NRM EC counsels winner of Butemba county

By Alice Lubwama

The NRM electoral commission has cancelled the winner of the NRM primary elections for Butemba county in kyankwanzi district after investigations indicated that there was a lot of tampering with the results.

While addressing the press this afternoon the chairman electoral commission Dr Tanga Odoi said the true winner will be know after the commission has interrogated the declaration forms.

He apologized for wrongly announcing karungi Micheal as a winner.
Tanga says that they have also suspended the elections for mayor and Councillors in Ntungamo municipality that was due today on grounds of rampant malpractices among candidates.

He said that the three candidates in the Ntungamo mayoral race had ferried buses of people from Kampala to participate in the elections.
He said the date for this election will be announced later.

He further said that the winner of Rushenyi county were the elections were marred with elections violence leading to the imprisonment of the state minister for labor Mwesigwa Rukutana will also be announced tomorrow.

He said that Naome Kabasharira and the agents of Mwesigwa Rukutana will have to be present tomorrow to discuss the matter before he announces the results.

The commission has so far received 1531 petitions for constituency , woman MPs and and LC 5 chairpersons .

He however say that the commission will only consider the credible ones because some of them have petty issues .

Tanga said that the date for suspended elections for mawogola and kigulu south were a candidate died will be announced after 20th of this month after primary elections for councillor’s.

H e said the commission had challenges during the elections but he said they will be sorted out to put the NRm house together.

Tadwong warns NRM candidates against violence

By Deo Wasswa

The National Resistance movement deputy Secretary general, Richard Tadwong has warned all candidates who wish to compete for different positions in the forth coming party primaries to desist from causing violence.

While handing over the NRM National membership register to the NRM electoral commission deputy chairperson Sam Kijagi, Tadwong noted that the party will not tolerate violent candidates adding that they will be disqualified.

He has also cautioned the NRM party staff also to desist from involving in any activity that may endanger candidates.

The National Resistance movement register has 11.9 million voters out of 17.2 million voters in the country.

Tadwong noted that with the register this marks the beginning of serious activities of the party a head of internal election.

It’s allegedly that the NRM party had lost its register since 2016 when Amama Mbazi left the party, however Tadwong noted that this is false information , the party has been having the register.


NRM legislator thrown out over closeness to Tumukunde

By Alice Lubwama

The ruling party NRM in Parliament has fired Annet Nyakecho from the Committee on Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) committee .

Nyakecho who is the Tororo north legislator recently joined the former minister for security who declared his intention to contest for presidency Henry Tumukunde .

In the latest designations to Sectoral Committees, the NRM through the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa announced the dropping of Nyakecho as Chairperson of the Committee on Information, Communications and Technology, replacing her with Dokolo north Member of Parliament Paul Amoru .

Nyakecho was a arrested with Henry Tumukunde and are now on charges of obstruction of officers on duty.

She is the only chairperson dropped from the committee .

Only 55 will participate in the NRM delegates conference

By Moses Kidandi

Following the creation of new districts between 2016 and 2019, the National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission (NRM-EC) is set to conduct party structural elections in a total of 55 new electoral areas.

This will include twenty three new districts, twenty one old districts, seven municipalities and four districts with special cases such as the death of chairpersons among others.

This was revealed by the Party Electoral Commission Chairman Dr.Tanga Odoi saying that these elections will be held on Tuesday, January 21st before the consultations of all aspirants from their electorates from16th to 21st this month.

The elective positions at municipal level include the Youth League, Women League, Elders League, Veterans League and People with Disabilities League and at the district-level they will vote for Youth League, Women’s League, Elders League, Veterans League, People With Disabilities’ league, workers’ league, and Entrepreneurs’ League.

Odoi says that those aspiring for the above positions don’t require any qualification, however, he warned old chairpersons in old districts not to influence elections in new districts and municipalities.

He also revealed that they are to spend 2.8 million shillings in the 55 new districts and municipalities.

NRM warns rebel MPs not to attend party conference

By Deo Wasswa

The NRM secretary general, Hon. Kasule Lumumba has revealed party chairman’s directives on denying MPs who did not support the constitutional amendments from attending the coming 25th party national conference.

Addressing the media today at party offices in Kampala, Lumumba made it clear that it was unlawful for the legislators to divert from the party position.

She further says, they will only be allowed to attend any party activities after they are cleared by the party’s disciplinary committee.

In the same meeting, the party is expected to make amendments in its constitution with likely changes to be on having a new voting system, how best to implement the party manifesto among others.

14955 delegates are expected to attend the upcoming national conference starting on 23rd to 25th January 2020 at Namboole.

Gen.Gutti sworn in for his third term

The Army court judge advocate Lt. Col Gideon Katinda has for the third time sworn in Lt. Gen.Andrew Gutti as the general court martial chairman.

In July 2017, Gutti was sworn in for the second time after taking after he was appointed by President Museveni as the army court chair for the second time following his first appointment in 2016 when the then, court chair Gen.Levi Karuhanga suddenly past on.

In may this year, the general court Martial went into recess after his three term expired until in June this year when President Museveni re- appointed him for another term.

He was re- appointed with other seven reserve members and officers of the court.

The newly appointees will begin work with over 300(350) cases that have stalled since the court went into recess .

The re-appointed officers of the court include Maj General Joseph Arocha, Lt Colonel Medard Bagambe, Captain Wilfred Karugwara, Lt Faridah Amooti Kiiza, Warrant Officer, Chrysostom John Kisembo, Colonel Richard Tukacungurwa, while Judge Advocate,Lt Col Raphael Mugisha was also re-appointed as the Lead Prosecutor, Major Samuel Masereje and Captain AB Katushabe were re-appointed as alternate prosecutors and Maj Major John Bizimana as the Secretary, and Major Kamanda Silas Mutungi as the Defense Counsel.

Meanwhile the re- appointed reserve officers include Brigadier George Etyang, Lt Col Henry Nevatone, Lt Col Sadler Katono, Lt Col Lydia Nandundu Lt Henry Bunalema, Lt Fatuma Njutti and Warrant Officer Paul Katende.

Those who were kicked out include Colonel James Rubahika, Lt Colonel Henry Serugo, Lt Colonel and Frank Tumwesigye while Major Sarah Navuga, Major. DM Karyabashisha, Captain Teopista Grama Opar and Captain Paul Mugerwa were also dropped.

The army court is a military court or a trial conducted in such a court and is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armes forces subject to military law and sentences them accordingly if found guilty or try prisoners of war for war crimes and anyone who is on trial war crimes or try civilians who violate martial law.

The General Court Martial is established under the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces Act, 2005.

Some of the civilians who have been tried and convicted by the army court include NRM bodaboda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitata who is serving 8 years in prison after he was found with a gun, bullets and arm uniforms that are a monopoly of the army.

President Museveni takes Operation wealth Creation to Bukwo

By Moses Kidandi
President Yoweri Museveni has thanked the people of Sebei Sub-Region for massively supporting and voting the NRM government.

The President was addressing a public rally in Kamet Sub-County, Bukwo District during his current countrywide drive to sensitize wananchi on wealth creation to combat household poverty.

President Museveni said that one of the reasons why there was an increase in the population of Sebei Sub-Region was because NRM had improved the health of the people by advocating for good health practices like immunization. He also noted that there was notable progress in the education sector in Sebei region as 183,000 pupils have been enrolled in 214 primary schools. He added that this was so because of the Universal Primary Education programme brought by NRM.

On infrastructure, President Museveni said that although there had been delays in construction of the road, it will be done soon. He, however, advised them to wholesomely engage in wealth creation activities as they await for the building of roads in their area.

He explained to them that development is for everybody but wealth creation focuses on an individual who must struggle to increase his/her household income.

NRM demands for dismissal of rebel MPs petition against Museveni’s sole candidature

By Sania Babirye
The ruling party NRM has asked the Constitutional Court to dismiss with costs a petition filed by 11 of its Members of Parliament who are opposing a resolution by CEC to front their party chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as a sole candidate for the 2021 presidential elections and beyond saying it has no grounds for any constitutional interpretation .

The NRM MPs who are challenging President Museveni’s sole candidature include :Theodrehe Sekikuubo, Monicah Amonding , Barnarbs Tinkansiimire , Jonh Baptist Nambeshe , Patrick Nsamba , Gaffa Mbwatekamwa, Samwuel Lyomoki, Akello Sylvia, Susan Amero, James Acidri and Moses Adome

However, in an affidavit filed by Oscar Kihika who is the party’s director of legal service, the NRM party alleges that the said petition does not raise any issue that can be interpreted constitutionally

Through their legal team represented bu K&K advocates, the NRM party further claims that the resolution bu CEC to recommend President Museveni as a sole candidate is not a constitutional or matter of judicial interpretation that can be decided by any court but its a political matter.

The NRM party also insists that they did not stop any member from expressing their interests in holding the party flag for the presidential position despite CEC’s resolution since its not the final stage of a national election .

The NRM party further claims that it’s the duty of the National delegates conference -(which is the party’s supreme organ) to elect a presidential candidate to be sponsored by NRM from a list of members forwarded by the National Executive council .

The party has also described the ground of the said Mps wanting court to declare the said resolution null and void on grounds that they were prevented from attending the said meeting submitting that their abscess does not invalidate the sole presidential candidature resolution nor is it a matter of Constitutional interpretation.

These now want the constitutional court to dismiss the said petition because it’s baseless, an abuse of court process as it specifies no particular act committed by its CEC that infringed on the Constitutional right of any MP.

They add that the said petition is a disguised move to challenge their party’s alleged non-compliance of political parties and organizations Act; yet such grievance can be addressed through other remedies other than through courts of laws.

The constitutional court has now set the 13th of this month to hold a conferencing meeting and also issues criminal summons to both parties so that they can decide and agree on the issues that must be tried before a date is set for hearing of the case.

On the 30th of April this year, the said MPs dragged their party to the Constitutional challenging a resolution by the party’s central Executive commitee that endorsed the sole candidature of their party President Museveni for the 2021 presidential elections.

The aggrieved rebel MPs want the constitutional court to declare the resolution null and void.

These filed their petition through three law firms of Caleb Alaka, Wilfred Nuwagaba and Baririre Muhangi and company advocates.

On the 19th of February this year, CEC declared President Museveni who has been the party chairman for the past 35 years as their sole presidential candidate at chobe safari lodge in Nyoya district .

However, according to the MPs the resolution that took four days blocked and suffocated the interests of other would be individuals in the party who have aspirations to become presidential candidates in the coming General elections.

Worker’s MP Sam Lyomoki says he has aspirations of contesting for the seat of the President and that President Museveni’s sole candidature was done in total disregard of his aspirations.

He further says that his party was aware of his presidential intentions since he officially communicated to the Secretary General of the party on the 19th of January 2019.

The MPs further claim that CEC had no mandate to declare president Museveni as a presidential candidate for the 2021 elections in the middle of this term (2016-2020) because it’s (CEC) 5 year tenure of office is due to expire in July 2020 and therefore have no business in the next coming elections .

The MPs claim that instead grass root elections within the party had to be conducted from which CEC would recommend the successful candidates to the National delegates conference

The MPs further want court to intervene in the internal governance of their party which they contend is not Democratic at all because their party’s Secretary General Kasule Lumumba unfairly blocked them from participating in the parliamentary caucus retreat at Kyankwazi where the sole candidature resolution was adopted .

They then asked the Constitutional Court to declare as unconstitutional all the CEC resolutions including baring them from attending the said retreat and pay them costs for this petition.

This is the second time the NRM party is dragged to court over declaring president M7 as a sole presidential Candidate for his party.

In 2017, party supporter Benjamin Alipanga also dragged his party to the constitutional court over President Museveni’s sole candidature, however, his case was later overtaken by events forcing him to withdraw it.


NRM’s Sulaiman appeals his nullification

By Sania Babirye

National Resistance Movement’s Hashim Sulaiman has filed a notice of appeal challenging the nullification of his election as the Nebbi Municipality member of parliament.

On the 2nd of this month, the Lira High court justice Ojuko Anthony Ojok threw Sulaiman out of parliament and ordered that electoral commission to hold fresh elections on grounds that he engaged in electoral Mal-practices and did not have the requisite academic qualifications since he lacked the advanced A level certificate.

Justice Ojoko ruled that the MP had rigged the elections and did also use academic documents of another person to be nominated.

Sulaima’s victory was challenged by his rival opposition Forum for Democratic Change candidate Robert Onega who accused Sulaiman of having rigged the elections and that he did not have an A level certificate in August 2018 .

While nullifying his election, the judge relied on the evidence presented by Onega including Sulaiman’s family relatives who testified before court and revealed that he never completed A level.

The relatives had also informed court during trial that Sulaiman was then known as Okethrwong Achima but not Sulaiman .

However, Suleiman has revealed that his lawyers have filed a notice of appeal to challenge the nullification.

The electoral commission declared Sulaiman as the winner of the Nebbi Municipality Member of Parliament seat with only a margin of 124 votes against FDCs Onega .

However, being dissatisfied, Onega petitioned the high court on grounds that the elections were not free and fair.

“We are deeply concerned that there were a lot of irregularities like voter bribery, assault, use of faulty bio metric voter verification system, intimidation of my voters, failure to provide light during vote counting and uttering false academic documents,”

Onega filed his petition through his lawyer, Erias Lukwago.

In his petition he stated that there was connivance between Sulaiman and the Electoral Commission to disable and use faulty bio metric machines during the polls which gave a chance to non-registered voters to vote.

Sulaiman had stated after the verdict that he will be appealing the decision of the high court.

Kitata to be sentenced tomorrow

By Sania Babirye

The former leader of the bodaboda 2010 leader Abdullah Kitata and his bodyguard detective constable Ngobi Sowali have been found guilty of unlawful possession of firearms.

These have been convicted by the seven member of the army court led by Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti.

However, the Same court has acquitted seven of his co accused and set them free.

While convicting them, the army court ruled that prosecution led by Major Raphael Mugisha proved all the required ingredients to warrant a conviction of the accused.

The army has relied in four prosecution witnesses and exhibits including a golden pistol, an SMG gun and 50 rounds of ammunition that were found with Kitata at Vine hotel in Wakaliga and arm uniforms that were recovered from their offices.

His lawyer Shaban Sanya has now asked court to hand them a non custodial sentence since they have families with school going children, with Kitata having more than one wife and the sole bread winner

Sanya also says that Kitata is suck with diabetes and that he has been working for the government including being the chairman if NRM in Rubaga division.

He further says that they have been in remand for one year and four months and are now reformed and that the guns they have been found of unlawfully possessing them have never been used in any criminal way and that all the accused have been obedient through out trial.

Sanya further says that the alleged guns were also issued to them by those in charge of them .

Gutti has now adjourned the case to tomorrow for sentencing.