Ministry of health starts distribution of masks in Kampala

By Robert Segawa

The Ministry if health has started the distribution of face masks in Kampala metropolitan area.

According to permanent secretary Ministry of health Diana Atwiine says the process had to kick off last weekend but authorities in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono requested for more time to plan their delivery.

She says the ministry has sent over five million pieces of face masks in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono.

Dr Atwiine adds that the Ministry has so far distributed over 13 million masks in 30 districts.

Ministry of health warns public to be mindful of the quality of masks

By Alice Lubwama

The Ministry of health has issued guidelines for making masks stressing that masks made out of cotton clothing has the ability to protect one from infections by 95%.

Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng says that while Government is in the process of distributing free masks, Ugandans are free to buy masks from other sources but must ensure that they meet the set standards.

The minister says that those intending to make their own masks must ensure that they have good quality materials especially cotton and filters.

Dr Aceng has also advised the public to make sure that masks are washed and ironed before being used the next day

She has also guided on when a person should wear a mask.