Singer Apass blasts fashion critics over TV appearance, I am not a fashion monkey

Wuyo singer Apass blasts fashionistas over his appearance on Urban TV.

The singer appeared on the Urban TV gossip show dubbed Scoop on Scoop dressed down in long sleeved round neck t shirt, long jeans folded at the bottom and a pair of African craft sandals.

His appearance sent many fashion sensitive views talking with some finding his look way disrespectful.

On his Facebook page, Apass was not sorry for his dress code and he posted the photo that has fans’ tongues wagging in unkindness and captioned it,

#OnTvWithSandals‬ ‪#‎KamanyiroTheySay‬

#‎PointOne : I am not a fashion monkey and I feel good when I put on African Crafts #‎Sandals‬
#‎PointTwo : I am not American am not Kanye west and neither am in Jay Z…: I am A PASS and I don’t follow style I do what makes me happy and comfortable.
#‎PointThree : When I go on Tv I feel at home so I find it okay to come in sandals and if you feel offended that I did I respect your feelings but I am not a fashion monkey.
Do you have a problem with my way of life ?” -Apass

Well, if one or two fashion brands were looking for Apass to endorse them, get it right, he is not a fashion Monkey.