City mayors agree to improve sanitation in Kampala and neighboring towns

By Zirimala Daudi

The alliance of Kampala Capital City Urban Division mayors and leaders from Mukono and Wakiso has come up with a plan intended to promote sanitation through provision of  clean water, toilets among others.

According to the chairperson of the Alliance Emmanuel Sserunjogi, the issue of poor sanitation with in urban divisions is similar which requires joint efforts to come up with a solution.

He says they have agreed that most of the epidemics in Kampala are because of poor sanitation like unprotected water,garbage among others therefore they have devised ways to make sure that people get access to clean environment, water and hygiene.

Serunjogi made the remarks while meeting mayors from KCCA ,Wakiso,Mukono and Mpigi to forge the way forward on how they can work together to improve proper sanitation in their areas.

Finance minister to meet mayors over vendor’s space

By Alice Lubwama
The State Minister for Micro finance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo is planning to meet Municipality mayors from the five divisions of Kampala to ensure that they allocate Street Vendors to places to operate their businesses.
 Speaking at the launch of Kampala Urban Women Poverty eradication SACCO   in Old Taxi Park, Kasolo noted that despite a presidential directive to gazette these areas, the mayors have not complied .