Kyagulanyi says NUP is ready to become ruling party

By Sania Babirye

Now Confirmed National Unity platform party president Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi says despite today historic court victory, the said case has successfully fulfilled its main reason of antagonizing them as NUP by their detractors.

Speaking on the said judgement, Kyagulanyi stated that despite the said won case being bogus, and are grateful that the judged also was in agreement with them, he says that the said case was brought up to cut their speed and vulgarize them as NUP.

He claims that due to the uncertainty of the ownership of their party, they lost over 50 candidates who were not sure whether or not the legality of NUP would be upheld.

Kyagulanyi says it was the intention of the state to cast doubt about the NUP party and cit on the domination of NUP candidates.

He says that now that the court has ruled that they ate a legal party , they are ready to become the ruling party in the coming presidential elections.

Kyagulanyi also stated that he will be going for nomination for the 2021 presidential candidate come 3rd of November.

Police, military raid NUP base in Kamwokya

By Robert Segawa

Joint security forces have today rounded up over 30 people in city operations aimed to arrest tailors sewing military pips on political party colored materials.

The operations were manned by joint security Forces led by UPDF, Police, local defense and crime intelligence.

According to police spokesman Fred Enanga the operations were carried out in areas of Kamwokya, Mulago, Kawempe and Kiyembe where many suspects who were tailors were arrested and taken to CPS

The materials impounded include, caps, T-shirts, overalls mainly in red and yellow Berets with military Pips.

Enanga also reveals that the operations were aimed at stopping people who put on military wear like berets and pips on their political uniforms , and warned against the vice saying if these people can put on military uniform parts then they are left with holding guns .

In a related incident, deputy police spokesman Kampala metropolitan ASP Luke Owoyesigyire warned all those who are planning to engage in Members of Parliament nominations slated for tomorrow and Friday in Ntinda Nakawa division area to follow traffic guidelines that will be issued to them .

Owoyesigyire further urged the interested people not to engage in any processions as they go against the ministry of health guidelines.

Nabilah set to stand for mayorship on NUP ticket

By Robert Segawa

Kampala woman member of Parliament Nabilah Nagayi Ssempala has been nominated to contest for Kampala lord mayor ticket for the opposition national unity party.

Nabilah Nagayi was competing against one Ssali Shudrah who scored 87, while Nabilah scored 166 out of 200.

According to the parties electoral boss Mercy Walukamba, Nabilah’s responses were impressive to the panel, but she now awaits confirmation by the platform board to hold the party flag.

The city’s mayor race on NUP ticket was set back following the withdraw of Kawempe north MP Latif Ssebagala sighting the need to promote working relationship among opposition.

Nabilah Nagayi will now face off with incumbent Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago FDC, Dan Kazibwe aka Raggae De NRM , and Beatrice Kayanja on DP ticket.

Court sets 16th October for NUP ownership ruling

By Sania Babirye

Kampala high court judge Musa Sekana has set the 16th of next month to deliver his ruling in case challenging the new ownership of Nations unity platform party currently owned by Bobiwine.

This is after Moses Nkonge Kibalama the founding member of the then NURP party and his then secretary general finished being cross examined on their alleged retraction of their first affidavits in which they claimed that the party was illegally registered and transferred to Bobiwine.

Kibalama and Simba while being cross examined by defense lawyers including Medard Ssegona on his retraction informed court that they participated in forgery when they presented documents that were forged to EC to have the party transferred to Bobiwine and registered by EC.

These accused their lawyers of misleading them into signing over affidavits which they did not understand.

Kibalama had also informed court that he did not understand the circumstances leading to Jim to be summoned in court today and that his personal freedom and liberty has been curtailed by organisations he does not know.

He also revealed to court that the chief of Defense forces David Muhoozi asked him to meet him in his office and talk about matters surrounding the new party ownership two weeks ago as he was driving in his car and currently he has know control over himself.

Kibalama further revealed to court that he came to know about the summons when some one he doesn’t know sneaked a paper into a room he was being kept in and asked court for intervention to regain his freedom.

Kibalama was later whisked away from court by security operatives who had earlier claimed that they were unaware of his disappearance.

Meanwhile Bobiwine has asked the country to pray for Kibalama whom he says has lost his freedom.

Bobiwine says Ugandans must demand for Kibalama’s freedom whom he says is clearly under detention by the army and everything he says is not out his will.

Bobiwine also claims that Kibalama told him that he can not freely speak and that the video of him claiming to want his party back was not of his will.

Bobiwine also claims that Kibalama confessed to him that he was tortured and lost a nail under the security operatives.

UPDF warns public to desist from violence in this political season

By Moses Kidandi

The spokesperson of the UPDF Brig. Flavia Byekwaso is urging Ugandans to desist from being pulled into involved in acts of violence during elections.

Addressing journalists in Kampala today, Brig. Byekwaso sighted the massive violence which marred the NRM primaries in different parts of the country adding that such acts sometimes can degenerate into a deadly situation.

She further asks politicians not to force their ideologies on electorates who seem to have divergent views as this is the only way the country will have peaceful elections.Truck Violence.Eng&Lug.

In another development, she confirmed that Mr.Moses Nkonge Kibalama has been arrested for safety since his life was under threat from unknown people.

Moses Nkonge Kibalama became famous after he pronounced allowing Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi to become NUP’s presidential flag bearer in the coming elections which party he has fully owned for long.

Court asks new NUP leaders to explain transfer issues

By Sania Babirye

High Court under Justice Musa Ssekana has asked the founders of now National Unity platform to appear in court and enlighten on the ongoing party ownership, registration and transfer.

Those summoned include Former party leader Moses Nkonge Kibalama and former secretary general Simbwa Paul Kagombe.

Justice Sekana made the summons after NUP party leader through their lawyers led by Medard Ssegona asked court to have the leaders summoned and explain to court on how the party changed ownership and name.

These have now been ordered to appear in court on the 25th of this month.

Early this week, justice Sekana dismissed a suit that was seeking to temporarily block the activities of National unity platform party including including nomination of candidates.

This is after two people who claim to be members of the gormercUnity Reconciliation and development party (NURP) party dragged now NUP leader and also Kyadondo east MP Robert Kyagulanyi and other party members of taking over and registering the party illegally.

Two people Difas Basile and Hassan Twala petitioned the high court claiming to be founding members if National Unity Reconciliation and Development party (NURP) which they claim was illegal required ,changed and registered by Bobiwine into NUP.

Bobi Wine is jointly sued with the Electoral Commission (EC), Attorney General (AG), NURP acting president Moses Nkonge Kibalama, NUP leaders David Lewis Rubongoya, Aisha Kabanda, Joel Ssenyonyi, Flavia Kalule Nabagabe, Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu and Paul Ssimbwa Kagombe.

These are seeking court to order EC to de-gazette the change of the NURP party name that appears in the General Notice No. 838 of 2019, de-register NUP and reinstate NURP as the legally recognised party name.

Meanwhile Hon.Bobiwine was refuted claims made by Nkonge that he promised him 5 million shillings to sell him the party.

A video yesterday became viral showing Nkonge claiming that Bobiwine has failed to pay him the said 5 million as promised during the transfer.

Bobiwine says these are all lies being spread but as NUP they will not be intimidated and will gain victory

He says they never did any thing illegally but since the take over, Kibalama has been threatened and intimidated with his family being trailed.

He says they held a delegates conference in which they were legally voted and have minutes to prove so.

He adds that Kibalama’s family informed him that he had been kidnapped with another person and his whereabouts still remain unknown.

Segona says the former clients must state the record straight over the alleged illegal ownership as NUP they know who is behind the said case but will not give up.

City lawyer petitions EC over amendments in NURP

By Sania Babirye

People power movement and National Unity Platform party spokesperson Joel Senyonyi has described a petition by city lawyer challenging the legality of their party as just another tactic that government is playing to delay their capture of power.

In a letter dated 3rd August 2020, city lawyer James Byamukama petitioned the electoral commission over an alleged illegal amendment of NURP political party, change of party names, symbols and colours and change in its top leadership by electing Hon.Robert Kyagulanyi as its party president and presidential flag bearer for the 2021 general elections.

However, Senyonyi says the entire process was legally carried out but state is just using any agent to cut on their speed to capture power.

He says that as NUP, they will not waste time on any baseless allegations even but will continue to mobilize and register party members as they prepare for the 2021 general elections.

NUP launches member party cards

By Sania Babirye

National Unity platform has today launched its party cards that all members will have to qualify as party members.

Launching their party cards today at their headquarters here in Kamyokya, NUP president who is also the people power movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu said that with the launch of the party cards, clarified that NUP was born from people power and that people power movement will remain as a unity platform for all political parties that seek and believe in the struggle for change.

Bobiwine says that with the launch of their political party and party cards, it has brought an end to any one who was ridiculing them for not being a full political party.

He says that all this will help them win the coming 2021 general elections since people power movement is an alliance with other political parties and called upon all those political party members who seek change to join NUP.

The said cards cost only 1000shilings and that they will also distributed countrywide.

NUP further said that no specific requirement is needed to buy the said cards for anyone who wants to be a member.

People power now attached to National Unity Platform

By Sania Babirye

People power pressure group has today unveiled their political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) a political wing that will usher them into power after the 2021 general elections.

Unveiling the political wig at their movement headquarters in Kamyokya, movement leader and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi said that NUP is a dully registered organization with the National Electoral commission and their symbol is umbrella with the people power slogan in white and red color.

MP Kyagulanyi has clarified that their party comes From the National Unity Reconciliation and Development party that has been around for the past 16 years before they chose to amalgamate and form a new political wing, a process that has been ongoing since 2019.

Bobiwine says they decided to join the said political party after the government made it impossible to register their movement as a political party and that although already formed political parties and organizations had asked them to form a unity, they did not meet the values and objectives that people power shared.

The local musician turned politician says they will also hold talks with those politicians who had expressed interest to run under their political name but subscribes to other political parties and those who are willing to join their united alliance will be welcomed.

Bobiwine also revealed that over 10,000 people have expressed interest in standing on the people power ticket in the coming 2012 general elections.