Late Sebulime’s family want Nantaba to resign

BY Sania Babirye

The family of the late Ronald subulime have called upon the ICT minister Aidah Nantaba to resign to page way for fresh investigations into his death .

Led by their lawyer Muwada Nkunyinji, the family have also asked the DPP and the IGP to resign to allow fresh investigations since they have failed to resolve their relatives mysterious murder.

He says that maybe their junior officers will fully prosecute Sebulime’s murder to the fullest which has not been possible so far.

Muwada says that the family has realized from various police statement that police is failing to fully investigate Ssebulime’s murder because the key suspect is a government minister and the other suspects are police officers.

He says that if Minister Aidah Nantaba does not resign on his own,then president Museveni should force her to resign.

He has also called the international community to issue a travel ban against Minister Aidah Nantaba and the other police officers.

He says that the position of a minister is not an exemption from the law and want all those responsible for Sebulimes murder punished for it regardless of their status or position.

On the 11th of April, a police officer attached to 999 Patrol system was charged with the murder of Ssebulime Ronald.

The suspect is identified as 46 year old corporal Ssali David a resident of a Namungoona Zone1 in Rubaga division within Kampala district.

He appeared before Mukono court chief magistrate Mariam Nalugya who did not allow him to take plea to the charge since it is a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the high court and remanded to Luzira prison .

Prosecution states that on the 24th of March 2019 at Nagojje Trading Center in Mukono district with malice aforethought caused the unlawful death of Ssebulime Ronald .

Sebulime is alleged to have been trialing the car of minister Nantaba and when he was shot dead by police after his arrest while on handcuffs.

However hus family denies the allegations saying their relative was a law abiding citizen who was on his way to visit his children in school.

Police still waiting for Nantaba to record a statement

By Robert Segawa
The Uganda police force is waiting for advice from ministry of internal affairs on the issue of Hon Aidah Nantaba recording a statement at the police facility.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga has insisted that they will not record any statement for ICT minister Aidah Nantaba at her premises.

This is a reaction to the letter written by Hon Aidah Nantaba to the Uganda police force informing them that she is unable to move from her home on advise of the President of Ugandan.

This follows an investigation after the cold murder of Ronald Ssebulime in an alleged assassination scare on Hon Nantaba on her way from Kayunga.

Police says that although Hon Nantaba on Friday acknowledged the receipt of summons to record statement they are still waiting for her to show up.

However police reports that Hon Nantaba is willing to record the statement on what transpired that day when Ssebulime was shot and killed by heartless police officers.

Addressing the press today at police headquarters Naguru, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga said they have put investigations on hold until she records statement and investigation continue.

He adds that the police is still waiting for communication from the state minister for internal affairs Hon Kania Obiga.

On Sunday 24th March 2019 police officer from Nagalama police station Shot dead Ronald Ssebulime after State Minister for information, communication and Technology also Kayunga woman Member of Parliament Aidah Nantaba report a case at police that the deceased has been following her from Kayunga with intention to assassinate the minister.

Police persued Ssebulime who was on motorcycle shot and killed him at Nagojje in Mukono district.

During the same press conference Enanga said that investigations are going on the part of Killing Ssebulime Ronald and they have already reconstructed the scene of crime and the three officers have gone through a medical examination and have no problem on their understanding.

The three suspects arrested by police over shooting and killing Ronald Ssebulime are Corporal Bagonza Geoffrey, Corporal Ssali Oscar the suspected shooter and Opira Ronald while one officer is still on the run.

He adds that the three Guns of the police officers now under detention at Railways police are being taken to the experts to find out which gun was used to shoot Ssebulime.

He further says that the Uganda police team led by Chief political commissar has taken effort to reach the family of the late Ronald Ssebulime with the area LC I chairperson to meet at Nakabugo police post but were made to wait for the whole day without any communication from the family members.

He adds that police has sent the papers to legal department of police to so that they can be advised on the next step.

Enanga says that by tomorrow or Wednesday police will send the file to the director of public Prosecution for advise before charging the three suspects in courts of law over murder.