Makerere youth demand that the president sacks Bank of Uganda top managers

By Deo Wasswa

A group of anti corruption crusaders are calling on President Yoweri Museveni to sack the top management of Bank of Uganda official on accusing them of failure to execute their role which they say has led the closure of several banks in the country and an increase of interest rate.

These people who are under Makerere University Economic Forum  and Youth Power research center are citing several financial institutions that have closed, they say, it is wrong for the economy to be in a worrying  situation for a long time yet the same people are still in exchange of its management.

Addressing journalists at Makerere, Sempala Zaidi, the secretary general youth power research center and Nuwabiine Brian, the leader of  economic forum at Makerere university noted that it’s high time  the president to come out and clean the bank of Uganda because there is  clear signs that the bank has been eaten by Kawukumi.

Nuwabiine added that as economics students they worried where to work if that trend of closing such institutions that would employ them is continuing.

Criminal investigations boss orders Makerere CID arrest over shelving sexual assault case

Jackson Amali, the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations at Makerere University Police Station is in trouble for allegedly mismanaging a sexual harassment case.

Amali was picked up over the weekend on the orders of the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, Grace Akullo.

Amali’s arrest came after it emerged that he attempted to shelf a sexual harassment case against Denis Kisuze, an administrator in the Academic Registrar’s office at Makerere University.

The suspect is accused of sexually assaulting a former student, Rachel Njoroge Njeri. Njeri reported a case of sexual harassment against Kisuze at Makerere University police station on April 14th 2018. She accused the administrator of sexually assaulting her when she went to pick her transcript.

Despite the complaint filed by Njeri, Amali didn’t take any action. The officer neither recorded a statement from the complaint nor did he give her a medical form.

Njeri’s plight came to light after she posted the pictures she had recorded in the suspect’s office and her statement on social medical. As a result, detectives at Wandegeya police station swung into action on April 19th, 2018 and picked up Kisuze.

They also recorded the victim’s statement. Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson has confirmed Amali’s arrest. “Yes he was arrested but it was purely a disciplinary action,” Owoyesigyire told Uganda Radio Network. The professional Standards Unit is investigating the officer for abuse of office and case mismanagement.




Sexually assaulted Mak students urged to report to attain justice

By Patricia Osman
The Makerere University Academic Staff Association chairperson Deus Kamunyu is calling upon all students who have been sexually assaulted by staff to come out and report the matter adding that they will be helped to attain justice.
This after a female student exposed a senior administration assistant at the academic registrar’s office sexually assaulting her in his office on social media.
Edward Kisuze was who was immediately suspended is now being held at Wandegeya police station as investigations into the matter go on.

Minister Muyingo says Government is looking at the University scholarship abolishment proposals

Government is studying proposals from key education stakeholders calling for the abolishing of government scholarships at the University.

Recently, Makerere University council, the supreme governing body of the university passed a resolution asking government to abolish government the scholarship scheme and replace it with government ls.

The university was responding to the queries raised by the 2016 Visitation Committee chaired by the late Dr. Abel Rwendeire. The committee recommended that Makerere implements a diversified funding model in order to make the institution financially sustainable and reduce reliance on government funding.

In response, the university said that while the university had already embarked on internal interventions to increase its revenue such as Makerere Holdings Company, endowment fund, the council advised government to consider abolishing the existing scholarships and loan the money to all university student.

Now, the Higher Education State Minister, John Chrysostom Muyingo, says government is studying the proposal, arguing that government cannot implement the proposal with conducting several studies.

He however, says government is still interested in both the loan scheme and the merit government schemes and that funding had been provided for both.

Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, the former Makerere University Vice Chancellor, says such a decision to abolish scholarships at university must be consultative.

He argues that even if money was diverted to the loan scheme, government cannot be sure that the students who benefit from them will repay the money owning to lack of jobs.

Aggrey David Kibenge, the Under Secretary in the Education and Sports Ministry, says government will follow systematic processes to analyze such a decision and all recommendations by the Visitation Committee




Makerere assistant lecturer on spot for sexually transmitted marks

A report into sex for marks and sexual harassment scandal at Makerere University has implicated a lecturer of unprofessional conduct. Six of the eight female students interviewed by the Committee that investigated the scandal implicate Brian Musaga, a former Assistant lecturer in the College of Business and Management Studies- CoBAMS for sexual harassment.

The lecturer is battling similar accusations in court. A copy of the July 25th 2016 report seen by URN shows that, the lecturer would work until late in the night and weekends where he would invite female students to his A22 school of Statistics and Planning SSP office and make sexual advances.

“All students’ testimonies consistently indicated that Musaga worked very late hours which was further confirmed by the security guards and custodians,” reads the report. It notes that once at his office, Musaga would psychologically torture the female students and reprimand them for being there illegally before arousing them sexually to succumb to his advances.

The information that was compiled from students written submissions and oral testimonies was found to be consistent, according to the report. “The committee noted several similarities in the testimonies regarding the modus operandi used by Musaga to sexually harass students. The committee noted that the testimonies from independent students could only be similar if they were pointing to the same thing- the truth,” reads the report.

Adding that; “the contrary would hold only if the students had been coached on what to say, but the committee did not get evidence to this effect.” During the investigations, the Committee invited Musaga to present his defense to the allegations by the students in vain, saying he would only show with his lawyer. The report notes that when Musaga finally appeared with his lawyer he threatened to sue the University for Defamation.

Only of the all the staff from the college who interfaced with the committee indicated that they had heard claims from students implicating Musaga for sexually harassing him but they didn’t present any specific evidence. The committee noted that although rumors cannot be relied on to discipline a staff member, persistent and consistent rumors were basis for investigations.

“Failure to undertake an investigation by the department, school or college was considered by the committee as a great omission,” notes the report. URN understands that there were formal complaints about sexual harassment against Musaga dating back to November 2015. The complaints were handled at the school level, which led to his sacking in October 2015 as examinations coordinator.

“The school was unfair to the students by not undertaking an investigation of sexual harassment but instead took a lighter different direction,” the committee notes in its report. It was discovered that using his position as the examinations coordinator, Musaga, intimidated female students who had been caught in examination malpractice or failed papers by threatening that they would be dismissed from the university if they did not yield to his sexual demands.

“Threatening students with dismissal, he was misusing his authority as a lecturer and supervisor to solicit for sex and this is a basic ingredient of sexual harassment.” According to the report, Musaga appeared on July 19th 2016 with his lawyer, Robert Kayobyo to present his defense. However, his lawyer asked for adjournment, saying his client was too traumatized to appear yet he also had just received a letter to represent him.

However, the committee rejected the request, saying Musaga should have remained behind since the committee wanted to engage him not his lawyer. Musaga decided to leave with his lawyer. While the report was submitted to Makerere University Appointments Board for appropriate action, the Board Chairperson, Bruce Balaba Kabaasa, says they can’t take any action since the matter is before court.

He declined to comment on Mugasa’s contract, saying they will tackle the matter once court disposes off the matter.

The tribunal was chaired by Dr. Betty Ezati, Dean School of Education. Other members included Prof Florence Mutonyi D’ujanga, Moses Musinguzi, Goddy Muhumuza and Janet Nabukeera. The committee was among other things tasked to investigate allegations into Musaga’s case any other staff of the college and investigate allegations of sex for marks by staff and other related issues at the college.





Court grants bail to MAK students who led Stella Nyanzi demostration

By Babirye Sania

Buganda road court has granted bail to four Makerere University students who were  remanded to Luzira prison for allegedly holding a unlawful demonstration on the 10th of May  2017 demanding for Dr Stella Nyanzi’s release.

The four students include  Kahigi Edmund, Roy Rugumayo, Hanington Mugarura and Stephen Ariho.

Buganda road grade one  magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu  has ordered each to  sign a court  bond of ten million  shillings to ensure that  they return to court next week for hearing of  their case.

The four were part of a group of 10 students who were arrested at the  gates of Buganda road court  demanding for the immediate  release of Controversial Makerere university researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi who had  been in Luzira prison over a month on charges of cyber  harassment .

Nyanzi was later granted  bail by  the same court and returns to court tomorrow  for her case mention.

Prosecution states that on the 10th of May 2017 at Buganda Road court Kampala without lawful excuse the  four students  made statements calculated to incite violence against the public .

Makerere students casting votes for University leaders today

Voting is underway at Makerere University where students are electing their guild leaders. Voting started at 9:00 am at most polling centres, an hour later than the planned kick off time.

Abaasi Kizito, the Electoral commission spokesman has attributed the delay in the voting to slow transport which delayed delivery of voting materials.

“We had a delay because we were using the guild van to drop the voting materials to all 30 polling stations. Setting up the station and having all students delayed us a bit,” Kizito said.

He adds that there was an exception for the school of Public Health where voting started at 7:40am to allow students time to attend to different engagements scheduled for the day. The school has a voting population of 124 students.

However, there was chaos earlier at the School of Social Sciences where several students found their names missing. Owen Natukunda one of the students whose names could not be traced wondered how he could miss in the register of a university in his final year of study.

Kennedy Yesigomwe, a 4th year student of Public Health told URN that they had a similar problem at the School Of Public Health.  “We found that most names are missing in our register. If they can mess our school which is small with only 124 students what about those schools with thousands of students?” Yesigomwe stated.

The university delayed releasing voter’s registers due to closure of the university results management system on grounds of alteration of marks by university officials. Registers were released and pinned across university noticeboards around 7pm yesterday.

Sylvester Sabiiti, a 3rd year student of journalism and an agent of one of the candidates said that there is low voter turn up at the School of languages, Literature and Communication but was optimistic that the numbers will increase in the course of the day.

This year’s election has attracted 14 candidates.


Stella Nyanzi’s lawyer says Makerere charges are inconsistent with freedom of expression

Isaac Ssekamadde, the Lawyer of Makerere University Research Fellow, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has written to the university to drop the disciplinary proceedings against his client. In an April 5th letter to Mary Tizikara, the Human Resource Director Makerere University, Ssekamadde argues that the charges slapped against Nyanzi are inconsistent with the freedom of expression guaranteed in the constitution of Uganda.

“We urge you once more to immediately terminate those so called disciplinary proceedings and make the necessary arrangements to give our client sufficient reparations for inconvenience and injury so far caused to her,” the letter reads in part. Adding that, “let it be stated once more that the charges framed against our client relating to her alleged social media comments are inconsistent with her right to freedom of expression and other constitutional imperatives, including academic freedom in the 2011 public universities and other tertiary institutions act.”

He contends that by attempting to suppress Dr. Nyanzi’s free speech through the ungazetted university human resource manual as well as the unjustified warning and suspension, the appointments board has failed to appreciate her freedom expression. Ssekamadde warns the university to “cease and desist not only from acting like the thought police in a tyrannical regime but also from the misguided campaign of harassment, intimidation and victimization of Dr. Nyanzi through endless disciplinary proceedings.”

Fresh trouble for Dr. Nyanzi started last week when she posted a strongly worded message on her Facebook wall criticizing First lady and Education Minister, Janet Museveni for failing to prevail over government to provide sanitary towels for girls in school. As a result, Prof Ddumba Ssentamu, the Makerere University Vice Chancellor suspended Dr. Nyanzi on recommendation from the appointments board.

In his letter, Bruce Kabasa, the Chairman, Makerere University board noted that Dr. Nyanzi had “continued to use social media to violate Section 5.7.7 of the Makerere University Human Resource Manual 2009. It’s particularly regrettable that Dr. Nyanzi has made it a habit to insult, dehumanise and castigate the line Minister of Education and Sports under whose docket Makerere University’s supervision falls.”

Section 5.7.7 of the Makerere University Human Resource Manual lists offences that constitute misconduct including use of abusive or insulting language. Mary Tizikara, the Human Resource Director Makerere University couldn’t be reached for comment. But the Vice Chancellor, Prof Ddumba confirmed receiving the letter.

“The letter has been written to the university human resource director but I have received a copy. Regarding its content, I have no comment now because it (letter) will be discussed by the university appointments’ board.” Dr. Stella Nyanzi isn’t new to controversy. In April last year, Dr.Nyanzi clashed with Professor Mahmood Mamdani, the Director Makerere Institute for Social Research leading to her suspension.

It all started after Prof. Mamdani directed Dr. Nyanzi to vacate her office for alleged failure to meet her contractual obligations.




Makerere appointments committee commence search for new Vice chancellor

The Makerere University Council, the supreme governing body of the institution, has kicked off the search process for the next Vice Chancellor.

In a day-long meeting on Thursday at Makerere University Council room, the council chaired by Eng. Dr. Charles Wana Etyem nominated Hon. Irene Ovonji Odida, the Vice Chairperson of council together with Bruce Balaba Kabaasa, the appointments committee chairperson as council representatives to search committee.

Section 31 (3) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act stipulates that a search committee composed of two members from the University Council and three members from the University Senate shall identify suitable candidates for the post of Vice Chancellor and forward them to the Senate to nominate three candidates for recommendation to the University Council.

Section 31 (4) of the Act stipulates that the Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed on terms and conditions determined by the University Council for five years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for one more term.

Kabaasa told URN that this is a routine process required by the law and that council had just started the process.

During the 67th graduation ceremony, the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu thanked the University Chancellor for an opportunity to serve as the vice Chancellor. Prof. Ddumba assumed office on September 1, 2012 and his five-year renewable term will come to a close on August 31.

The University Council agreed that Hon. Irene Ovonji Odida will Chair the Search Committee for the next Vice Chancellor.

Speaking after the council meeting, Ritah Namisango, the University senior Publicist told URN that the fiver-member search committee will be fully constituted in two weeks’ time.

“The three remaining representatives will be nominated by Makerere University Senate within two weeks.”





Stella Nyanzi Back at Makerere University, management making consultations about her placement

Controversial lecturer Dr Stella Nyanzi returns to Makerere University today following a decision by the university appointments board to formally end her suspension.

Today morning, Dr Nyanzi posted on Facebook; “…this is my deadline for reporting back to Makerere University.” The university management says Dr Nyanzi will not return to Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) where she worked as a fellow before her suspension in April last year, but they are yet to find placement for her.

The appointments board chairperson Bruce Kabasa said Dr Nyanzi will be posted in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) but they are still “making consultations.”

“The principle to bring her back has been agreed but the posting is still being discussed. What is clear, she is transferred from MISR but where she is going, we are still discussing,” Kabasa said.

Dr Nyanzi was suspended from Makerere University Institute of Social Research in April last year after she staged a nude protest.  She was protesting a decision by the institute’s director Prof Mahmood Mamdani to lock her out of office.

Dr Nyanzi and Prof Mamdani’s disagreement stemmed from the former’s refusal to teach the institute’s PhD students and participating in research projects. After her suspension, the university appointment’s board instituted a committee chaired by Ms Sharifah Bukenzi, assistant commissioner, human resource management at the Ministry of Public Service to probe among others the disagreement between the two dons.

The committee observed that Dr Nyanzi’s refusal to take up the teaching role assigned to her by the director MISR was in breach of the terms of her appointment which “she accepted in writing and therefore an act of insubordination.” It recommended that Dr Nyanzi be subjected to a disciplinary action.

Kabasa said she was supposed to serve a six-month suspension which elapsed in October but the university appointments board did not expeditiously decide her fate due inconveniences caused by the November – January closure of the university.

The committee that investigated MISR crisis also noted that Dr Nyanzi was erroneously given a permanent position as a research fellow which is a contractual job. It recommended that the university human resource director make a submission to appointments board requesting for rescinding of a decision that confirmed her as a Makerere University permanent staff.

But Kabasa said her permanent job appointment has not been canceled. He explained; “She resumes on her old contract. She has a permanent job which was erroneously given her; it was not her mistake. She just benefited from mistakes of the university management.”

Dr Nyanzi was confirmed in university service by the Appointments Board at its meeting of 28th October, 2013 on a five-year permanent contract.

Though Dr Nyanzi claims Makerere University is refunding her salary that was “illegally deducted” from her during the suspension, Kabasa said the university will only pay the money for the months after October 2016 when the suspension ended.

“We shall pay for the period beyond  sixmonths. When a staff is serving a suspension, he or she receives half pay,” he said.