Cyprian Lwanga was an NRA sympathizer -Museveni

By Gloria Nakiyimba

President Yoweri Museveni says the late Archbishop for Kampala archdiocese Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was an NRA sympathizer during the war that ushered the NRM government to power.

Speaking during the state funeral of the fallen archbishop at Kololo independence ground on Tuesday, President Museveni said “Cyprian Lwanga was part of our bayekera sympathisers. We were in the bush fight but we had sympathizers. They did not shoot guns but I am sure they prayed for us. They also contributed , they were with Cardinal Nsubuga, there were also other leaders like Bishop Yokana Mukasa , and the Muslim leaders like prince Badru Kakungulu they were part of our sympathisers.”

The president who was accompanied by First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni, explained that this was one of the reasons why he ordered for the official mourning of the Catholic prelate at Kololo grounds.

He further explained that as a church leader at the level of an archbishop, Dr. Cyprian Lwanga had to be accorded a state funeral.

“He has been an archbishop. We don’t have many of those. They are only four for the Catholic Church. The one in the North, Archbishop John Baptist Odama, the one in the East Emmanuel Obbo, the one in the West Lambert Bainomugisha and the one here ” he noted

According to the head of state, honoring the late Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga with a state funeral is part of building national culture and it’s not just only to honor the political people and traditional leaders.

“The church leaders are also national leaders. So I think in terms of developing your national culture of recognizing value and contribution, you must include the religious leaders but of a certain level” Museveni emphasized.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who was the chief mourner revealed he got to know about the late archbishop through the late Emanuel Cardinal Nsubuga.

“When I came from the bush, Cardinal Nusbuga invited me to Kyankwanzi and Kizito Lwanga was there as a young priest always with cardinal Nsubuga. That’s how I came to know him personally but originally I just knew cardinal Nsubuga” he said.

The president hailed Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Lwanga for setting up a micro finance project to help the people.

“One of the things I came to appreciate was his microfinance project called Twekembe which he started with his salary and it’s now a big microfinance involving many people”

The late Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was honored with 17-gun salute by the UPDF during the national mourning ceremony at Kololo organised by the government.

The ceremony was attended by religious leaders, and government officials.

His body was later airlifted to his ancestral home in Kyabakadde in Mukono district where another requiem mass was held at St. Charles Lwanga Kyabakadde.

President Museveni pays tribute to Magufuli

By Gloria Nakiyimba

President Yoweri Museveni has eulogized fallen Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli as a dedicated servant to the people of Tanzania, East Africa and the entire African continent.

President Museveni today visited the Tanzanian High Commission in Kampala, where he paid tribute to former Tanzanian President John Joseph Pombe Magufuli.

Accompanied by first lady Janet Kataha, President Museveni signed a condolences book opened at the High commission along Kagera road.

He revealed that he had written a letter two weeks ago to President Magufuli inviting him for the signing of oil pipeline tripartite agreement between Uganda, Tanzania and Total .

In the letter the president had written to his counterpart jokingly telling him how 22nd March would have been a double victory for Uganda having defeated Iddi Amin with the help of Tanzanian forces in their counter attack against the town of Mbarara at a place called Rugando.

“Because about 42 years, yesterday 21 march the Tanzanian people’s defense forces together with our freedom fighters with me present had defeated Idi Amin. So I was jokingly saying that today would be a day for double victory; for the military and economy. Little did I know that today I would be signing a condolences book, this is so sad, so unexpected” said Museveni in a sombre voice.

He noted however that freedom fighters have learnt to deal with challenges presented by the unexpected death of such leaders.

He cited the death of Eduardo Mondlane the President of the Mozambican FRELIM in 1969 , Samora Machelle of Mozambique , Augustine Nieto, Hubert Chitepo of Zimbabwe ,Amilcar Cabral who led a nationalist movement in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde Islands, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania, Oliver Reginald Tambo the South African revolutionary ,and John Garang of Sudan. He said these deaths “never stopped us from moving forward”.

“Therefore the challenge is that those who are living continue with the struggle as we did in the past because when we lost our comrades, we never gave up and because we never gave up we succeeded” he added.

He extended his condolence to the people of Tanzania, the East Africans, to the Africans, to the ruling party CCM and to the family of His Excellence Magufuli.

The former Tanzanian President died on Wednesday 17th March from heart complications. Former vice president Samia Suluhu Hassan took office on the 19th March after the death of President Magufuli.

President Magufuli will be remembered for his skepticism about COVID-19. He did not believe that the Corona virus existed and that it was a life threatening pandemic.

His name goes down in the books of history as the president who led the fight against corruption in his country.

Museveni’s lawyers say Kyagulanyi’s legal team is free to withdraw petition

By Sania Babirye

President Museveni’s legal team says that they have no objection to National Unity platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi’s withdraw of his election petition .

The lawyers led by Kiwanuka Karugire are replying to Kyagulanyi’s application seeking for leave to withdraw the said petition officially after Robert Kyagulanyi announced that he decided to withdraw his petition because he believes that some of the justices led by chief Justice Alifonse Owiny Dollo are biased and will not give him justice

Now, Museveni’s legal team says its Bobiwine’s right to withdraw his petition if he has lost interest and feels that he will not get justice.

They further add that this will also save them time they would have spent in prosecuting the said petition.

When the said application is gazetted, then the chief justice will notify the parties when it will be heard

Museveni asks court to dismiss Kyagulanyi’s new evidence

By Sania Babirye

President Museveni’s lawyers led by Ebert Byenkya have asked the Supreme court to throw out National Unity platform party president and formal 2021 presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi’s application to seek court leave to amend and introduce additional grounds to the main Petition on grounds that they are out of the stipulated constitutional time line after the elapse of the 15 days with in which to file a presidential election petition.

In the new evidence that Kyagulanyi’s lawyers led by Medard Lubega Ssegona have introduced, Kyagulanyi says President Museveni was not qualified as Candidate and could not lawfully Contest in the Presidential Elections being a president, commander of government, military & police and head of the National security council contrary to Presidential Elections amendment Act & the Constitutional Amendment.

Kyagulanyi further says that these allegations were favorable to President Museveni as a candidate because he used them to abuse the Electoral process by ordering security agencies to torture Kyagulanyi’s supporters and him inclusive on top of using government resources to run his campaigns.

However, Byenkya says these have run out of time to file any additional ground and that they just want over load the court and the respondents with more work since its the eve of the pre hearing of the main election.

Byenkya further stated that 20 days after the presidential elections, Kyagulanyi’s team has not yet served them with any affidavits yet by law , court is supposed to hear the petition five days after filling which is prejudicial to court process.

He maintained that under the presidential elections act, it does not allow such amendment to the petition and should be dismissed in hood faith.

But Ssegona has insisted that their client was not able to file all these grounds because state put him under house arrest through out the period leading to the elections and after elections.

Chief justice also dismissed claims from Museveni’s lawyers Byenkya instigating that the reason the petitioners have not yet served them with any affidavits is because they do not have evidence for lack of evidence to prove so.

The Electoral commission has also asked the supreme court to dismiss the said application for running out of time within which they can file their new evidence.

Museveni supports Chief justice’s idea to have magistrates in all districts

By Sania Babirye

President Museveni welcomes a request by chief Justice Alifonse Owiny Dolo to have at least one Magistrate in all of the 146 districts in Uganda.

While presiding over the 2021 annual new law year here in Kampala, President Museveni said that government will be ready to pay the magistrates because its important to have enough judicial officers in the delivery of justice.

He says the total number of 2000 magistrate coordinated by one chief magistrate at every district is feasible and government will see that the proposal is put into vacation.

President Museveni has further called upon the judiciary to deliver justice to Ugandans efficiently now that government has been able to work on their retirement plan.

He noted that despite many challenges that the country is facing, Uganda is not under collapsing and that he will be sitting with government to find solutions for some of the problems that the judiciary is facing including having vehicles for those judicial officers without them stating that it is not fair that new MPs are given a lot of money to buy cars while judicial officers don’t have car.

He has further pledged to help the judiciary have a respectable headquarter.

Museveni has 10 days to respond to the election petition

By Sania Babirye

The Supreme court has given president Museveni 10 days within which to respond to an election petition challenging his 14th January 2021 presidential win by National unity platform party president Robert Kyangulanyi over electoral malpractices.

This is after the supreme court served summons required him to defend himself over the alleged irregularities.

The petition and the summons have been served to president Museveni through a lawyhis lawyers of Kiryawa and Karugire company Advocates(KK) Isingoma Esau.

These have filed a formal notice to the top Court indicating that they have instruction to represent president Museveni in the petition.

Lumumba has further revealed that Advocates from KK have been instructed by Museveni to represent him.

The registrar of the court Harriet Sanyu Nalukwago has presided over the receiving ceremony.

Kyagulanyi in his petition states that Museveni’s election was invalid on grounds that it was not conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution, the Presidential elections act and other relevant laws and that the noncompliance affected the results in substantial manner.

In the said petition, Kyagulanyi who came second lists 26 grounds upon which he asks the Supreme court to nullify the election of president Museveni, ban him from ever participating in any organised election, prohibit the Army from active involvement in the electoral process and costs he has spent on preparing and presenting this petition.

In his 49 paged affidavit accompanying the petition , Kyagulanyi states that the Attorney General and the Electoral commission failed to make necessary amendments within the law to ensure a free and fair election hence giving incumbent Museveni an advantage .

He complains of multiple voting , numerous arrests of him and his supporters, regional coordinators , uttering of derogatory statements to demean him before his supporters and police denying him access to his party headquarters / tally centre.

The other responds including EC and attorney General have already received their summons.

Museveni warns against sectarian politics

By Phiona Namutebi

The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has discouraged Ugandans from participating in sectarian politics saying that undermines the development of the country.

Speaking at the Liberation day Celebrations held at the the Entebbe state House gardens today, Museveni noted that in the recently concluded elections citizens did not vote for people with ability but instead voted for those they liked.

He added that this may affect the development of the country since those that were voted into places of power have no heart and potential to take Uganda forward.

At the same function, the president warned citizens against engaging in acts of violence saying those that dare to will be handled.

Youth Agenda 2020 asks Museveni to distance self from opportunists

By Deo Wasswa

A section of Youth in Wakiso and Kampala have said that President Museveni should wake up and revise his movement strategy as he seeks for votes otherwise his support from the youth will continue to incline.

Under their umbrella group, Youth Agenda 2020 they say President Museveni should start to meet Youth leaders while carrying out his campaign as this will help him to dig deep and understand the challenges affecting youth and applicable solutions.

Led by Johnson Akampa Tanbull, Ssozi George William and Benson Aine, they have urged Museveni to begin distancing himself from opportunists in NRM like Moses Sali aka Bebe cool, Balaam Baruhakare and other who pretend to be youth mobilizers yet they are out of youth age bracket and even not on ground.

They say since the inception of his campaign, Museveni has only met youth leaders in Busoga which has continued to send a clear image that Museveni is paying less attention to youth.

According to them, the reason why more youth are now supporting NUP presidential Candidate Kyagulanyi Sentamu is that his message and manifesto is inspirational and hopeful to youths.

Museveni warns rioters

By Daudi Zirimala

The president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni warns that those attacking NRM people in Kampala area, will soon lose appetite.

Speaking at a campaign meeting in Kotido, Museveni said that those protesting have entered an area that is known to him and will not be tolerated.

He notes that Uganda has lost a number of people to COVID-19 including high profile politicians and scientists. Everybody must respect the rules in order to overcome this virus.

Support local entrepreneurs -Museveni

By Gloria Nakiyimba

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has asked Ugandans to support local entrepreneurs setting up factories that he says have many spill over benefits

Speaking at the opening of Atiak sugar factory where government has 41% shares through Uganda development cooperation-UDC, the president said much of the sugarcane for the factory will be grown by the people of Atiak where each of these families will have five acres ploughed and planted for them by the factory and each will earn Shs18 million after 18 months to achieve social economic transformation of the people.
“This factory employs 2,000 workers and impacts on more than 20,000 people and their families. The neighbors who have sim sim, malakwang, potatoes and other things have got market for their goods from the factory workers” said the president.

President Museveni said Government will continue to support this factory owned by entrepreneur Amina Moghe Hersi.

Amina explained to the president how the people of Lamwo are growing so much sugarcane but have to move 175km to bring it here.
On this note the presided announced that government will build a bridge, to reduce on the distance 36km to enable farmers take their sugar cane to the factory.

“The bridge will be built so that the part of the project which is on the Lamwo side will be directly linked with the one on Atiak side. This will save the money of the farmers in transport” said President Museveni.
Atiak Sugar Factory in Amuru District was commissioned by the president on Friday.