaija to delegate the responsibility of re-tabling the bill to one of his state ministers if he is absent.

Meanwhile, the Workers MP, has refuted allegations that he is politicking after his move to sleep at parliament attracted criticism adding that such critics have a low level of thinking because since it is election time he would have been campaigning but instead has chosen to become the workers’ mouthpiece in parliament.