Police saves 13 year old girl from being married off

Police in Moroto have rescued a 13-year-old girl from being married off to an elderly man in Loyarikarimoe village in Nakadeli parish in Rupa Sub County.

13-year-old Angelina Keem was scheduled to be married off by her family to an unidentified 62-year-old man, in a traditional marriage on Thursday.

However, Police stormed the marriage ceremony in time, and rescued the minor. Keem told URN that her brother approached her in a restaurant where she was working in Moroto town on Monday and duped her that their mother had died.

As a result, Keem packed her belongings and rushed home to catch up with the burial. According to Keem, when she arrived home, she was instructed by her family to accept her suitor who had been waiting in her parent’s hut.

So far 11 people including Keem’s father, Lokut Kwadomo and his son Lochap Lokul are in custody at Moroto Central Police station.

Richard Aruk Maruk, the Mt. Moroto Regional Police Commander says by the time Police arrived at the scene, the girl’s parents were about to receive 20 cows.

Jimmy Lomokol, the In-charge of the Private Sector in Karamoja urges parents to send their children to school instead of marrying them off at a young age.

Uganda ranks 15 among the countries in the world with the worst cases of child marriages.