I will lead by example -Muntu

By Sania Babirye

Alliance for National Transformation party presidential flag bearer Gan.Muntu has promised residents of Kikube that he will wipe out corruption which he says has eaten out Uganda up to the marrow.

Addressing the gathering on Sunday, in Hoima City, Muntu stated that the demarcation will be clear and that those who cross that line will be dealt with.

He has asked Ugandans to have confidence in him saying that he will lead by example.

Today, Muntu and his campaign team will be Kibale, Kagadi and Kakumiro districts.

Meanwhile, Muntu says going to witness the ballots printing as requested by EC to opposition leaders is not important but guarding them when they reach Uganda.

Muntu says that it is more important to protect the ballot papers during packing, while being taken to the polling centers so that illegal ballot papers that are not sent are not added onto the official ballot papers.

Muntu adds that this includes knowing the serial numbers for the said ballot papers sent and how many are sent by all agents.

He there fore disqualifies the witnessing of printing of the ballot printing as an important process and that he would not have gone even if EC had facilitated his travel.

Muntu asks Ugandans to focus on real issues

By Sania Babirye

Alliance for National transformation party presidential candidate Gen.Mugisha Muntu says Ugandans need to think first of what they are fighting against and what they are fighting for before they cast their votes if there is going to be any meaningful change and power transition.

Gen.Mugisha Muntu made the call while addressing supporters in Kabale sub county in Rakai and Kakuto constituency in Kyotera on Monday as he continued to traverse the country for votes.

“In my tours around the country, citizens have defined problems of this country as; lack of democracy, lack of justice, fake democracy, poverty, unemployment, poor health care system to mention but a few. However, in choosing leaders at whatever level, citizens tend to focus on what they are fighting against and lose focus on the later.” Muntu said.

Muntu said that he is not under any illusion and wants Ugandans to focus on such issues before voting on the 14th of January 2020 because to achieve anything, the regime has to go first.

He adds that the only way forward is if Ugandans realize that they have two battles that they must fight simultaneously and that the only way forward is for the Citizens to understand that no candidate can ever be powerful without their support.

“So, in exercise of this power, citizens should look for, from politicians, the qualities necessary to deliver on what we desire. By this, Ugandans will have solved 2 things at ago.They will have used their power to change the regime but also most fundamentally, they will have chosen a team that can deliver and once in the history of our country, we can have a meaningful change.” he stated.

Muntu’s campaign focuses on eliminating corrupt leaders

By Sania Babirye

Alliance for National transformation party President Gen.Mugusha Muntu has launched his campaigns in Makindye .

Muntu has called upon Ugandans to stop voting power thirsty leaders who are greedy and corrupt.

General Muntu says that Ugandans should vote for him because he is a disciplined leader as per his political and professional record.

Muntu says Ugandans should stop voting people who promises a lot of things but Gail to fulfill their promises once voted in power.

He says that he is one of the few politicians who are not rich despite having been in key positions for long including being the chief of the Uganda Defense force at the age 28.

He adds that he remained poor because he desisted from stealing from the government he serves unlike the corrupt leaders of today whose only goal is to loot from those they serve.

Muntu says that if voted in power, he will start by getting rid of corruption and corrupt officials because these these two are the major cause of under development in Uganda.

He says Uganda does not need corrupt leaders who will swindle taxes and that majority of those contesting are materialistic and only looking to serve themselves.

Demolishing a church is the worst form of impunity -Muntu

By Sania Babirye

Alliance For National Transformation president Gen.Mugisha Muntu has described last Sunday’s demolition of a church near a police station in the night hours as the worst form of impunity that Ugandans have been subjected to by those who commit crime in the country.

Addressing the media this afternoon at their party headquarters in Kampala, Gen.Mugish Muntu said that it is not enough that government made some arrests but those responsible must be brought to book.

He says that for a whole church to be brought down must have taken a lot of hours and for anyone to demolish a worshiping place without police coming in shows that those responsible think that they can get away with any impunity in the country.

Muntu has now called upon Ugandans to speak against the alleged impunity as the only way of fighting and resisting it.

He says the worst scenario for any country is to have those who control weapons or the rich to be the one exercising impunity without any reprimands.

Muntu says all people with denominations including church leaders and the public must speak out against such injustices because if they don’t, God will not come and speak out for them.

Muntu’s alliance to transition into a political party

By Robert Segawa

Former party president for Forum for Democratic change will officially launch his new political party Alliance for National Transformation ( ANT) on 22nd May 2019 ( Wednesday) at Serena Hotel Kampala according to police.

Police confirmed that they received a letter from the retired Maj Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) notifying them about the two upcoming events and requesting for security.

Addressing the media at Naguru, the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that they have already approved ANT’s two activities slated for May 21st at Nsambya and 22nd May this year at Serena Hotel.

The Alliance is set to be launched on May 22nd 2019 at Serena Hotel in Kampala as a political party before meeting its promoters and members on May 21st at Nsambya Sharing Hall.

Enanga said that it’s true police received a letter from the members of Alliance for National Transformation asking for security during their procession at Nsambya.

He added that the inspector general of police Okoth Martin Ochola will provide necessary security and make sure that road user’s are not affected during the launch.

However, Enanga appeals to ANT’s leadership, supporters and Members to ensure they organise peaceful and violence activities .

On 25 September 2018 former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu announced that he had quit the party he helped found in 2004.

During a press briefing at Hotel Africana Gen Mugisha Muntu promised to launch the new formation before the December 25, [2018].

Gen Muntu was accompanied by former FDC secretary general Alice Alaso, party elder Sewava Serubiri and the newly elected Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri.