Police on a hunt of a man who is suspected for killing own girlfriend

By Robert Segawa

Kira Division police is looking for 22 year old man who killed his girlfriend for unknown reasons.

The suspect have been identified as Kabazi Gerald alias Ssentongo Gerald a business man and resident of Kyaliwajala B Kiira Municipality in Wakiso district.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire Kampala deputy metropolitan police spokesman the deceased has been identified as Gabeya Noah Precious resident of same area.

It’s alleged that Kabazi Gerald was had fighting with the deceased in the Boutique called Gabby and Ridden located in Kyaliwajala which is also their home.

Owoyesigyire adds that community informed the police who also forcefully opened the door and found the deceased lying dead on floor.

He further adds that the victim was earlier this year seen fighting police officers at Kyaliwajala police over a phone that he claimed was taken by police officers during curfew.

The body of the deceased was taken to city mortuary Mulago for postmortem as police managed to record statements from witnesses about what happened.

Inquiries are ongoing to establish the motive of the murder and also arrest Kabazi Gerald who is currently on the run .

Suspect declines to turn into state witness in Kaweesi murder case

By Sania Babirye

Joshua Kyambade one of the 8 suspects charged with the murder of former police spokesperson Felix Kaweesi has declined request by prosecution to turn into state witness and testify against his co accused despite security agencies promising him his freedom.

Appearing before single judge Duncan Gaswaga of the international crimes division of the high court for their pre-trial hearing, Kyambade has informed court that for so long, security agencies have asked him to turn into a state witness and falsely pin the other co accused he has been incarcerated with but he is not interested.

Kyambade says that he is not guilty of the said murders and he can not betray his friends and accuse them of something they did not commit to help the state that continues to prosecute them on a crime they did not commit.

He says that despite being scared for his life, he cannot lie and has asked the state to go ahead with trying them and maintaining the charges.

The suspects have also asked court to compel state to pay them their 640 million shillings they were awarded over torture by security .

These say the money is to help them meet transport and other health costs which they are facing currently as their pre trial and subsequently trial is expected.

The suspects have informed justice Gaswaga that many were tortured and can not see or hear which is making it heard for them to follow the proceedings and the said money will be used to also treat them for the said injuries.

Justice Gaswaga has adjourned the pre trial to Wednesday this week.

These are charged with among other charges the murder of former Uganda police spokes person AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his driver and body guard in 2017.

The six including Yusuf Mugerwa, Bruhan Balyejusa, Josha Kyambadde , Jibril Kalyango , Yasin Nyanzi , Hassan Kasujja, Abdul Rahid Mbaziira and Alamandhan Higenyi.

These were indicted in mid -2017 and are also charged with , Terrorism and aggravated robbery .

Prosecution states that the suspects on the morning of 17th/March 2017 at Kulambiro within Kampala district shot dead AIGP Felix Kaweesi, his body guard Kenneth Erau and his driver Godfrey Wambewa as the trio drove in the official Uganda Police vehicle to work.

In a pre trial hearing, the state presents its evidence and the judge bases on the said evidence to rule on whether its sufficient enough for a full trial or not dismisses the charges and sets the suspects free

UPDF soldier sent to jail over murder

By Sania Babirye

A serving Uganda People’s Defense Force soldier attached to Air force Nakasongola District has been charged of murdering a senior army officer by the General Court Martial sitting at Makindye.

Corporal Max Omutoojo has appeared before seven members court chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti and pleaded not guilty to the said offense.

He has been remanded at Makindye Military barracks until the 25th of August for further mention of his case after state prosecutor captain Ambrose Baguma informed court that investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

Prosecution states that corporal Omutoojo on the 8th of May 2020 while at Nakasongola barracks with malice aforethought unlawfully caused the death of Major Sulaiman Wafula after he allegedly refused him to go to the village to do his personal work.

Two security guards arrested after fierce fight

By Robert Segawa

Police in Mukono has arrested two security guards for attempted murder.

Its alleged that on Wednesday night in Namilyango, Mukono District, Francis Andama, a Security guard attached to SEK Security Company Services armed with Star rifle with five bullets, had a misunderstanding with Daniel Amala, 48, also a watchman. According to Patrick Onyango, Amala escorted his girlfriend and on coming back the Andama refused to open for him and his friend Richard Bwire.

Amala then forced himself in and a quarrel ensued Andama fired bullets and shot Amala in the right arm.

Police was informed and responded to the scene and arrested two suspects in the custody are Andama and Bwire.

They are to be charged with attempted murder and both are detained at Seeta Police Station while exhibits that include cartridges and a star rifle are in store.

Woman convicted of murdering husband

By Sania Babirye

The newly appointed Director of Public Prosecution Jane Francis Abodo has convicted a 26 year old woman of murdering her husband after suspecting him of sleeping with their under aged house maid.

The suspect is identified as Diana Nabbengo Luutu who was the procurement manager with Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA) until May 2019 when Justice Abodo counseled her bail and sent her on remand at Luzira prison where she has been up to date.

The suspect is accused of having gruesomely murdered her husband Hannington Mussazi Asiimwe in 2016 after she suspected him of sleeping with their now 18 years old maid.

While convicting her, Justice Abodo ruled that state had adduced sufficient evidence to prove that Nabengo with malice aforethought did kill her husband.

Justice Abodo has relied on the evidence given by the said house maid in May 2019 in which she pinned the convict placing the convict at the scene of crime at the exact time it happened in their home kitchen floor.

While testifying, the made told court that the convict came back home from work at around 1PM and send her with the two children to buy a birthday cake, but on coming back they found the male boss stabbed in the stomach with a lot of blood coming from him.

The maid added that Nabbengo told her that whenever asked what happened she should tell them that he was stabbed by thieves who attacked them and wanted to rape the maid, so in that process of rescuing her (maid) they stabbed him.

However, in her defense, Nabbengo who gave unsworn in defense testimony had denied being at home at the time of the murder and claimed she was instead at work.

Hannington Musasizi Asiimwe was stubbed in the stomach and died after few days at Mulago Hospital.

In November 2019, Justice Jane Francis Abodo ruled that state had adduced enough evidence to sustain the charges against Nabengo and ordered for her defense.

Justice Abodo found a case to answer against Nabbengo due to the strong evidence adduced by prosecutions including the maid herself who was below 18 years at the time and testified before court that she saw the suspect murder her husband.

The victim is said to have murdered her husband in their kitchen after a quarrel broke between the two over the under aged girl.

Prosecution led by Fatinah Nakafeero states that on the 24th of August 2016 at Kazo Lugoba zone Kawempe division in Kampala district, Nabbengo with Malice aforethought killed her husband Hannington Musasizi Asiimwe.

The mother of two who was also pregnant at the time is alleged to have stubbed her husband in the kitchen.

She first sent the maid and her other two children to eat ice cream,however,the maid testified that they came back early and that saw what had happened.

The maid also testified that the suspect told her to lie that it was a robbery if police asked her about the incident.

Sheikh killer to stand trial despite confessing

By Sania Babirye

The General court martial has set the 13 of March to start hearing a murder case against a 40 year old security guard Mugoya Biasaali despite him confessing to murdering sheik Masood Mutumba in Bugiri district in February.

This is after Prosecution led by Lt. Raphael Mugisha maintained that its not true that the self confessed killer murdered the Muslim clerk alone as he claims but committed the offense with seven others.

The case had returned today for prosecution to read to court how the suspect committed the said murder offense, so that Biasaali can be officially convicted.

Buy when Lt. Mugisha maintained that the the said convict committed the said offense with seven others, Biasaali refused the said facts and maintained that he had murdered the deceased alone because he had causes him enormous pain.

This forced the army court chaired by Lt.Gen.Andrew Guti to record his statement as not guilty since he had denied committing the said crime alone.

Biasaali a Supervisor at SGA UgandaLimited, a Private Security Company Mugoya Biasaali is charged together with Balidhusa James attached to Local Defense Unit, Jagenda John Mary a Special Hire Driver and a resident of Lubowa Seguku in Wakiso District, Alex Mugoya alias Waiswa a Security Guard with Harsh Security Company a resident of Bukedea District, Amos Kojja , Sulaiman Konta, Charles Mwandha and Asharaf Mugoya all residents of Lwemba village in Busimba Zone in Bugiri District who denied the said offense.

They have been back remanded to Luzira prison until the 13th of march to commence trial.

60 year old sheikh Mutumba was gunned down outside his home in a gruesome incident that was witnessed by his 10 year old son on the 14th of February at Lwemba Trading centre in Bugiri district.

According to the deceased’s son, the assailants were traveling on a motorcycle .

Court sends man to jail for life over murder

By Sania Babirye

A 36 year old man has been handed a life imprisonment sentence after being convicted of murdering Lira businessman Emmanuel Etenede in 2016.

Justice Anthony Ojoko Oyuko has handed Moses Adrapi a resident of Ozuku village a life sentence after finding him guilty and consequently convicting him of murdering Etenede on the 24 of November 2016.

While convicting him, justice Oyuko ruled that state had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the convict with malice aforethought did murder the businessman.

Justice Oyuko relied on the over whelming evidence adduced by prosecution including two eye witnesses who saw Adrapi and others still at large shoot dead the deceased .

He also considered the dying declaration that the deceased made to his relatives while in hospital where he had been rushed for treatment in whichever he implicated the convict as his killer.

The convict and others still at large who were ridding on a motorcycle are said to have ambushed the deceased at Oduparaka trading center at night and shot him in the stomach with an AK47.

The deceased died at the hospital where he was immediately rushed for medical attention.

Kasiwukira’s murder’s 20 year jail term

By Sania Babirye

Three court of appeal justices have upheld a 20 year jail sentence handed to Sandra Nakungu and Jyden Ashiraf who were convicted of killing famous Kampala business man Eria Ssebunya Bugembe alias Kasiwukira in October 2014.

In September 2016, Kampala High court judge Wilson Masalu Musene found them guilty of forming a common intention to murder Kasiwukira and sentenced each to 20 Years in Luzira prison however, the same judge acquitted Kasiwukira’s wife Sarah Nabikolo over her husbands murder.

Nakungu a sister in law to Kasiwukira and Jayden a police officer attached to Muyenga police post however appealed both their conviction and sentence on grounds that the would be key suspect in the said murder Sarah Nabikolo-the widow was exonerated of any wrong doing by court yet to them, she was the ringleader.

However, three justices including Elizabeth Musoke, Helene Obura and Ezekiel Muhanguzi have ruled that the judge properly applied the law to the facts of the case and rightly found that the death of Kasiwukira was unlawful and caused with malice aforethought in his judgement.

The justices were also in agreement with justice Musene that there was a common intention formed by Jayden and Nakungu to murder Kasiwukira and conceal it as a fatal accident .

They further ruled that the two state witnesses who saw the convicts commit the murder had their evidence collaborated by two other witnesses whom the convicts had earlier approached to commit the said murder.

Justice Musene reached his decision to acquit Nabikolo whom the prosecution had said was the sole funder of the mission to kill her husband ,basing on the fact that there was no single witness who pointed a finger at her that she was seen in meetings with Nakungu and Jayden plotting to murder Kasiwukira.

The convict Jayden was formerly attached to Muyenga community police which is a Diplomate Zone where the late Kasiwukira resided.

The judge ruled that prosecution evidence squarely placed Jayden at the scene of crime as he was seen by several witnesses seated behind the steer ring of the killer vehicle that knocked Kasiwukira dead on the morning of 17th October 2016.

Justice Musene then rejected Jayden’s defence that he was promised 20million shillings ,a job transfer and a big house by businessman Godfrey Kirumira if he implicated the widow Sarah Nabikolo and her sister Sandra Nakungu of Kasiwukira’s murder.

These have so far served three years into their 20 year jail sentence.

Former Mulago pharmacist faces jail over ISO director’s son case

By Sania Babirye

The defense team in a murder case against the son of ISO director Kaka Bagyenda have today presented two witnesses including the suspect’s young brother who informed court that the plea bargaining failed because the victim’s family allegedly asked for 170 million which they did not have.

Anorld Asiimwe , a younger brother to Brian Bagyenda has informed Kampala high court judge Moses Kawumi Kazibwe that the deceased’s family only could allow a liner sentence for Bagyenda if his family paid the said money.

Asiimwe today, appeared as the second defense witness for his brother who chose to stay silent as his defense.

Asiimwe further revealed that Brian Bagyenda once suffered depression and was admitted to Butabiika Mental referral hospital .

Asiimwe ‘s evidence has been collaborated with that of a Butabika Mental hospital psychiatrist doctor Brian Mutamba who has also confirmed to court that in October 2016 ,he treated Bagyenda for depression until such a time when his family picked him and began treatment as an out -patient.

Dr. Mutamba who was the first defense witness testified that Bagyenda also developed suicidal thoughts that would trigger him to end his own life .

The case has been Now adjourned to Monday next week for the last defense witness a nun ; sister Jane Frances Nantamu who examined Bagyenda to testify .

Meanwhile,the defense had also listed Kaka Bagyenda as a defense witness and was expected today but he did not show up.

Brian Bagyenda is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Enid Twijukye ; a former student of Ndejje University.

His co -accused Innocent Bainomugisha ; a cleaner and Vincent Rwahwire a casual laborer each gave their sworn in testimony denying any involvement in the 2016 murder of then 22 year old Twijukye whose decomposing body was recovered by police dumped in Namanve forest .

During the trial, Bagyenda’s lawyer Nsubuga Mubiru had contested prosecution’s evidence including a medical report which showed that Bagyenda was mentally normal at the time of the committal of the said murder.

According to Nsubuga, his client was suffering from severe depression episodes and suicidal anxiety symptoms and had been admitted to Butabika for treatment although he left the hospital on the orders of his father before finishing the said treatment.

Nsubuga further faulted the police from failing to subject Bagyenda to a proper medical mental examination from a real psychiatrist and not a general police surgeon who spent only 15-30 minutes with him and ruled that he was mentally normal.

However, justice Kazibwe over ruled all his submissions and accepted the doctor’s medical report as evidence against Bagyenda.

Justice Kazibwe also allowed a charge and caution statement made by Bagyenda in which he confessed to have hired his two co accused to attack his girlfriend in his home after finding love messages in her phone from another man as he stood watching but denied that he did not know that they were going to kill her.

However, in a charge and caution statement made by Innocent Bainomugisha, he stated that Bagyenda had hired them to force the victim to return his 4 million shillings she allegedly stole and refused to return and that they tied the victim both hands and legs using pillows and left her alive with Bagyenda.

Bagyenda is a former Pharmacist at Mulago government referral Hospital and the girlfriend was a student at Ndejje University.

Prosecution says the trio committed the offense at Njobe road in Luzira Nakawa Division at the home of Brian Bagyenda before dumping Twijukye’s body in Namanve forest where it was later recovered by police.

Man sent to jail for murdering own wife

By Sania Babirye

The Mpigi magistrate court has remanded to Kigo government prison a man who stabbed to death his wife.

Salongo Vicent Bugingo has been charged with murdering his wife Nalongo Nantongo Juliet is him he had 8 kids with.

Grade one magistrate Moreen Mokoya has however been barred him from pleading to the charges since he is charged with a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the high Court.

Prosecution states that on the 24th of December 2019 at Nabisenke village in Nkozi, the suspect stabbed his wife to death in a domestic violence related incident .

However, Salongo after committing the alleged crime is said to have reported himself at police claiming that his wife was involved in an accident which caused her death.

Police later went to his home and found the deceased in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds on her stomach, head and private parts.

He returns to court on the 28th of this month as investigations into the matter continues.