Court acquits Dr. Kaggwa of corruption

By Sania Babirye
The anti corruption court has this afternoon acquitted  Dr David Kaggwa, of  charges of Corruption and Abuse of Office.
 Dr Kaggwa a Consultant on Ebola disease attached to  Kabarole Regional Referral Hospital was freed on grounds that prosecution failed to adduce sufficient evidence to prove the charges.
 In 2013,  Dr. Kaggwa was accused of  receiving 580,000shs using government facilities to treat private patients while he was still working  in Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale district.
 Prosecution  alleged that between January and June 2013, Dr Kaggwa while at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale District, used the hospital facilities to carry out surgeries on his private patients for personal gain to the disadvantage of his employer, which amounted to Abuse of Office.
Anticorruption court Grade One Magistrate Lochomin Peter Fred noted that from the evidence on record, the circumstances under which he was carrying out the alleged services was voluntary, as Kagadi at the time did not have Doctors, and he would come in on emergencies.
He has now set free  Dr. Kaggwa and ordered court to refund his  2 million shillings he had deposited for bail on top of returning any Dr. Kaggwa’s Clinic items that were confiscated and used as exhibits in this case.
 He was arrested in 2015 a year after being part of a medical team that went to Liberia to offer expatriate services in July/2014 following the most deadly Ebola outbreak.

Minister Muyingo says Government is looking at the University scholarship abolishment proposals

Government is studying proposals from key education stakeholders calling for the abolishing of government scholarships at the University.

Recently, Makerere University council, the supreme governing body of the university passed a resolution asking government to abolish government the scholarship scheme and replace it with government ls.

The university was responding to the queries raised by the 2016 Visitation Committee chaired by the late Dr. Abel Rwendeire. The committee recommended that Makerere implements a diversified funding model in order to make the institution financially sustainable and reduce reliance on government funding.

In response, the university said that while the university had already embarked on internal interventions to increase its revenue such as Makerere Holdings Company, endowment fund, the council advised government to consider abolishing the existing scholarships and loan the money to all university student.

Now, the Higher Education State Minister, John Chrysostom Muyingo, says government is studying the proposal, arguing that government cannot implement the proposal with conducting several studies.

He however, says government is still interested in both the loan scheme and the merit government schemes and that funding had been provided for both.

Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, the former Makerere University Vice Chancellor, says such a decision to abolish scholarships at university must be consultative.

He argues that even if money was diverted to the loan scheme, government cannot be sure that the students who benefit from them will repay the money owning to lack of jobs.

Aggrey David Kibenge, the Under Secretary in the Education and Sports Ministry, says government will follow systematic processes to analyze such a decision and all recommendations by the Visitation Committee




Heavy duty Lorry goes up in flames in Lukaaya

By Robert Ssegawa
There was panic at Uganda national road authority Weigh Bridge in Lukaaya after a lorry carrying  sand went up in flames this morning. The Mercedes Benz truck registration number UAZ 597D was heading to Kampala. Latif Zakke DPC Kalungu says they could not put out the fire because they did not have enough manpower to do that.
He adds that they called for a fire brigade from Masaka but were told the machine was not functional.

Nakawa MP Kabaziguruka rejects trial before court martial

The Nakawa Member of Parliament Micheal Kabaziguruka and eight others have rejected the trial before a military court saying their trial is illegal.

Kabaziguruka who has also opted to represent himself before the army Court Martial, stated that he cannot have a lawyer in an illegal process.

Kabaziguruka and 24 others are accused of committing  treason against the Government of Uganda. They were dragged to court in June and have since been on remand.

Eight other suspects, who claim they are civilians have rejected to be tried in the Court Martial, asking to be transferred to a civilian court.

Kabaziguruka was appearing for hearing today at the Makindye-based army court before its chairman, Lt General Andrew Gutti. The legislator told court that he is fully armed to represent himself since he is being tried by the wrong court.

He told court that he and seven others are being tried by the Court Martial and yet they are civilians, hence the need for him to represent himself.

He says he will not be a party to the court proceedings if the suspects are not transferred to a civilian court.

Meanwhile Namara Fredric,a  retired soldier was the centre of  attraction after he kept silent when the court was conducting the roll call. According to Namara, he was dismissed by the army in disgrace and yet the court keeps on referring to him as a soldier. He also said his case cannot be heard by the court whose jurisdiction they do not agree with and rejected the state counsel to represent him.

Another suspect, Jacob Obua, also rejected the defence lawyer before court convinced him to accept being represented.He told court that having dropped out of the military, he cannot now be referred to as private and thus he should be tried in the civilian court.

Lt. General Andrew Gutti adjourned the case to 16th August asking the defence to make their submission in regards to the jurisdiction of the court.

According to Gideon Katinda, the Judge advocate at the Court Martial, although the suspects are rejecting state lawyers, they are mandated by law to have representation.

According to the defence lawyer Eugene Kabagambe Eugene, court should first handle the matter of illegality as expressed by the accused.



Kyegegwa parents worry about the ramshackled state of classrooms

Parents in Kyegegwa district are concerned over the dilapidated classrooms in Universal Primary Education -UPE schools in the area.

At some of the schools visited by Uganda Radio Network, the classrooms are dusty, have no windows and doors and have a visible shortage of furniture.

Kyaka Model Primary School, with a population of more than 1000 pupils, has a leaking roof with dilapidates structures, all which have no windows and doors. Rachael Mugisa, the deputy head teacher of the school says that the classrooms were condemned by the district engineer, but they are still being used since there is no other option.

Mugisa says that some parents have been forced to take their children to other schools because their lives are at risk.

At Kyegegwa Primary School, the P1, P2 and P3 classes are housed in a dilapidated block, with no furniture. The classroom blocks also have cracked walls and a falling roof.

Patricia Mugisa, the deputy head teacher says she has made several complaints regarding the poor structures but less attention is given by the district.  She adds that the teachers and pupils fear that the falling structures could injure them.

Maureen Kabahenda, a primary five teacher says all they do is remove the pupils from the dilapidated block whenever it rains and this affects learning.

Christopher Ategeka, a parent of Kyaka Model Primary Schools says that if the situation is not addressed soon, the schools should be closed to save lives of the children.

Vincent Ajuna, a parent in one of the schools describes the development as unfortunate.  Ajuna says that they have, on several occasions, petitioned Kyegegwa district local government over the state of UPE schools but no action has been take to rectify the problem.

He attributes the poor performance of schools in PLE to inadequate and poor facilities for both teachers and pupils in the district.

However Francis Muhumuza, the acting District Education Officer says that the district lacks resources to renovate and build new structures. He however says that the affected schools will be been given priority in the next financial year.


Museveni to attend next presidential debate

National Resistance movement presidential flag bearer, president Yoweri Museveni set to attend the next presidential debate. According to a source from statehouse, the President  will join the rest of the candidates at Kampala Serena to deliberate on foreign policy issues.

The debate is slated for 13th February 2016 and veteran VOA journalist will host the debate.


Sejusa remanded to Luzira prison

The Former Coordinator of Intelligence Services Gen. David Sejusa has been sent to remand in Luzira Prison after appearing before the General Court Martial today.

Sejusa was charged with insubordination, participating in political party activities and being absent without leave contrary to the code of conduct of the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF).

Prosecution alleges that Sejusa disobeyed lawful orders, having been asked by the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) General Katumba Wamala not to involve himself in politics and making public statements in contradiction to the UPDF act

Court Chaired by Maj. Gen Levi Karuhanga heard that on April 22nd 2015, at Bulange Mengo, Sejusa, without authorization appeared in a talk show on Central Broadcasting Service –CBS and made statements in contradiction of the UPDF act.

In November 2015  Sejusa who has served in the army for 34 years dragged the army Commissions and Promotions Board to the High Court for refusing to retire him from the military following his application three months ago.

In his application he asked court to declare that he ceased to be a Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) officer on April 8, 2015 when he applied to retire.

He also indicated that the refusal to pay him his salary, withdrawal of his uniforms, housing and transport allowances and guns among others amount to ‘constructive discharge’ from UPDF.

Sejusa wants court to order the UPDF Commission and the Attorney General to hand him his a discharge certificate as a sign that he has retired from the army.

Gen Sejusa was arrested on Sunday from his home in Naguru by military police and had been held at Makindye Barracks since.





Attain vocational skills ; Maggie Kigozi

Hundreds of youth and companies throng Kyadondo rugby ground to seek employment opportunities in an expo organized by Brighter Monday in partnership with capital Radio.

The expo has attracted unemployed youth from all walks of life  seeking employment opportunities.

Maggie Kigozi the former executive Director Uganda investment Authority appealed to youth to embrace such events.

She further tasked them to always be innovative attain vocational skills as these will help them gain employment from various organizations.

Maggie Kigozi warned the youth to resist election violence as this will not provide any solution to the unemployment gap in the country.

Many Capital FM listeners and fans have got a chance to meet their favorite presenters at the expo.

82 year granny convicted of ritual murder of grandchild

The high court is sentencing an 82 year old woman to prison today after finding her guilty of ritual murder. Hanifah Namuyanja together with her grandson Hussein Lukenge of unlawfully killing a one Shamim Nalwoga in 2012 at Kibalama Zone in Lukuli in Kampala’s Makidye division.

Justice Joseph Murangira  adjourned the case to today for sentencing.

Court found Namuyanja and Lukenge guilty basing on evidence from  prosecution witnesses who testified against them. They told court that the late minor’s body decomposing body was  found at Namuyanja’s house, three days after her death.

The judge as well noted that police exhibits, which included paraffin and soil that the convicts were feeding the deceased on, asserting that it would cure the disability she had were recovered from the Nalwoga’s house linking her directly to the crime. One of Nalwoga’s arms and leg were crippled.

Lukenge, a half-brother of the deceased, was also linked to the murder because of the calls he made to Mr Mahammed Sewuwemba, the father of the deceased, assuring him that his daughter was in good hands and would be returned home in four days cured from the disability.

On December 17, 2012, Mr Sewuwemba received a call from one Ms Hadijja Nasaka, a traditional healer currently on the run, informing him that his daughter (Nalwoga) had died.

Ms Nasaka on December 8, 2012, picked the deceased from her parents’ home and took her to her mother’s (Namuyanja) home at Kibalama Zone in Lukuli-Makindye, a Kampala suburb, where her body was recovered. A postmortem conducted on the deceased’s body showed her eyes were gouged out, her tongue and her private parts cut off which led to her death.

The two are part of other 30 capital offenders to be tried in a criminal session that opened on August 26, 2015, at the High Court in Kampala.




-Additional information from Daily Monitor


EC chairman warns Ken Lukyamuzi and Lubwama against violence

The electoral commission chairman Eng Badru Kigundu has warned two Rubaga south Member of Parliament hopefuls Ken Lukyamuzi and city comedian Kato Lubwama against using hate speech and violence .

Dr Kigundu made the remarks while meeting the two rivals in a closed door meeting at the electoral commission headquarters in Kampala. This followed  complaints filed by the conservative party president Ken Lukyamuzi against Lubwama before the commission citing  violence against  his  supporters by Lubwama’s supporter who attack them at rallies.

Lukyamuzi asked the electoral commission to provide for him security and his supporters during his campaign rallies in Rubaga south . Lubwama also accused Lukyamuzi of witch hunting him saying that the only case he has against Lukyamuzi is standing against him for the same seat.

Case violence at rallies have increasingly become common during the on going campaigns affecting presidential aspirants too.