Minister tasked to explain the fate of candidates on the AFCON tournament team

By Alice Lubwama

Ayivu County Member of Parliament Bernard Atiku has asked Parliament to quickly intervene in the matter of students in candidate classes who are about to miss their final exams which begin on Friday because they have been taken in the camp to prepare for the
under 17 African cup tournament.

Atiku says this is a denial of the right to education, calling the minister of education to guide the country on the matter.

Atiku who is also the chairperson of the Uganda parliamentary forum for children says that although sports is part of education but participating in sports activities should not deny the holistic benefit of the children’s future carrier.

Atiku says some students have already left the country and others are in camps with in the country where they’re not supposed to leave, so it is important that the relevant minister appears explains the fate of these children.

In response, Speaker Kadaga said it was unfortunate that the concerned minister was not in the house, asking the staff of parliament to call the minister to address the matter before the closure of business today.

The international youth football tournament will begin on the 13th of March in Morocco.

Government to enroll more lecturers on payroll

By Moses Kidandi

The Government has announced that its in the process of enrolling more lecturers in tertiary institutions on the Government pay roll.

This was disclosed by the minister of Education in charge of sports Charles Bakabulindi while presiding over Makerere University Business school 14th graduation at Nakawa main campus .

Over One thousand two hundred and eighty six students were confirmed with degrees, diplomas and certificates in various Disciplines. The graduands included thirty seven inmates from Luzira prison.

Minister Bakabulindi says the enrollment of lecturers on pay roll will be in phases because of budgetary challenges in the ministry of public service.

Late Sebulime’s family want Nantaba to resign

BY Sania Babirye

The family of the late Ronald subulime have called upon the ICT minister Aidah Nantaba to resign to page way for fresh investigations into his death .

Led by their lawyer Muwada Nkunyinji, the family have also asked the DPP and the IGP to resign to allow fresh investigations since they have failed to resolve their relatives mysterious murder.

He says that maybe their junior officers will fully prosecute Sebulime’s murder to the fullest which has not been possible so far.

Muwada says that the family has realized from various police statement that police is failing to fully investigate Ssebulime’s murder because the key suspect is a government minister and the other suspects are police officers.

He says that if Minister Aidah Nantaba does not resign on his own,then president Museveni should force her to resign.

He has also called the international community to issue a travel ban against Minister Aidah Nantaba and the other police officers.

He says that the position of a minister is not an exemption from the law and want all those responsible for Sebulimes murder punished for it regardless of their status or position.

On the 11th of April, a police officer attached to 999 Patrol system was charged with the murder of Ssebulime Ronald.

The suspect is identified as 46 year old corporal Ssali David a resident of a Namungoona Zone1 in Rubaga division within Kampala district.

He appeared before Mukono court chief magistrate Mariam Nalugya who did not allow him to take plea to the charge since it is a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the high court and remanded to Luzira prison .

Prosecution states that on the 24th of March 2019 at Nagojje Trading Center in Mukono district with malice aforethought caused the unlawful death of Ssebulime Ronald .

Sebulime is alleged to have been trialing the car of minister Nantaba and when he was shot dead by police after his arrest while on handcuffs.

However hus family denies the allegations saying their relative was a law abiding citizen who was on his way to visit his children in school.

Minister Sempijja asks Wakiso farmers to create a food hub for Kampala

By Moses Kidandi
The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Hon. Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja has embarked on a site tour of gardens of farmers in Wakiso District starting with Gombe Sub-County-Nansana Municipality.

This is being done in a bid to ensure food security in the Country. During his visit, farmers urged government through (MAAIF) to provide them with irrigation systems to reduce on losses usually caused by long dry spells.

“We are ready to satisfy Kampala markets in terms of food supply. We want to use the geographical advantage to the City but the problem is that, we lack functional irrigation systems,” says Minister Sempijja

Vicent sempijja said government intends to mobilize farmers near City centers to go into agriculture because majority of them have enough land. He says the move will help reduce on rural-urban migration because people will be employed and with enough food in their homes.

Lands minister Amongi continues to be quizzed by the lands committee

The Land Probe has tasked lands Minister Betty Amongi to explain circumstances under which her company acquired possession of four lucrative government properties in Kampala.

Amongi had appeared before the committee chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire following reports that she fraudulently used her position as a Minister and a member of the Departed Asian Property Custodian Board to acquire the properties through a company she co-owns with her sister.

Most prominent among the properties is Plot 29, Acacia Avenue in Kololo registered in the names of Toshak Munubhai Patel. The property now houses Midcom Telecom. The other is a house on Prince Charles Drive in Kololo, land in Industrial area and another piece of land in Mengo-Kibuga.

Documents before the Probe Commission indicate that Amongi’s company; Amobet Investments Limited secured approval for the property within two days of submitting the application. The same documents indicate that the company agreed to pay only 550,000 Shillings per month for each of the four properties.

George William Bizibu, the Executive Secretary of the Departed Asian Property Custodian Board told the probe committee earlier that he had informed the Board about the availability of the property, shortly before he received an application from Amobet Investments Limited.

Justice Bamugemereire wondered how Henry Mubiru, the Managing Director of Amobet Investments Limited, easily accessed the Departed Asian Property Custodian Board without the help of the minister, who also happens to be his employer.

The Land Probe Lead Counsel Ebert Byenkya also wondered how Mubiru easily learnt about all the properties without the help of the Minister.

But Amongi explained that her Managing Director had tried to apply for the property earlier in 2010 before her appointment as a Minister but lost interest when he got another opportunity in Juba, South Sudan. According to Amongi, it was only later in 2015 that Mubiru started scouting for property in Kampala again and brokers led him to the four properties.

She denied knowledge of Mubiru’s initial process of gaining access to the property saying that she only learnt about it when Mubiru found difficulties in evicting tenants at Midcom. Amongi said that she has never visited any of the four properties to date.

But Justice Bamugemereire said that it was impossible for Amongi not to know about Mubiru’s dealings. She indicated to Amongi provisions under the Leadership Code Act that bars conflict of interest, influence peddling and others.

Justice Bamugemereire directed Amongi to read Section 12 of the Leadership Code Act that prohibits a leader’s company to hold any contract with a government body that she or he controls.  A leader who contravenes with this provision is liable to vacate office or be dismissed.

Conflict of Interest is, according to the Leadership Code Act, defined as a situation where a leader has got to make a decision within his or her personal interest or public interest.

Ebert Byenkya, the Land Probe Lead Counsel said that the Minister’s situation in the acquisition of the four properties in Kampala plays out well in the provisions of the law.

Amongi’s appearance before the Land Probe following yesterday’s issuance of criminal summons to Amongi by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire following futile attempts to serve the minister since April 3 this year.


Lands minister Amongi accused of grabbing land

By Sania Babirye
An Indian Family has dragged the minister of Lands Betty Amongi to the Land probe commission accusing her of using her position as minister to steal their Family property  valued  at 5 billion shillings in Kampala that belonged to their departed parents.
While appearing before the seven member team chaired by justice Catherine Bamugemeire, a one Tashak Partel testified that before the  expulsion of Indian nationals, his grand parents were the registered  proprietors of plot 29 on Acacia avenue which was later entrusted to the Departed Asian custodian board .
Partel explained that in 1995 his family returned back to Uganda  an upon return, his mother Mandakini Manubai Partel re-possessed the said property in which she appointed him as the care taker of the said property.
He says that as a care taker,he rented the property out  to a telecom company -Midcom Ltd but in December 2017, he received a letter from a company called AMOBET investments Ltd asking his Asian family  to vacate the property because it was a government property since it had never been repossessed.
 He adds that in top of that on the 15th of February this year, minister Amongi  using the Ministry’s letter head  wrote to his lawyers of Bitangaro and company advocates summoning  him  to appear at the headquarters of the  Ministry of land Headquarters  to be grilled on allegations that there were forged documents including a land tittle and a certificate of re-possession of the property.
Partel has further revealed that he instructed his lawyer to ascertain the legality and ownership of AMOBET  company  in the registrar of companies and they later discovered that minister Amongi owns 66% of AMOBET company  while a one Cate Odongo owns the remaining 44%.
He has now told the land probe commission that the minister is using her influence to steal their property.
The allegations comes after the minister failed to appear before the commission ladt week to explain the alleged corruption in the land fund in which senior citizens including John Nagenda informed the commission that conmen are being compensated by the land fund instead of the rightful beneficiaries including him for their land given to government.
However Justice Catherine Bamugemeire insisted that the minister will be re-summoned to appear in person to explain the corruption allegations.

Trade minister disapproves of KCCA officer’s use of excessive force

By Wasswa Deo

The Minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde has condemned the manner in which KCCA enforcement officers handle street vendors especially women, saying excessive force is uncalled for.

This follows the death of a one Olivia Basemera on Friday August 5th as she tried to escape from KCCA enforcement officers.

38 year old Basemera who was vending handkerchiefs reportedly jumped into the Nakivubo channel in a desperate attempt to escape and ended up losing her life.

In a statement released by Kyambadde, she regrets the death of Basemera saying such mistreatment and brutal arrests of street vendors by KCCA enforcement officers should come to a stop.

“Though the street vendors operate illegally, as human beings and fellow Ugandans, they deserve fair treatment especially the women majority of whom are single mothers fending  for their children in this era of high unemployment in Uganda”, exclaimed Kyambadde.

Wakiso Lands officers panic as Ministry boss pays surprise visit

There was drama at the Ministry of Lands Zonal offices in Wakiso district on Wednesday following an impromptu visit by Commission inquiring into land matters. The visit, which was part of the Commission’s first public hearing out of Kampala, caused a stampede at the offices, whose workers have in the past been accused of arriving late for work.

Justice Catherine Bamugemeriere and her Commissioners seemed to have carefully planned to storm the offices so as to interact with people who had turned up with complaints. Journalists who had turned up at Wakiso Court to cover the Commission proceedings were taken by surprise when Bamugemeriere and the other commissioners drove out of the premises suddenly when the hearing was expected to commence.

The Journalists were only saved by Commission Secretary, Olive Kazarwe who alerted them that they were likely to miss the story of the day. Bamugemeriere arrived at the Lands Zonal office at 9:45am causing a stampede that was worsened by her security detail comprised of Counter Terrorism Police.

Her target was the District Lands office, which she missed because she was directed to the Lands Zonal Office located up stairs. The Principal Lands Management Officer at Wakiso Lands Zone, Jackson Mukaga hadn’t arrived by the time the Commission stormed his office.

Justice Bamugemeriere knocked on his office door several times but there was no response. Mukaga was saved by the presence of Francis Banumba, a Senior Registration Officer who was already on his desk. On entering Banumba’s office, the Commissioners were stunned to find some of the land titles, including both the new processed and very old titles scattered on the floor.

There was no filing cabinet in office. Banumba complained that his office, just like that of other officers under Wakiso Land Zone isn’t well-facilitated. He said the office was also faced with huge cases of title forgeries.

He pulled a collection of forged land titles from his drawer, some of them with his forged signature. Banumba explained that police haven’t helped much to apprehend the fraudsters.  From Banumba’s office, the Commissioners returned to Mukaga’s office at around 10:50am but he still wasn’t there.

When the Commissioner finally accessed the office, they found several complaint letters on his desk. One, from a Law Firm belonging to the Former Lands Minister Omara Atubo complaining on behalf of a client, whose land in Bukasa was erroneously transferred to another person.

Bamugemereire wasn’t amused that the officer wasn’t at his desk when they arrived.

After three minutes in an office, whose owner was said to be in the Lands office in Kampala, the Commission marched to the ICT section.  Bamugemereire knocked at the door expecting to take the occupants by surprise but Banumba came in first and placed his fingers on the electronic access devise to usher in the commissioner.

It was 11:03 am. Two ICT officers, Henry Mugume and Ahumuza Patience were already at work. The two are charged with verifying expiring leases among others. Joyce Habasa, a Commissioner and Surveyor by profession asked the duo several questions. Justice Bamugemereire, who was seated behind Mugume’s computer, asked how the computerization of land titles was going on.  Jackson Mukaga finally arrived to join the meeting in the ICT section.

The World Bank-funded land title computerization project has been criticized by some of the witnesses that have appeared before the Commission of Inquiry.  After about fifteen minutes at the ICT section, Bamugemereire and her team decide to return to the Customer Care Section located down stairs where they found a seemingly dissatisfied, Rose Namazi. She has spent close to six months trying to secure her land title from possible fraud.

Namazi, dressed in a green dotted gomesi was seated at the reception holding a copy of her land titles. She was planning to walk out of the Office when Justice Bamugemereire stormed the customer care unit. The 75-year old woman had gone to seek information on whether she should surrender her land title to the heir. According to Namazi, the heir had asked her to surrender the land title to him claiming that his five-acre piece of land was wrongfully annexed to hers.

Namazi said she was uncomfortable to surrender the title fearing that her land would be stolen.  Andrew Mwanje, a Customer Care Officer at the office had advised the old lady to seek services of a lawyer or a surveyor.

Mukaga promised to personally follow up Namazi’s matter.  With Namazi’s issues almost done, the Commission was led to the Zone’s Lands strong room. The strong room holds tens of thousands of land titles from Kyadondo and Busiro area stored on shelves. Mukaga told the Commission that the Zone needs a bigger strong room since the current one has no room left because of the numerous land title subdivisions.

He explained that the many real estate dealers and land brokers are partly to blame for the space issues since they rank high in applying to subdivide land titles. From the strong room, the Commission visited other officers on duty, who they found more prepared. Bamugemeriere directed the officers to furnish her Commission with a number of documents.

The Commissioner returned to Wakiso court at a quarter to 1:00 o’clock to address some of the district officials including the Chief Administrative Officer, Luke Lokuda.

Lokuda told the Commission that Wakiso with about two million people is urbanizing so fast in all its four municipalities.  He said over 70 percent of land transactions in Uganda are in Wakiso district.

Lokuda said land in Waksio is mostly owned by Buganda Kingdom, adding that most of the local governments there don’t own the land they seat on. Bamugemereire explained that their decision to seat in Wakiso district and the impromptu visit to the Land office were meant to help the commission feel the real issues on the ground.

Wakiso is home to eighty percent of the country’s wetlands. The district is one of those with serious conflicts between landlords and their tenants. Every judicial officer at Wakiso has over two hundred land cases.

Information from court indicates that the land cases at the district outweigh criminal cases.  The worst bit of it is that the rate of land disputes tends to inform the type of crimes that happen in Wakiso.





Minister Kabafunzaki denies corruption charges

By Babirye Sania
Brian Mugabo, a  political assistant to the state minister of Labour and Employment Herbert Kabafunzaki has pleaded guilty to hiding  the 5 million shillings Bribe that the state minister for labor had received from the proprietor of Aya group of companies Mohammad Hamid.
The bribe was allegedly received by the  Hon. State minister at Serena hotel in Kampala on the 8th of this April 2017.
While appearing before anti corruption chief magistrate Agnes Alumu the 21 year old  accepted  the envelope which contained the  said money behind the curtains of the hotel  from  police  detectives who had come to arrest minister Kabafunzaki.
Evidence read to court by state prosecutor Barbra Kauma indicate that Mugabo did all this to enable the minister escape punishment and that the said money was retrieved by  footage viewed by the detectives from the CCTV camera.
Mugabo was charged with being an accomplice.
Meanwhile minister Kabafunzaki has denied the corruption charges against him and court is currently hearing  his bail application presented by his lawyer Kenneth Muhangi.

Fare thee Well Mayanja Nkangi

By Edwin Muhumuza
Parliament has paid tribute to former Buganda Premier and former minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs as his body lay in state.
He served Uganda and Buganda with dignity” said one of Uganda’s longest serving minister and Member of Parliament Hon. John Nasasira.
Former Inspector General of Government Jotham Tumwesigye has hailed the late Mayanja-Nkangi as a man so dedicated to national service.
“He lived a life of integrity and honesty. I had a chance to interact with him when he was minister of finance and i was inspector general of government. He helped me greatly when we worked together” he said.
At exactly 12 O’clock, the Speaker Rt.Hon,Rebecca Kadaga and deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya led government officials, retired civil servants, family and friends in showing last respects to the man who is widely revered as a nationalist.
Jehoash Mayanja Nkangi served as minister in three different governments. He was minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1963 under the Obote 1 government,
commerce and industry minister then labour minister under the Okello Lutwa government between August 1985 and January 1986. Under Museveni’s regime he was education minister, planning and economic development minister, finance minister and justice and constitutional affairs minister.
He will be buried at his ancestral home in   Kanyogoga in Kalungu district.