Leader of opposition demands for thorough investigations into Makerere fire

BY Alice Lubwama

Opposition leader in Parliament Betty Aol Ochan has called for thorough investigations into the cause of the fire that destroyed property at Makerere University .

The fire whose cause is still being investigated by different teams from KCCA, Police fire and forensic department started Saturday night and it took police two days to stop.

While on her fact finding visit to Makerere university, she said that police this time should investigate and produce a report and if there was any ill motive in the fire outbreak, the culprits should be arrested, prosecuted and punished.

Meanwhile Aol has appealed to the government to urgently reconstruct the Makerere Ivory tower to continue keeping the pride of Makerere University.

She says the tower has been acting as a historical and tourist building for the University across the world.

She has also appealed to the government to set up an Independent Ministry of Disaster and Preparedness separate from the office of the prime minister to address such emergencies in the country.

Aol says on many occasions the government is held at ransom and in panic when disastrous incidents like mudslides, Corona virus and fires happen.

“Its’ now time for the country to have a ministry in charge of disasters and have a proper work-plan and budget for such calamities rather than asking for supplementary budgets from parliament.” Aol said

FDC blames Makerere for not guarding university against fire

By Robert Segawa

The Forum for Democratic change party (FDC) has blamed police for the poor handling of the fire that put down Ivory tower at Makerere university main building.

The main building caught fire on Sunday night leaving important offices and documents destroyed.

According to FDC publicity John Kikonyogo it took police over 10 hours to to put down the fire, just on one building, that shows that fire brigade lucked modern equipment to fight the fire.

Kikonyogo also blames Makerere university authorities for failure to put in place Hydrant points and fire sensors some thing he said would have saved the building.

Kikonyogo further asked government to release the reports on major fires that destroyed important sites like Buddo primary school, Kanungu church fire as well as Kasubi tomb.

Serunkuma wins case against Makerere Institute for Social Research

By Sania Bairye

A PHD student Yusuf Serunkuma Kajura has won a case in which he challenged a decision by the Academic board of Makerere Institute for Social Research (MISR) headed by prof. Mahmood Mamdani appointing Dr. Virgine Tallio to replace Dr. Okello Ogwang as this new main supervisor and prof. Mamdani together with Dr. Samson Bezabeth as members of his doctoral committee held on the 30th of August 2017.

In his application, Serunkuma stated that he had fallen out with Prof.Mamdani yet prof.Mamdani continued to exercise his influence in his PHD study including replacing and appointing new supervisors like his prodigy Bezabeth to frustrate his studies.

Justice Mugambe has replaced Dr. samson Bazebeth with Prof. Abasi Kiyimba his former supervisor who had been replaced after he went on sick leave but is back and fine stating that it is irrational, irregular and unreasonable to force supervision of a PhD student by someone he has fallen out with, or any considered proteges of such person.

She stated that Supervision for PhD should be by someone Serunkuma has trust and confidence in and also awarded him 25million shillings in general damages for being frustrated to complete his PHD for almost 10 years and costs to the suit.

Justice Mugambe has also issued an order barring Prof.Mamdani and MISR from involving themselves in the administration, supervision and examination of Serunkuma’s PhD thesis including nomination and appointment of the Applicant’s Doctoral Committee and further ordered the College of humanities and social sciences and the Directorate of research and graduate
training to take over the administration, supervision and examination of Serunkuma’s PhD thesis including nomination and appointment of his Doctoral Committee.

She has further ordered that his supervisors be picked from the list of persons presented by Serunkuma who are demonstrated to have no bias including Prof. Abasi Kiyimba his former supervisor who had been replaced after he went on sick leave but is fine and back , Dr. Simba Ssali Kayunga, Dr. Pamela Khanakwa, Dr. Suzan Kiguli, (Professor Peter Atekyereza and Prof. (Sr) Dominica Dipio.

In conclusion, Justice Mugambe has squashed the said appointment and also quashed the decision of the examinations,
irregularities and appeals committee of the college of humanities and social sciences irrationally taken on the 12th of December 2017 arising from his appeal regarding administration, supervision and examination of his PhD thesis.

She also ruled that it will be unfair to make Serunkuma to pay fees and other related costs for the years he had fallen out with his supervisors and ordered that he pay fees for only one academic year within which his supervision should be completed and if he passes, allowed to graduate.

Evidence before court shows that in 2012, he was admitted by Makerere University on a study program leading to an award of PhD in social studies at MISR, its affiliates but on the 30th of August 2017, the academic Board of MISR being manipulated by prof.Mamdani appointed Dr. Virgine Tallio to replace Assoc. Prof. Okello Ogwang as his main supervisor as well as prof. Mamdani together with Dr. Samson Bazabeh as members of the Applicant’s doctoral Committee which decision he said breached the principles of natural justice and asked court to declare the decision null and void.

On the 6th of October 2017, he appealed the Institute Board’s decision to the Examinations, Irregularities and Appeals Committee of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences under which MISR falls and on the 3rd of October 2019 he he was given a new set of supervisors and doctorial committee members for his PhD study including Dr. Samson Bezabeth as one of his supervisors but he rejected him saying Dr.Bezabeth being a friend of Dr.Mamdani whom he had fallen out with will be biased and be influenced by prof.Mamdani during his supervisory role on his PHD and requested for Prof. Abasi Kiyimba to be reinstated on the team of his supervisors since he was unreasonably removed yet he is fully conversant with the nature of his topic.

Stella Nyanzi earns big behind bars

Makerere researcher Stella Nyanzi is UGX50Million richer after High Court Civil Division awarded her the hearty sum for the violation of her rights by the government.

The award stems from an application challenging the infringement of her fundamental human right when the government secretly placed her name on a “no-fly list” and confiscated her passport.

Nyanzi was blocked from leaving the country on March 19, 2017, to attend a scholarly conference in Amsterdam. By the time of the action, Nyanzi had already checked in at Entebbe International Airport, but she could not get clearance from the immigration desk.

During the time police said it was investigating a possible case of offensive communication and cyber harassment against Nyanzi and she was required to assist police investigations, according to a letter from the Makerere University Vice-Chancellor.

In a subsequent complaint to Joseph Obwona, the Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, Stella Nyanzi indicated that her passport and boarding passes had been confiscated making her unable to travel. She demanded in vain to be removed from the no-fly list prompting her to run to court for redress.

In her application, Dr Nyanzi sought special damages for the infringement on her rights, lost transport, visa fees, air ticket and hotel booking.

In a judgment delivered on Monday, Lady Justice Henrietta Wolayo found the state in breach of article 24 of the constitution, which provides for respect to human dignity and protection from inhumane treatment. She added that the act of preventing Dr Nyanzi from travelling was an unnecessary interference with her right to enter and leave the country at will.

She added that the decision to block Dr Nyanzi was meant to embarrass her because she was eventually cleared to travel, although it was late for her to catch the flight.

She issued orders restraining the government from preventing Dr Nyanzi from leaving the country or embarrassing her at a port of entry or departure. Justice Wolayo however, declined to grant the applicant special damages on transport, visa fees, air ticket and hotel booking since her lawyers from the Centre for Legal Aid dropped the prayers during the hearing.


Government to enroll more lecturers on payroll

By Moses Kidandi

The Government has announced that its in the process of enrolling more lecturers in tertiary institutions on the Government pay roll.

This was disclosed by the minister of Education in charge of sports Charles Bakabulindi while presiding over Makerere University Business school 14th graduation at Nakawa main campus .

Over One thousand two hundred and eighty six students were confirmed with degrees, diplomas and certificates in various Disciplines. The graduands included thirty seven inmates from Luzira prison.

Minister Bakabulindi says the enrollment of lecturers on pay roll will be in phases because of budgetary challenges in the ministry of public service.

Makerere university sets conditions for proposed changes in fees collection

By Moses Kidandi

Makerere University has set conditions ahead of the planned shift in fees collections from the University to Uganda Revenue Authority.

This follows a proposal to have all fees in government universities collected by Uganda Revenue Authority then disbursed by the ministry of finance through budgetary allocations.

Speaking this afternoon at the 14th graduation of Makerere University Business school,the vice chancellor prof Bernabas Nawangwe says Makerere university is in support of the changes.
Makerere university uses over three hundred billion shillings annually to finance its recurrent expenditure.

However Nawangwe says the Government through the ministry of finance should ensure that the funds to ran the university are released on time for proper planning by the university administration.

Some faculties are having classes despite rumors of protests

Makerere University lecturers have allayed fears that they are no lectures going on at different colleges saying most of the lecturers resumed their work at different schools.

According to the dean of School of public Health Prof Rhoda Banyeze and Dr. Sarah Ssali Dean School of Social Sciences, there is a mixed picture concerning issues at Makerere but students are attending classes despite the loud the negative voices.

They say that what is going on at Makerere will get a lasting solution rather than spilling internal issues with in the administration of Makerere to the public.

Many students at different schools are going on there lectures however some students fear to be hurt in case of violent strike but they are advised to turn up for classes instead of missing due unclear circumstances.

Recently the Vice Chancellor of Makerere Prof Bernabas Nawangwe put in a place a three mans committee to investigating issues surrounding the suspension of MUASA Chairperson Dr. Deus Kamunyu.

MUASA’s suspended chairperson drags MUK, Nawangwe to court

By Sania Babirye
The newly Suspended Makerere University MUASA chairman Dr. Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi has taken his suspension battle to the courts of law to have him reinstated.

Dr.Kamunyu has dragged Makerere University together with Vice- Chancellor Prof. Barnarbs Nawangwe to the high court over what he has termed as unlawful suspension.

Dr. Kamunyu who is a lecturer at the Department of Forestry is also accusing the university of barring him from accessing his home within Makerere University premises.

He now wants court to order prof. Nawangwe to lift his suspension on grounds that it bars him from attending Church services and places of entertainment yet according to him the VC has no legal mandate to do so.

Dr Kamunyu is also also seeking General damages from Makerere University and Prof. Nawangwe on grounds that they tarnished his name and image by portraying him as a criminal and an undisciplined Lecturer yet he was just expressing the views of other members of the academic staff that he leads .

According Court documents, on the 17th of January 2019, Vice -chancellor , prof Barnabas Nawangwe suspended Dr. Kamunyu from the University on grounds that despite repeated warnings , he continued to engage in acts that incited other academic staff to disobey, strike and undermine the University’s administration.

According to the suspension letter which was also copied to the University’s Security manager , Nawangwe was exercising his powers and duties as VC and his decision to suspend Dr.Kamunyu was to protect Makerere University’s reputation.

The suspension letter further alleges that Nawangwe got intelligence information that Dr. Kamunyu was planning to disrupt University activities .

And following Dr.Kamunyu’s abrupt suspension, the university lectures have since then gone on strike and vowed not to came back to teach until Dr.Kamunyu is reinstated .

Makekere University and Prof.Nawangwe have now been ordered to file their defense within 15 days .

Makerere youth demand that the president sacks Bank of Uganda top managers

By Deo Wasswa

A group of anti corruption crusaders are calling on President Yoweri Museveni to sack the top management of Bank of Uganda official on accusing them of failure to execute their role which they say has led the closure of several banks in the country and an increase of interest rate.

These people who are under Makerere University Economic Forum  and Youth Power research center are citing several financial institutions that have closed, they say, it is wrong for the economy to be in a worrying  situation for a long time yet the same people are still in exchange of its management.

Addressing journalists at Makerere, Sempala Zaidi, the secretary general youth power research center and Nuwabiine Brian, the leader of  economic forum at Makerere university noted that it’s high time  the president to come out and clean the bank of Uganda because there is  clear signs that the bank has been eaten by Kawukumi.

Nuwabiine added that as economics students they worried where to work if that trend of closing such institutions that would employ them is continuing.

Criminal investigations boss orders Makerere CID arrest over shelving sexual assault case

Jackson Amali, the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations at Makerere University Police Station is in trouble for allegedly mismanaging a sexual harassment case.

Amali was picked up over the weekend on the orders of the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, Grace Akullo.

Amali’s arrest came after it emerged that he attempted to shelf a sexual harassment case against Denis Kisuze, an administrator in the Academic Registrar’s office at Makerere University.

The suspect is accused of sexually assaulting a former student, Rachel Njoroge Njeri. Njeri reported a case of sexual harassment against Kisuze at Makerere University police station on April 14th 2018. She accused the administrator of sexually assaulting her when she went to pick her transcript.

Despite the complaint filed by Njeri, Amali didn’t take any action. The officer neither recorded a statement from the complaint nor did he give her a medical form.

Njeri’s plight came to light after she posted the pictures she had recorded in the suspect’s office and her statement on social medical. As a result, detectives at Wandegeya police station swung into action on April 19th, 2018 and picked up Kisuze.

They also recorded the victim’s statement. Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson has confirmed Amali’s arrest. “Yes he was arrested but it was purely a disciplinary action,” Owoyesigyire told Uganda Radio Network. The professional Standards Unit is investigating the officer for abuse of office and case mismanagement.