Radio’s alleged killer ordered to defend himself

By Sania Babirye

The Entebbe high court has ordered Godfrey Wamala aka Troy to defend himself on charges of murdering local musician Moses Sekibogo alias Mozey Radio.

Today, high court judge Jane Francis Abodo has ruled that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to sustain the murder charge and has a case to answer.

This is after state led by Joseph Kyomuhendo conclude his final submissions asking court to find Troy with a case to answer following the evidence of 9 prosecution witnesses that they adduced against him including that of the last prosecution witness also DPC Katwe police station and SP Fruntile Rwamusayi who arrested Troy for the murder of Mozey Radio.

Kyomuhendo stated that the said DPC is the one who arrested Troy after Mosey Radio died at case clinic on the 1st of February 2018.

On the 10th of this month, the owner of the Debar, a hangout place in Entebbe were Mozey Radio met his death testified in court denying ever seeing Troy lift Radio and bang him down to the ground causing his death .

George Egesa a resident of Kawuku who is the 9th state witness informed High court Judge Jane Francis Abodo that on the 22nd of January 2018 a one Pamela Musimire came to his bar and informed him of a ‘Celebu’ by names mozey Radio, who was coming to his bar.

Egesa further testified that indeed, Radio and a one Washington(David Ebanget Etoru) and some other friends came to his bar.

And that while in the bar, Radio got 100, 000 Ugandan shillings and placed it on the table before asking the bar owner to buy him booze.

Egesa added that he informed Radio that he didn’t have money although he ordered ordered for him whisky.

And that when the whisky came, the deceased poured some in the glass before pouring the remaining whisky on him and other people including the key suspect Troy real names Godfrey Wamala who was a bouncer at the said bar .

The witness said that he asked Pamela to take Radio out of his bar and went to clean the whisky that Radio had Radio had poured on him off.

And that when he returned, he was informed by one of the waitress about the chaos that had taken place while he was away in the washrooms .

On the 5th of this month, David Ebengati commonly known as Producer Washington pinned Troy of murdering Mosey Radio.

He informed court that on that fateful day, him and the deceased with another lady Pamela Musimire went to De bar to hang out and that while drinking, the deceased got one bottle of wine and poured it on one of the owners of the bar.

The witness further stated that during the scuffle of Radio pouring the alcohol on one of the owner, he saw the suspect(Troy)who is believed to be a bouncer at the said bar grab the victim from Pamela and lifts him in the air before pouncing him on the ground which led to his death.

Washington further stated that there was so much commotion and people started shouting but they managed to get the victim and rush him to a nearby clinic in Entebbe called Emmanuel, however, the healthy officials informed them that they could not manage Radio’s condition and refereed them to Nsambya hospital.

He also told court that they rushed the deceased to Nsambya hospital and only made a police statement the next day.

He also revealed to court that he had known and worked with Radio for close to 10 years and were close friends.

The case is one of the capital offense cases that justice Abodo is presiding over during a criminal session that will take 40 days.

Troy was on the 2nd of September officially charged with murder and he pleaded not guilty to the offense.

He is currently detained at Kigo government prison after court denying him bail on two separate occasions .
On the 6th of June 2018, the Entebbe chief magistrate Susan Okeni committed Troy for trial after prosecution led by Julius Muhirwa informed court that the Director of Public Prosecutions had directed him to have the murder suspect committed to the high court for trial upon completion of investigations into his case.

According to the DPP, he intends to adduce evidence to prove that Troy was indeed at the scene of the crime including witnesses that saw the late Mosey at De bar with the suspect drinking before a fight broke out between the two on the 22nd of January 2018 among other evidence.

On the 7th of February 2018, Troy was remanded to Kigo government prison after being charged with murder
Troy is a businessman and a resident of Kyengera LC1, Nsangi Town council in Wakiso district, the same place where security operatives from Katwe police station caught him while hiding after he allegedly beat Mosey Radio on the 22nd of January 2018, by allegedly hitting the late on the head during a brawl at “De bar ” in Entebbe.

Mosey Radio is said to have then sustained head injuries and died a week later at Case Clinic in Kampala after going into a coma.

Roast and Rhyme: Welcome to the Ugandan meat and music party

By Annah Nafula

In the post rain chill, I could see bootylicious Kampala belles thronging Jahazi piers, Moyonyo.

Some jumping off boda bodas, in a jiffy taking off weighty coverings and rushing to get into character. Kampala girls never feel cold! Especially, if they have to pull off a look.
A gaze around and for a minute I am almost convinced I am dressed very unsuitably for the function. On one hand I see a light skinned fairly sized lady trying to fix a falling eyelash, that is right, eye lash, the wind on that bike is no respecter of flourishes. On another side, I see one getting a quick snack and stealing a second to do final touches on her make up.
Short shorts, skimpy, revealing, and a touch of African seem to be the fashion theme of choice. Many look gorgeous as they show off their hind and front curves awesome in the sight of onlookers, dangerous for men trying to pull off a romantic evening out with their significant others. The chances that your eyes will rove and make you look bad are unbearably high. For tight markers, even a genuine polite trip to the loos would leave your relationship in balance. You have to think twice, thrice, or even four times before you approve of bae’s short call. It is so true; Kla belles are gifted 100%! My folk’s resilience to party should be something nations should come and experience.

Wondering where I saw all this? Some friends managed to take me to this the year’s edition of the annual Swangz Avenue’s Roast and Rhymes. Well they needed company, they thought, I should go and experience Uganda in this set-up, and idea that didn’t seem bad until I stepped out of the car.

Straggling through the mud to get a hold of that roast chicken thigh, chips and a cup of tea was something I can effortlessly complain about. It was super muddy. Every step I made spelt a new expense, my shoe cleaner must have been praying in tongues at this point. The place was gummy muddy. After I grabbed a bite and sipped on my tea, I was in a better mood to start ogling afresh. I kept wondering how on earth these young ladies were not feeling cold, with a cold breeze from the lake, the post rain, and the general low temperatures at night. It was a reminder and affirmation of how nothing ever gets in the way for Uganda’s party goers.

The music set in. We had a new sensation Mugabi, confessed that his shoes, save from the showbiz were making him uncomfortable. Comedian Salvdor made fun of the typical Kampala slayers who pump their breasts and artificial nails. For a minute, I thought he had forgotten who his audience his were. Going by how much stench he threw at them through his jokes, I can confirm Ugandans are very forgiving. As soon as he slipped into singing mode, the offended slayers were already up and groovy. The drums and the sounds were aesthetically made of home. Local star of the night was legend singer Jose Chameleone took people back in time, with his oldest songs, pitching in stories about the songs, the accepting crowd often giving him the attention, after all it was the story telling edition. Yes, the man still has his groove though with a touch of politics. It is utterly forgivable. Bobi Wine has made everyone believe in self. A few tracks down, I was done, I was tired. To my undesired shock, the crowd was showing no signs of slowing down. Thank God for Uganda Cranes, everyone I was with wanted to watch this would be saving grace game at the AFCON; Uganda Vs Egypt. It was a humble excuse to see oneself out of this ongoing party.

For people who are moralists, trying to get everyone covered and drinking a little and not smoking and inhaling some things, this is not the place for you to be. I would also never recommend anyone going to this event with children. It is cold at night, with alcohol involved, anything can happen; a fight or a truly drunk fellow can get out of control. Let the kids just stay home and catch up with the latest Nikelodeon dramas.

Being at roast rhymes reminded me of the adaptability of my country men, my home peeps just love to have fun. Ugandans are very cool people; they mix and mingle so easily. While there, I saw people who were from neighboring countries like Sundanese, Somalis, Rwandese and white tourists too freely dancing, eating and enjoying. With over 50 tribes living the same space peacefully, accommodating foreigners for a mere party would just be a walk in a park. We are a country never ceasing moments to celebrate and make memories. It is no wonder; Kampala is the partying capital of East Africa.

Ragga Dee misses hearing of his case

By Sania Babirye

State is today expected to inform city hall court on whether or not they will continue with a noise pollution case against local Musician Daniel Kazibwe also known as Ragga Dee.

On the 1st of April, the case had come up for mention at city hall court to allow Ragee to take plea but as usual he was no where to be seen in the court room.

Ragge Dee as usual decided to come to court but stayed outside the courtroom chatting with his Juma Seiko as the case was called for mention.

This prompted KCCA prosecutor Elijah Ndamuran to inform grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna that they want an adjournment of two weeks to allow them to go through the file to see if they can continue with case or drop it.

The Magistrate then adjourned the case to today and issued a third criminal summon against Ragga Dee.

On the 15th of February, Ragga Dee again missed the mention of his case despite arriving in court early.

He is needed to answer to charges related to emitting noise beyond permissible levels in his Kololo Big Mikes Bar which he co-owns with Maj Juma Seiko .

However, Ragga Dee instead of sitting in court to wait for his case, rather decided to spend all his time outside the courtroom talking to the media.

And as a result, the magistrate called his case and later adjourned it to today and also extended more criminal summons to Ragga Dee and his co accused a one Rita Nancy who is the manager of the bar.

His lawyer David Mushabe that day informed court that Ragga Dee was in talks with KCCA to have the matter settled out of court.

On the 4th of February, criminal summons were issued against Ragga Dee to answer to charges in relation to failure to comply with an improvement noise and breaking council property [seals].

Prosecution states that, Danial Kazibwe and Ritah Nancy on the 29th of February 2019 at Kololo Central division in Kampala did play music equipment emitting noise above the National permissible levels under the National environment noise standards and level regulations 2003.

On the 23rd of February, Kampala Capital City Authority closed Ragga Dee’s Bar over noise pollution, Flouting public health regulations and operating without a license.

According to KCCA the closure was part of their crackdown on places emitting noise pollution including places of worship and bars.

KCCA says such noise disturbs the peace of the neighbors.

Ragga Dee’s summon comes after some residents in the area dragged a total of Seven bars including Big Mikes bar to court over Noise pollution.

These also sued KCCA and NEMA of failing to regulate such noise coming from the said bars.

These had claimed that apart from the too much noise being emitted by such bars through music concerts and parties that goes late into the night, some of these bars had big screens and flood lights that penetrates in to their homes thereby disturbing their peace and comfort which they wanted court to stop.

However, Ragga Dee claimed that Banyima’s name was just being used for political purposes because her bar H20 was among those not sued.

While speaking to the media after his bar closure, Ragga Dee accused KCCA of double standards claiming that he had dully paid all his taxes to KCCA and that his bar was the only one being targeted yet other bars near him and emits more noise have never been closed.

Ragga Dee who also affiliates to the NRM ruling party and was the party flag bearer for the seat of Kampala Lord Mayor in the concluded 2016 General elections against incumbent Erias Lukwago, also accused KCCA of leaving many people unemployed since his bar employees more people whom he claims that would be affected with such closures.

He accussed KCCA officias of being corrupt claiming that many officials receaive bribes from especially foreign rival business owners to take other businesses mainly owned by locals down to push then out of business.

Ragee Dee also claimed that KCCA does not measure noise coming from bars but only suplies a document indicating that there is noise pollution.

He said that in December last year, he paid KCCA the license fee and has receipts including license fee for bar, pool table, restraunt, guest house and club and that if his business was found lacking in anyway, then it should have been denied the license or if it fulfilled all the required standards, then he should have been cleared and given a license

He however says that although KCCA did inspect the bar, he was never given any of the above.

He says that it would have been better if KCCA would take that energy used to close bars to close those places engaging in harmful health activities like those selling the banned smoking substances like Shisha than targeting those that comply to the set regulations especially his bar that has been in existence for the past 18 years.

He described the move to close bars as a bad economic move since such bars contribute to reducing unemployment in country by giving jobs to many Ugandans more especially the youths who are the majority population and unemployed .

Chris Brown offended by Rihanna’s remarks on their relationship

Chris Brown is upset after Rihanna implied that their past relationship was not worth it! A source close to Breezy EXCLUSIVELY told HL about his ‘hurt’ reaction!

Chris Brown, 28, is feeling insulted after Rihanna‘s interview with Vogue, where she said that she “never met someone who was worth it before” her current relationship with Hassan Jameel. A source close to Chris EXCLUSIVELY gave us the details about how he feels upset over her not-so-subtle diss. “Chris is hurt and offended by Rihanna after she was so dismissive about their relationship in her latest interview,” our source said. “Chris feels things were passionate, but also real and unforgettable.”



~Hollywood life

Could WizKid and Tiwa be in love?

Wizkid was spotted at a restaurant in Lagos with the first lady of Mavin records, Tiwa Savage.

The two got into the restaurant and really caused a scene as fans and customers present cheered as they walked into the VIP section of the restaurant.

With trips like this to restaurants, the rumours about the more than close relationship between Tiwa Savage and the ‘Star Boy’ himself will continue to grow. Recall that there have been speculations over what seems like a more than close friendship between this two.

We first started to take a close look at the relationship between Wizkid and Tiwa Savage during her last birthday. It was Tiwa’s birthday on February 5, 2018, and as usual, everyone took out time to send out birthday wishes to the music star and then it was the turn of ‘Starboy’ him.

Wizkid didn’t post just one but he posted five of Tiwa Savage’s photos on his Instagram page! And he even went as far as calling her his ‘Queen’ This is something that he has never done for any singer, while some people said it was because of their ‘close friendship,’ others were a bit skeptical about it.

Then came the Gidifest which took place on Easter Friday, March 30, 2018, where all party lovers and Lagos ballers where in attendance to celebrate one of the biggest events of the year. Among the music stars who turned up to perform on stage were Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. First to come on stage was Tiwa Savage who looked sexy as usual and was later joined on stage by Wizkid which received a lot of cheers for the fans.

Just when we thought it was going to be the usual collaboration, as usual, the unexpected happened as Wikid drew Tiwa Savage close to himself and gave her a very cute kiss on her chin! Yes, guys if you think these are just mere signs of close friendship then how close are you to your friend of the opposite sex?



Kanye’s new song is out, he raps about poop

Kanye West has finally dropped new music, and it appears that his new tune ‘Lift Yourself’ is all about poop. We’ve got the wild song where he riffs about ‘poopity scoop’ and other poop related lines

This can’t be real, right? Kanye West has dropped a new track called “Lift Yourself”  via his website on Apr. 27 and its beyond bizarre. It starts just fine, with a sampling from the 1973 song “Liberty” by Amnesty.  The singers soulfully harmonize “Lift yourself up on your feet. Lets get it on.” Then its Ye’s turn, a bass beat comes in with some electronic riffs and then comes the next verse where he drops bars like “woop de poop de scoop, “poopity scoop,” “poop poop” “poop diddy woop scoop” and “scoopity woops.” He already revealed that a new album chock full of seven new songs would be dropping on June 1, but we’re not sure if this, umm interesting, new track is going to make the cut.


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Chagga opens new events management company

After the death of singer Mowzey Radio, Weasel was taken up by socialite Bryan White and that seemed to be the end of Chagga’s decade of music management. But Chagga is not a type that gives up easily even when the tension forces get stronger.
Our snoops have learnt that Chagga is set to organise his very first event under his own label, “Big Papa Entertainment”.
Howwe can authoritatively confirm that Chagga is the driving force behind the much-anticipated concert dubbed “Hitmakers 2018” at Freedom City on 28th April this Saturday.
Well, Chagga’s move has not come as a surprise because most city top events’ managers like Swangz Avenue boss, Julius Kyazze and Galaxy Fm’s Innocent Nahabwe also started as managers for artiste as well.

Singer Zanie Brown pulls off the 100$ show, show sold out

Behind what may be the most expensive dinner concert in Uganda, there lies a humble soul named Zanie Brown.

On Sunday evening, the singer held a dinner at Gardens Hotel, Entebbe where guests were charged $100 (Roughly UGX 360,000) for entrance and $1000 (UGX 3.6 Million) for a table.

The show was massively attended by corporate companies and key sector stakeholders in the country.

“She wanted an exclusive, special show for her fans,” said a close source. “In terms of ticket prices, this is one of the most expensive shows not only for the artist, but Uganda at large.”

At the show, as earlier publicized, the singer premiered her new song “Mugulu”, an inspirational, melodic track synonymous to her recent uplifting projects like “Muyaye.”

“Mugulu may not just be a track, it could be her album title too,” a source speculated when asked for details of the song.

Despite the subtle advertising, Zanie pulled, according to eye-witnesses, one of the most epic, well-attended plush dinners ever.




Eddy Kenzo to perform at the One Africa Festival at Wembley stadium

Music singer and BET awards winner, Eddy Kenzo is set to entertain London people on 2nd of June this year in an annual show dubbed ‘One Africa Festival’ at Wembley Stadium.

Eddie Kenzo says he is so excited after being selected among the top Africa stars and will be performing alongside Ghetto kids.
The event comes to the UK for the first time and will also feature performances from P Square, Victoria Kimani, Flave and Pyhno.

This year’s edition will be hosted by Nigerian singer, Banky W.
Last year, Dubai was brought to a standstill with a performance from Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Davido among many others.



Beyonce seriously prepping for Coachella, 7 security persons guard her during rehearsals

Beyonce‘s on a mission to make up for lost time  ramping up her Coachella rehearsals to ensure her performance is one for the ages after missing out last year .TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Queen B tell us …she started getting serious about practicing for her show Tuesday, scheduling 11-hour days in a high-profile L.A. studio that’s been booked solely for her and her dancers, choreographers, technicians and other members of her crew.

We’re told there are 7 security guards patrolling the studio inside and out to keep the rehearsals top secret … no unwanted guests or recordings.

Our sources say Bey began planning for this gig as far back as last year, of course … when she was slated to headline the 2017 festival before she had to back out due to her pregnancy with twins.

She clearly wants to make sure everyone gets their money’s worth this time around.

We broke the story … another huge act, Cardi B, is pregnant and on the Coachella lineup this year, but she says she’s not going to let it stop her from taking the stage.