Uganda’s commercial explosives gain market in the region

By Moses Kidandi and Gloria Nakiyimba

Uganda’s commercial explosives have gained demand on the international market according to the military.

The commercial emulsion explosives are produced by Kyoga dynamics, a joint venture between the Chinese and the National Enterprise corporation, the commercial Arm of Uganda’s people’s Defense forces.

Its mandate as NEC is to produce goods and services for the Uganda people’s defense forces, veterans of the UPDF and the general public with six subsidiaries in manufacturing and service delivery.

President Yoweri Museveni, the commander in Chief of the UPDF says the commercial emulsion explosives will support the region in various production lines.

“These commercial explosives are for Uganda, but can also help the region. I am told that this is one of the three factories in Africa that can do that” said President Museveni.

The other two are in Egypt and South Africa respectively.

According to UNBS Explosives can be classified into two broad groups, namely, the industrial explosive and the military explosives. Industrial explosives are also known as commercial explosives and include dynamites, slurries, emulsions and blasting powders. Military explosives are mainly used as ammunition in small arms as well as field guns and rockets.

Police still confiscating material similar to military attires

By Robert Segawa

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martin Okoth Ochora has tasked the territorial police commanders across the country to monitor the implementation of COVID-19 guidelines by all schools after the resumption of the lessons for finalists.

Last week, universities and other tertiary institutions reopened for all the final year students after government permitted them.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson says that this directive is meant to ensure that students are in a controlled environment that is free from COVID-19 infections.

Meanwhile, police under the joint security task force are extending the operation of confiscating materials similar to military stores include, uniforms, ballets, Pips, and desert boots among others to upcountry specifically targeting the manufacturers and traders as Enanga explains.

This follows police raid at the National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb last week where several people were arrested and a number of items similar to military store include uniforms and accouterments were confiscated.

Gen.Gutti sworn in for his third term

The Army court judge advocate Lt. Col Gideon Katinda has for the third time sworn in Lt. Gen.Andrew Gutti as the general court martial chairman.

In July 2017, Gutti was sworn in for the second time after taking after he was appointed by President Museveni as the army court chair for the second time following his first appointment in 2016 when the then, court chair Gen.Levi Karuhanga suddenly past on.

In may this year, the general court Martial went into recess after his three term expired until in June this year when President Museveni re- appointed him for another term.

He was re- appointed with other seven reserve members and officers of the court.

The newly appointees will begin work with over 300(350) cases that have stalled since the court went into recess .

The re-appointed officers of the court include Maj General Joseph Arocha, Lt Colonel Medard Bagambe, Captain Wilfred Karugwara, Lt Faridah Amooti Kiiza, Warrant Officer, Chrysostom John Kisembo, Colonel Richard Tukacungurwa, while Judge Advocate,Lt Col Raphael Mugisha was also re-appointed as the Lead Prosecutor, Major Samuel Masereje and Captain AB Katushabe were re-appointed as alternate prosecutors and Maj Major John Bizimana as the Secretary, and Major Kamanda Silas Mutungi as the Defense Counsel.

Meanwhile the re- appointed reserve officers include Brigadier George Etyang, Lt Col Henry Nevatone, Lt Col Sadler Katono, Lt Col Lydia Nandundu Lt Henry Bunalema, Lt Fatuma Njutti and Warrant Officer Paul Katende.

Those who were kicked out include Colonel James Rubahika, Lt Colonel Henry Serugo, Lt Colonel and Frank Tumwesigye while Major Sarah Navuga, Major. DM Karyabashisha, Captain Teopista Grama Opar and Captain Paul Mugerwa were also dropped.

The army court is a military court or a trial conducted in such a court and is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armes forces subject to military law and sentences them accordingly if found guilty or try prisoners of war for war crimes and anyone who is on trial war crimes or try civilians who violate martial law.

The General Court Martial is established under the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces Act, 2005.

Some of the civilians who have been tried and convicted by the army court include NRM bodaboda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitata who is serving 8 years in prison after he was found with a gun, bullets and arm uniforms that are a monopoly of the army.

Kitata trial flops

By Sania Babirye
Further hearing of the case against Boda-Boda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitata has flopped this morning before General court Martial after being suspended for one month to have the court reconstituted.
This morning state prosecutor Major Rapheal Mugisha informed the seven member court chaired by  Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti that he did not summon their witness private Richard Kasaijja  to be cross examined by the defense team and needed more time to do so.
Kitata’s trial with 12 others commenced on the 21st of June with Kasaija pinning Kitata of having been found with firearms at his  hotel room at Vine Hotel in Wakaliga in Lubaga division on the 20th of January were he was in hiding.
He said that they recovered a loaded and coached pistol and an SMG gun and 15 rounds of ammunition in his car that was also  parked in the Hotel parking yard which exhibits were paraded in court.
Kasaija further  revealed that his team  arrested kitata and his brother Uzailu Kiwalabye who is the prime suspect in the murder of  case clinic accountant Francis Erunga who is believed to have been killed and his body later burnt to ashes.
Kitata and 12 others are charged with  unlawful possession of firearms and military gear.
Kitata   faces  5   counts of being in unlawful possession of an SMG gun, 3 pistols  and 50 rounds of live ammunition that  prosecution states were  found on him on 18th/January 2018 at vine hotel in Wakaliga.
 According to   Prosecution the above items   are  only a monopoly of the UPDF.

Kitata challenges army court trials

By Sania Babirye
Troubled leader of the now defunct   Boda-Boda 2010 Abdullah Kitata who is charged with unlawfully possessing fire arms and army uniforms has challenged his trial by the Army court.
Kitata has filed an application  before the Highcourt  in which he wants court to declare that the General court martial sitting in Makindye is illegally trying him.
In his application , Kitata is suing not only the army court but also it’s registrar John Bizimana, Judge Advocate Gideon Katinda, the Army prosecutors ,  the Attorney Genaral and the Director of Public Prosecutions.
He accuses the plaintiffs of  violating his fundamental rights by trying him in the army court yet he is not a soldier.
 According to Kitata, high court should declare his trial null and void on grounds that the army court has no powers to try him since he is not an army officer but a civilian.
He says that in that regard it should be the high court with jurisdiction  to try him and wants an order also transferring his case to either a magistrate or criminal division of  the high court.
This application  comes after the army court last week commenced his trial in which his alleged three guns, 15 bullets and army uniforms were exhibited in court as evidence to prove the charges against him.
The same court also denied Kitata’s bail application on grounds that he is likely to interfere with witnesses due to his close working relationship with the Uganda Police police and luck of substantial sureties.
The same court also refused Kitata’s request to be transferred transferred from the Makindye military police barracks were he is currently on remand to Luzira prison.
Kitata has been on remand  since February /2018 .
Him and 12 others are charged with  unlawful possession of firearms and Military gear.
Kitata   faces  5   counts of being in unlawful possession of an SMG gun, 3 pistols  and 50 rounds of live ammunition that  prosecution states were  found on him on 18th/January 2018 at vine hotel in Wakaliga.
 According to   Prosecution the above items   are  only a monopoly of the UPDF.

Kitata’s plea to leave jail hangs in balance

By Sania Babirye
The leader of  the now defunct Boda-Boda 2010  Abdallah Kitata will have to wait a little Longer to see if he might get a temporary release from jail.
This is after the General court martial sitting in Makindye failed to pronounce itself on his bail application due to its busy calender.
The seven member court chaired by Lt. Gen.Andrew Gutti  today remanded Kitata back to Makindye military police barracks until the 21st of this May despite having set today as the ruling date.
Today, Kitata through his lawyer Shaban Sanya begged the court to determine his bail  or set an earlier date on grounds that his life can not contain the harsh life he is subjected to while on remand.
Among these harsh conditions that Kitata alleged include the fact that he is not allowed to perform his five obligatory daily prayers as a Muslim and a tiny jail cell that he is living in without lift.
However the court ruled otherwise and adjourned his bail ruling until the 21st of May saying they are currently busy.
Kitata applied  to be temporarily released from prison  where he has been on remand since February /2018 on grounds he has a terrible health condition  which can not be adequately treated while he is on remand at Makindye police Military barracks and that he can not perform his duties as a sole bread winner for his family and those duties as NRM Rubaga division vice chairman among others .
However state maintains that Kitata should not be granted bail because he is likely to abscond from bail and interfere with investigations.
Kitata and 12 others are charged with  unlawful possession of firearms and Military gear.
Kitata   faces  5   counts of being in unlawful possession of an SMG gun, 3 pistols  and 50 rounds of live ammunition that  prosecution states were  found on him on 18th/January 2018 at vine hotel in Wakaliga.
 According to   Prosecution the above items   are  only a monopoly of the UPDF.