Food activists demand for regulations of junk food consumption

By Sania Babirye

A Human Rights Organization named Center for Food and Adequate Living Rights,(CEFROHT) has dragged government to the high court in Kampala over what it has been termed as failure by government to regulate the advertisement and consumption of junk food by children which has affected their health.

Through Dalumba and Company Advocates, Kabanda David, the Executive Director of (CEFROHT)wants court to issue orders compelling government to regulate laws in regard to marketing, sale, importation and subsequent consuming of junk foods to children.

According to documents filed in court,they claim many children are suffering noncommunicable diseases such as cancers, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity due to the failure by government to monitor the sale and marketing of junk foods.

They say that if government restricts the constant marketing and advertisement of junk foods, it will reduce their intake there by protecting then from the said increasing diseases brought by as a result of their increased consumption.

The organisation further claims that they carried out a research in 2019 and discovered that 95% of children in Kindergarten Schools are consuming sweetened beverages and fast foods which is bought and parked by their Parents.

They are suing the government through the attorney general jointly with Uganda Communication commission.

The said suit is going to be heard in the 16th of March before Justice Andrew Bashaija.

Panic in Kasana as unknown person threatens to set the market ablaze

Kasana Market vendors have been thrown into panic following a mysterious letter by unknown authors threatening to set the facility ablaze.

The letter, written in Luganda, a local dialect used by the area population, says the attack is planned in revenge to the vendor’s evident support to the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party.

The unknown authors have issued a two-week ultimatum to the vendors to abandon the market, a failure of which, the facility will be destroyed. They are equally threatening to hack individuals who may stand in their way.  The market hosts over 350 vendors.

“We got information that you voted for the movement but you are now doomed. You have two weeks to close this market. If you defy the order, we shall burn it together with your houses. We shall attack you in broad day light and hack you like cows,” the writing reads.

Abdu Majid Semwanga, the chairman of the market vendors says the document was dropped by unknown people at the main entrance of the market on Wednesday.

Semwanga says that although the accusation is far-fetched, the threat needs to be treated with utmost urgency considering the political tensions that characterized the just concluded general election. He adds that he has requested for police deployment to beef up security at the facility.

The vendors told Uganda Radio Network that the situation at the facility is now tense forcing them to close their business by 7pm as opposed to the usual departure time of 9pm.   They say it’s hard to close the market because it’s their main source of income.

They are equally seeking increased protection saying that their lives and property are threatened.

Luweero District Police Commander Paul Wataka confirms registering the complaint.

He says the force has resolved to deploy more officers covertly and overtly around the market as investigations into the matter take shape.

Luweero district has been a stronghold of the National Resistance Movement party in a relationship bonded by historical ties of the liberation struggle.  It forms part of the Luweero triangle where NRA rebels fought most of their guerrilla war between 1981 and 1985.

Until recently, Luweero voted overwhelmingly for Yoweri Museveni obtaining over 80 percent of the vote. However, this support is now diminishing.

The NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni polled 71,382 votes representing 55.79 percent of the votes cast in Luweero district. He was followed by Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party candidate Dr Kizza Besigye with 53,084 votes representing 41.49 percent of the total votes cast.
Records at the Electoral Commission indicate that the district has 201,664 registered voters.