Another person suspect on Kirumira’s murder sent to jail

By Sania Babirye
The Wakiso court grade one Magistrate Noah Sajjabi has charged a second person with the murder of Former Buyende DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira and Stellah Nalinya Mbabazi.

Hamza Mwebe a self -employed resident of Kigobe Zone in Namugoona – a Kampala suburb has been charged with two counts of murder.

This has brought the number of suspects in case to two with Abubakar Kalungi who was charged in October 2018.

And just like Kalungi, Mwebe has also been barred from pleading to the charges because they are capital im nature and can only be tried by the Highcourt .

He has also been remanded to Kigo prison until the 13th of March 2019 as police inquiries continue.

The two suspects who were chained however made some drama outside court as they screamed at the top of their voices denying the alleged charges as they were being escorted by security to the prison buses.

Prosecution’s Amelia Kamusha also presented an amended charge-sheet including Mwebe as accused number two before court.

According to the statement of offense, on the 8th of September 2018 at Bulega ; Kalungi , Mwebe and others still at large shot at a saloon car in which the late Kirumira and Nalinya who were traveling.

The 2 deceased were pronounced dead upon arrival at Lubaga and Mulago hospitals respectively.

Suspect faints in court during flopped Kaweesi murder hearing

By Sania Babirye
Eight Suspects in the murder of the former spokesperson of the Uganda Police AIG Andrew Felix Kaweesi and their relatives have today protested their continued detention without trial after one of them collapsed at the international crimes division of the High court in Kampala due to hunger.

Suspect Nyanzi Yusuf has collapsed in court after being kept in the court cells since morning without any food or water yet he suffers from severe stomach ulcers and cannot goo without food for a long time.

The aggrieved suspects claim that they are illegally being detained in Luzira Government prison since May 2017 yet they have never been tried in court.

These had appeared before High court judge Lydia Mugambe for their bail application hearing, however the judge was forced to adjourn the matter to this Friday the 1st of March after state led by Marion Ben Bella asked for more time to organize relative documents in her case.

Matters went out of hand when justice Mugambe asked for the case to be heard in her chambers instead of open court which did not go well with both the suspects and their relatives.

The suspects and relatives thought that the case was again going to be adjourned for the third time and as a result started speaking on top of their voices saying they want court to at least execute them because they were fed up of being humiliated and subjected to embarrassment ever since they were arrested, charged, and committed to the crimes court for trial by the Nakawa Chief Magistrate Court in May 2017.

Justice Mugambe later come back to court and inquired why the suspect fainted and discovered that it was due to severe ulcers.

Justice Mugambe has now ordered Luzira Prisons Authorities never to bring hungry prisoners to her Court who are too weak to stand because beinh in prison does not mean deprivation of good.

The suspects claim that their relatives keep on trekking to court wasting money and leaving their work yet court keeps on refusing to grant them bail or formally try them for the past six months.

Some of their relatives have asked court to at least hand their relatives any sentence so that they can rest their worry over their pending trial.

The suspects are represented by Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi and Wameri Anthony.

Prosecution states that the susepcts on the morning of 17th/March 2017 at Kulambiro within Kampala district shot dead AIGP Felix Kaweesi, his body guard Kenneth Erau and his driver Godfrey Wambewa as the trio drove in the official Uganda Police vehicle to work.

Falitha Night and Day Care proprietor charged with Murder.

By Sania Babirye

The proprietor of Falitha Night and Day Care has been charged with accidentally causing the death of a four-year-old who was in her care and custody.

Carol Mirembe appeared on Monday before Makindye Magistrate court where she was formally charged.

According to the prosecution, on February 5th, 2019 Mirembe caused the death of Natasha Tendo whose mother left the country to look for greener Pastures thereby entrusting the child with the accused since 2017.

It is alleged that Mirembe hit Tendo on the wall and later put her to sleep in her bed where her body was found lying with blood which had leaked from her injured head to other children she slept with.

But Mirembe who appeared in Court carrying her own baby denied Manslaughter charges and asked court Presided over by chief magistrate Prossy Katushabe to release her on bail.

The magistrate has then set Mirembe’s bail at 1.5 million shillings after finding the two sureties she has presented to be substantial enough to compel her to attend the trial

Magistrate Katushabe has further set Mirembe’s case for hearing on March 7th, 2019 after state prosecutor Jackie Okao informed the court that inquiries are complete.

However, Police says Tendo’s body is still stuck at the KCCA Mortuary almost three weeks after her death with nobody claiming it

Man to face court for murdering two people including own girlfriend

By Robert Segawa
Police together with internal security organization (ISO) have this morning recovered a body of 24 year old girl who was murdered by her boyfriend, Who later drove the body from Kampala and dumped it in Jongoza village in Kalisizo town council.

Security agencies stormed Jongoza village amid tight security with the killer Deo Mukisa Magombe who took them to the swamp where he dumped the body of Zuhurah Namusoke whom he killed by poisoning . Mukisa accuses the deceased of stealing his money amounting to 250,000 shillings.

The arrest comes shortly after security agencies on 30th January 2019 arrested him for allegedly kidnapping and murdering Elvis Kibule a 4 year old boy.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire the Kampala metropolitan the deputy police spokesperson, police investigation led them to arrest Deo Mukisa Magombe who later confessed to have Kidnapped Kibule a son of Kironde Ronald resident of Nakabugo village and asked ransom of 500,000|= shillings.

Magombe told the police that, he tied the toddler in a swamp and started demanding for money from the parents who later mobilized 250,000 shillings but again he went on and killed the boy later, his body was recovered from Lubijji swamp.

Owoyesigire also adds that he also confessed to the murder by poisoning of his girlfriend Zuhurah Namusoke and led them to Lubijji where he dumped the body. A search by police, ISO in Lubijji did not materialize until he remembered that he transported the body to Kalisizo where it was recovered.

According to officer in charge of Kalisizo police station Innocent Tusiime, the body was seen by area residents of Jongoza who informed the police which picked the body and was taken to Kalisizo health center for postmortem and was buried at Kalisizo town council cemetery after no one claimed it.

This morning OC Tumusiime said police was waiting for a court order from Masaka magistrate court to exhume the body from cemetery and hand it over to the family members for burial.
The suspect Deo Mukisa Magombe will appear in courts of law on murder charges after the investigation.

50 year old man in Kisoro being held for murder

By Robert Segawa

Police in Kisoro is holding 50 year old man for alleged murder.

The suspect who has been identified as Festo Nkurunziza and 3 others on run allegedly murdered one Benon Ngirabakunzi 52 years of Matyazo village Rukongi parish Nyarusiza sub county Kisoro district.

He was killed for allegedly trespassing on the home of one Ngurunziza Gadi of Nango village along Kisoro Bunagana highway.

It’s alleged that on Tuesday evening 4th December, the deceased fell sick to an extent of becoming mad, the family opted to call pastor Turasinze Festo who prayed for him up to Wednesday .

According to Elly Matte Kigezi region police spokesperson as the sickness worsened, the pastor decided to take the patient to his home around 1600 hours. On his way, the patient overpowered him and disappeared.

On Wednesday night at around 03:00 hours towards, the deceased attacked the home of Nkurunziza Festo who made an alarm which attracted neighbors who arrested him and consequently lynched him to comma.

Mr. Nkurunziza to went to Bunagana police station and reported a case of criminal trespass against the deceased whom he had not gone with.

The Police tasked him to produce the suspect but in vain .He said he wanted to first take him to hospital. He died instantly on the way to Kisoro hospital and his body was abandoned by the road side.

Maid remanded for murdering own child

By Sania Babirye

A house maid who allegedly murdered her one -and half year old daughter and removed her body organs has been further remanded to Luzira prison until December 11th.

This after state prosecutor Joy Kalungi informed a grade one magistrate at City Hall Beatrice Kainza that police investigations are still on-going.

32 year old Harriet Nakalema together with her housemate Annet Mwagale are charged with murder and trafficking in Children.

Prosecution states that on the October 29th 2018 at the residencies of the accused in Balintuma Zone – Kiwatule Kiira-Town council , the 2 with malice afore thought murdered Vivian Nalunga and removed her intestines , private parts , bladder and ovaries for purposes of Human sacrifice.

It’s alleged that after the 2 women committed the gruesome murder , they rushed the toddler’s body to Mulago hospital but doctors became suspicious upon realizing that the body had missing organs; hence informing police .

However on arrest by Kira Road police, Nakalema informed authorities that she had tempted by the devil to chop her baby into pieces.
A2 Annet Mwagale hired lawyers from Kasirye Byaruhanga and company advocates, but they had no objection to the adjournment

Woman ordered to defend self over murder of her co-wife

By Sania Babirye
A  29year old woman  Hadijah Namyalo Lutaaya who is charged with killing her co wife by running over her with her vehicle in 2014  has been ordered to defend herself.
 Kampala high court judge Jane Francis Abodo made the order after ruling that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to sustain the charge.
According to justice Abodo,  she found a pre-ma-facie case against Namyalo to explain the circumstances under which her co wife Eva Ndagire  died during the incident.
The judge further explained that she took into account the suspects threats in which she threatened the deceased’s mother Kakirija Josephine to warn her daughter from going after her husband or she would cause harm to her by running her over with her car in March 2014, something that allegedly came true in September the same year.
Prosecution states that on the 23rd of September 2014, Namyalo  while driving a Pajero vehicle completed her mission by knocking dead Ndagire at Kkona trading center in Wakiso district.

An eye witnesses told court that the suspect  before knocking dead  the victim  who was walking alongside the road  made sure that she was the one walking by flashing  full lights of her car  before deeming them to carry out her final mission.

She is later alleged  to have accelerated on the right side which the deceased was walking on killing her instantly.

She has been remanded back to Luzira prison until the 11th of September when she will start defending herself.

If convicted of murder, Namyalo will be handed a death maximum sentence.

Prominent business man killed

By Robert Segawa

Mugume Wycliffe, a prominent business man and  resident of Kamuli Central Kireka zone has been murdered at about 5 am in the morning.

It is alleged that Mugume a business man at Kireka Farmers market woke up early in the morning to make some business transaction at the market where he was expected to pay a track of matooke .

According to the Family members he had moved with close to 4 million Uganda shillings and on his way he was blocked by people who are not yet identified and cut him with a Panga repeatedly until he died .

Luke Oweyisigyire the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson the body was picked and taken to mulago for postmortem. Alleged murder object ( Panga) and his mobile phone were Picked from the scene for further investigation.

Court finds Kamyuka guilty of unintentionally killing colleague

By Sania Babirye

High court justice Wilson Kwesiga has acquitted Kampala bussinesman Ivan Kamyuka of murdering his colleague Ahimbisibwe Johnnie at club Guvnor in Kampala in August 2015 but found him guilty of  manslaughter.

While convicting him of Manslaughter, justice Kwesiga ruled that Kamyuka used  excessive force while attacking Ahimbisibwe.
Justice Kwesiga explained that the convict ignored the role of other mediators such as Security and other dancers at the night club who tried to  repel him against the deceased who had attacked his lover also lady at centre of contention Nima Nyarwaka a former wife to the deceased whom he had a seven year old son  with.
The judge has however aquitted him of murdering the deceased on grounds that he did not intend or willfully kill the deceased and that Kamyuka acted in self-defense of his lover after Ahimbisibwe attacked her first by calling her insulting words like prostitute, bitch and injured her face, lips, teeth and hands when he broke a glass in front of her.
The judge has  further ruled that any reasonable spouse would have used any deadly force to repel attack against his partner and that Ahimbisibwe did provoke Kamyuka by violently assaulting  and abusing his lover and as a result he was entitled to defend her.
Justice Kwesiga has also taken into account evidence seduced by the defense showing that the deceased was a violent man whose violent behavior led to him being deported from Sweden and the fact that his former lover divorced him in 2013 as a result of his violent behavior.
He also ruled that Ahimbisibwe Johnnie unlawfully died of excessive bleeding due to a deep cut wound  he sustained on the neck as a result of an assault on 2nd  of August  2015 at Glub Guvnor.
He has now cancelled Kamyuka’s bail and set this afternoon to hand him his sentence.

Kamoga denied bail

By Sania Babirye
The Court of Appeal  led by  Justice Christopher Madrama has denied to grant bail to the convicted and jailed former Tabliq muslim sect leader Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga.
The same Justice denied  bail to another sheikh Siraj Kawooya who is Kamoga’s co convict two weeks ago. Just like in the case of sheikh Kawooya, 66 year old Sheikh Kamoga’s bail application has been dismissed on grounds that he no longer enjoys enjoys the presumption of innocence until proven guilty since he had been already convicted of a capital offense relating to terrorism.
Justice Madrama has also ruled that Sheikh Kamoga is also likely to abscond from bail since he is serving the second most capital punishment of life imprisonment. He also declined Kamoga’s advanced age of 66 years and  poor health conditions were Kamoga had alleged that he needed  special palliative care for severe hypertension,  Ulcers and gross obesity which can expose him to cardiac complications.
However, Justice Madrama ruled that Kamoga did not prove to the satisfaction of court that Luzira prison Authorities can not manage his poor health condition.
Justice Madrama also refused Kamoga’s submissions that his  appeal has a high chance  of succeeding because  state failed to place him at the murder scenes of both since none  of the prosecution witnesses placed  his client at the scenes of murder of the 2 sheikhs; Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan Kirya and its fair and just to temporarily release him.
The justice has however ordered  the court of appeal to fix a date to start hearing of his appeal instead of the convicts being granted bail.
The bail application comes  after Kamoga challenged both his terrorism conviction and life time imprisonment that was handed to  him by the international crimes division of the high court in July 2017

In july 2017, three justices of the international crimes division of the high court led by justice Eziekel Muhanguzi setenced Kamoga and 5 others to life imprisonment and 30 years in Luzira prison after convicting each of them of verbal terrorism.

The group was however acquitted of murdering rival sheikhs Mustapha Bahiga and Hassan Kirya due to lack of evidence.

The group has since then challenged both their convictions and sentences in the court of appeal saying they were harsh and excessive .