In his new track, Olamide says he sold his soul to the devil

Multi-award winning rapper, Olamide Adedeji a.k.a Baddo recently released his 6th studio album titled “The Glory” on the 26th of December 2016.
Reports reveal that all songs on the album were awesome as the YBNL boss dazzles his fans with incredibility and uniqueness of style.
Olamide spat fire on the intro of the track titled ‘Letter To Milli’ where he talked about selling his soul to dine with the devil.
In the track, Letter to Milli, Olamide said:
“In every level, there is a different devil.
“I sold my soul to the game just to dine with the devil…”
The first verse of the song read;
“Hey, son! What’s up?
“This is your dad. I’m writing this to motivate you whenever you’re down
“Just remember my story and the things that people told me
“9-million-miter to my head couldn’t hold me
“Part from the fact and all the things that I believed in
“And how I treat the special woman with the womb I lived in
“How I used to go- go; how I used to go- get
“How I used to go to shows with no cash in my pocket
“I’m talking 08, 09, O10, O11
“For every level, there’s a different devil
“I sold my soul to the game just to dine with the devil
“I hope I make heaven; ahn
“And sometimes, I don’t even think about the fact that my daddy is a driver and my hood is Lady-Lak
“I just grind like am crazy like a maniac
“To make my daddy proud and get all the things my lady lacks.”

Ali Kiba might have scooped himself a Ugandan bae

Latest information we have is that AliKiba and this girl named Sharon Fabrinsnky are an item…and there’s proof to that.

Recently, a cozy photo of the two emerged online, sending tongues wagging on whether the two could actually be banging.

In the photo, the ‘Aje’ hit maker was seen shirtless in what seemed like a Hotel, while Sharon on the other hand, was clad in a simple dress.

By mere fact that Alikiba was shirtless, various snoops think he’s already enjoying the central fruits of Sharon who is a fast raising actress based in Kenya.

The insanely hot, dimpled and light skinned Sharon seems to be high in the clouds, as she now frequently litters her social media handles with photos and videos of Ali Kiba.



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Soulja Boy making more enemies before we even settle into the new year

Soulja Boy is making a lot of enemies. Aside from a perplexing internet beef with Chris Brown, the Atlanta native got into a fight while streaming on Instagram Live in Compton, Tuesday (Jan. 3).

In the video, SB shouts out his gang affiliation and declares that he won’t catch “no fades” because he’s worth too much money. Seconds later, the 26-year-old rapper is squaring up to fight another guy.

From the sounds it, his phone may have gotten snatched as well.





Trey Songz might spend new years day in Jail over his Detroit Concert Mess

Trey Songz made good on a threat during a Detroit concert Wednesday night … and it landed him in jail.

Someone at the Joe Louis Arena apparently told Trey his set was going too long, but he wasn’t near ready to leave.  In fact, he dared them to cut his mic, promising retaliation if they did.

Well, they did and he did.  Trey started destroying everything in sight, hurling objects in the air.  A cop who tried subduing him was hurt after being struck by debriz.

Trey was arrested for resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property.




Music composers caught reproducing Acholi anthem without permission

Some artists in Northern Uganda are on the spot for pirating the Acholi Anthem. So far there have been three attempts aimed at changing the order of the wordings of the anthem.

Some local music composers have introduced parallel versions. The original composition, with two stanzas, was the brain child of the late Prof. Okot Pa Bitek, a former novelist, scholar and poet in 1956.

Currently, the anthem is made up of three stanzas. The first stanza calls for the divine protection of the paramount chief, the second, Acholi ethnic group and third, Acholi land.

Denis Ojwee, a choir instructor at Christ’s Church Gulu says the original composition by Prof. Okot Pa Bitek had only two stanzas. He says the silence of Ker Kwaro Acholi on the right version of the anthem is giving room for pirates to distort the anthem further.

Although he vehemently denies wrong doing, Ojwee is one of those accused of pirating the anthem.  According to Ojwee, he came into contact with the original anthem through his deceased father, Luka Labeja.

According to Ojwee, the third stanza of the anthem was introduced by the late Janani Okot, the father of Jolly Andruvile Okot, the co-founder of Invisible Children in Uganda
Another music composer accused of circulating a parallel version of the anthem is a female musician based in the diaspora trading as Nyinomugisha.

In 2014, Nyinomugisha recorded a song titled “Ot Ker Pa Acholi” as the official Acholi anthem and circulated it over the internet, music vendors and some radio stations in the region.

On You Tube, the song plays in Luo dialect with an English translation running over photographs of various dancers putting on the costumes of Acholi tradition dancers.

Uganda Radio Network obtained a copy of the audio but could not verify how it came to be known as the Acholi Anthem alias Lubaro Pa Acholi.

Felix Apire Opoka, is an instructor at Bright Way Band and a junior music instructor in Gulu’s UPDF 4th Division army barracks. He says the anthem has also been transposed by Col. Abenego Orec, the former military music director at the 4th Division barracks.

Opoka says the various copyright violations have resulted into confusion among band members to the extent that different versions are played at parallel functions.

Uganda Radio Network couldn’t trace retired Col. Abenego Orec for an interview. Ambrose Olaa, the Prime Minister of Acholi Cultural Institution, says the official version of Acholi Anthem is that composed by the late Prof. Okot Pa Bitek in 1956.

The Prime Minister says Bitek’s version was formally gazetted as Lubaro Pa Acholi by the then joint Acholi district Council meetings in Gulu district.

He says the major change in the anthem is on the title of the paramount chief, the Lawirwodi which was previously Laloyo Maber (the good leader).

Olaa says recently the Council of Elders, the institution’s policy making organ resolved to produce and distribute copies of the anthem to institutions of learning, local governments and lower chiefdoms to popularize and eliminate pirated versions in circulations.

Although Uganda Registration Service Bureau is attempting to enforce the existing copyright law to protect intellectual properties, the agency is yet to crack a whip on offenders in the country.

Below is a copy of the Anthem being distributed by Ker Kwaro Acholi:

1.     Lubanga gwok Lawirwodi
Kure ikom tic mere
Mi gum ki kuc i gang Kalle
Ot Ker me Acholi
Walegi Rwot madit
Pi Lawirwodi wa
Kure-re, tire-re
I tic merre pi Acholi.

2.     Lubanga gwokiwa Acholi
Wadyero kwowa i cingi
Mi gen, ribbe ki mer ikinwa
Ki kaki murumuwa
Walegi Rwot madit
Mi mar aye oloo lobowa
Rib-wa, tel-wa,
Wadong lobo me Acholi

3.     Lubanga gwok lobo Acholi
Lonye pi pitowa
Mi ceng ki Kot muromo pi
Gin aketa ma iiye
Walegi Rwot madit
Pi lutelawa weng
Rib-gi, tel-gi
Ki ngee ni in aye Won twer.




Iryn Namubiru promises Fans a proper live music experience in upcoming show

By Annah Nafula

Singer Irene Namubiru says it took her sometime to get accustomed to singing along side a CD, a common practice on many Ugandan music shows. The singer intimated  to Flavia that her pride cost her because many events organizers did not understand the live band system.

“I missed a lot of money and shows because I always told people who booked me that I was waiting on my band from France. In France we always did live band music and that was how all shows were. I just couldn’t imagine going to perform and you end up simply miming your own songs.” ~Irene

The songstress later realized that it was the culture in Uganda and has since been able to accept invites to music shows.

However, Namubiru promises that at her show that has been dubbed one night only, she will be performing live and will concentrate more on singing and entertaining her fans. She further said that she will sing a proper set of 25 of her songs, she hinted on having guest performers.

Irene Namubiru’s show will be at Serena this Saturday,23rd December . Tickets are on sale at Serena. The Event’s host will be our very own, Flavia Tumusiime, host of the AM-PM show.

Winnie Nwagi denies being in a relationship with Ray Supasta

After a recent wrangle between Winnie and Ray Supasta over her past and the nude pictures that she used to exude in Kampala, musician Winnie Nwagi has come out to reveal what actually happened between the two.

The Musawo singer also dismissed rumors that the two could be in an intimate relationship.

Winnie confirmed that there is no relationship between them and that she has never met him. She said that she got to know about him only when he posted about her.

“There is no relationship. I don’t know him as a person. In fact I got to know him after what he posted about me. He went to my original Facebook page and downloaded my pictures and shared them. I don’t know him and he too doesn’t know me. I saw he posted a picture of me and him but I don’t remember him because it was taken at one of my shows where I took pictures with my fans,” the bubbly singer said.




Beyonce sued over Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella logo pendant in Drunk in love video

Some people just don’t want Beyonce to win. Dwayne Walker, the man who claims he designed the original Roc-A-Fella logo, has filed a lawsuit against Beyonce for the use of his design in her 2013 video with Jay Z, “Drunk In Love.”

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Walker says he owns the rights to the Roc logo and did not give permission of its use in Bey’s video. Although the logo only seems to show up once on Jay Z’s pendant, Walker believes he deserves a pay cut for its unauthorized appearance in the steamy black and white clip. And even though Jay is the one rocking the chain, the rapper’s name was not mentioned in the suit, TMZ reports.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Walker has tried to make a buck off of his logo design. In 2012, Walker sued Jay Z and Dame Dash for $7 million, accusing the former business partners of copyright infringement. Luckily for Jay and Dame, a judge threw the case out, ruling that a contract that Walker reportedly signed 20 years prior, prohibited him from collecting any royalties for the logo’s use. He may have lost the war, but it looks like he’s hoping not to strike out with the new lawsuit.




Mario is back with new ‘Let me help you’ single

Mario is grabbing the torch to help R&B make a powerful return with his new single “Let Me Help You.” As we wait for the platinum selling singer’s fifth studio album, we get to catch the vibe of the project with his first single.

Earlier this year Mariom, took to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show to premiere a new track “I Need More” as well as announce his album title Paradise Cove on his newly founded indie label New Citizen LLC. Although Mario is making moves behind the scenes of his music, he promises to bring back the cool and the fun in R&B.

“Right now I feel like R&B needs to feel cool and fun again. A simple conversation, catchy melody and a story that draws my listeners in is what I feel like ‘Let Me Help You’ does,” Mario told The FADER. “There is enough music about egotistical perceptions and not enough about love, especially in urban music. Love is still cool to me!”

The R&B singer is determined to bring back that feeling that we got when listening to throwback tracks like “Let Me Love You” and a “Crying Out For Me” but until Paradise Cove drops, we can listen to “Let Me Help You” below.


Madonna confesses love for her Ex husband on stage for the second time this year

Madonna loves her ex-husband Sean Penn, something she has said twice to his face this year.The actor appeared onstage at the pop star’s Raising Malawi charity auction and gala during Art Basel in Miami Friday. He craweled in between her legs and slapped handcuffs on her playfully. She told the audience she would marry him again if he bid $150,000 for a necklace. He did, but was later outbid.

“I’m still in love with you,” Madonna told Penn onstage, as he blushed. “Yes. In fact, I think I love you more now that we’re divorced.”

The two were married for four years before they divorced in 1989. It marked the first marriage for both, who have no children together.

Madonna had also professed her love for Penn at his Help Haiti Home benefit gala this past January, saying, “I want to say, Sean, that I love you from the moment that I laid eyes on you and I still love you just the same. I just wish you’d stop smoking so many cigarettes.”Madonna also performed at the Raising Malawi event, singing some of her hits, such as “Don’t Tell Me” and “Beautiful Stranger,” as well as a cover of Britney Spears‘ “Toxic.”