Metropol introduces new reference for borrowers and Banks

By Moses Kidandi

Metropol introduces new reference for borrowers and Banks/Financial institutions.

Metropol Credit reference Bureau has launched a new products delivery platform,the first of its kind in Uganda that will enable borrowers have control of their credit information by having direct access to Bureau products conveniently at their disposal via their mobile phones.

Sam Omukoko-Managing Director Metropol says with the use of Metropol Crystobol, borrowers will no longer have to save for 6 months to be able to get a loan because the bureau will already have your financial and Credit profile.

He adds that by the public using the facility,they will also have instant access to their credit profile before seeking a loan from the Bank or financial Institution.

Metropol Crystobol will help users have easy access to finances,employment and markets as it will have detailed account of one’s lifetime borrowing with all current credit providers and their performance in terms of repayment.

Sam Omukoko says the information on the Metropol Cystobol platform will also enable lenders determine loan approvals to customers.The Official launch will be in November this year.