Wife to missing NUP party member seeks court intervention

By Sania Babirye

Wife to missing National Unity Platform party member Shamim Kyomuhendo has petitioned the High Court in Kampala seeking orders compelling the Attorney General, the Director of General of Internal Security Organization, Inspector General of Police , the Chief of Defense Forces and the Chief of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence to produce his body dead or alive.

In her application filed today, Kyomuhendo, a resident of Ddungu Zone in Wakiso district claims that her husband David Bwanika Lule commonly known as Selecta Davie Ug, a businessman dealing in music industry was kidnapped and arrested on 12th January 2021 by unknown men at Magere at around midnight.

Selecta Davie was allegedly dragged from his house, beaten seriously before being taken to an unknown place.

Through her lawyers of PACE Advocates, Kyomuhendo says they have searched for Lule in vain.

According to the lawyers Lule has never been charged before any Courts of law since his arrest which violates his right to fair hearing.

She now wants Court to issue an order against the respondents forcing them to immediately produce Lule in Court and also pay costs of the suit

High court judge Emmanuel Baguma will hear the said application.

Court asks police to vacate NUP president’s residence

By Sania Babirye

The government has been advised that if they believe that National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi is in any way a danger to society and have evidence to prove so, to arrest him, detain him in a gazetted detention center and produce him before a competent court .

High court judge Michael Elubu advised government after ordering the military and police to vacate Bobiwine’s house in Magere this morning.

Justice Elubu ruled that the continued house arrest of Kyagulanyi and his wife Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi is a violation of their personal right to liberty.

He faulted the army and police of continuing to violate the twos freedoms without by holding them under house arrest yet they don’t have any charge against them on top of their house not being a lawful custody center.

The judge has also ordered government to pay costs to Kyagulanyi.

The attorney general last week asked court to put stringent conditions on Robert Kyagulanyi including him denouncing his alleged planned violent protest if its to lift his on going house arrest since the 14th of this month.

According to Martin Mwambustya representing the attorney general, the alleged planned violent protest is in relation to Bobiwine’s failure to accept the recent EC presidential results in which incumbent president Museveni was announced winner with 88% while Kyagulanyi came second with 32%.

The state also wanted court to compel Bobiwine to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the ministry of health saying during campaigns Bobiwine held massive rallies that was a risk to many people.

According to Mwambustya,they had intelligence that Kyagulanyi and his party have allegedly recruited and trained youths to engage in these riots if he lost in the concluded elections.

He also denied Bobiwine’s wife and other members in their family being under any movement restriction yet a video circulated on social media showing security operatives refusing barbie to go in their garden behind their house to get food.

The government further denied the two being in police custody according to an affidavit sworn in by officer Edward Ochom who is the Director of operations in Uganda police in which he claimed that Bobiwine is not under any police custody but however, his movements have been restrained at his home.

Bobiwine filed the said application and sought orders to gain his freedom back or if he committed any offence be presented before a competent court and charged.

NUP sues Government, Uganda Police, UPDF and Uganda Prisons

By Sania Babirye
The 49 National Unity platform party members who were charged remanded to both Kitalya and Kigo government prisons by the general court martial on charges of illegal possession of four fire arm magazines have petitioned the high court seeking for their immediate release.

Through their lawyer Katana Benjamin of Lukwago and company advocates, the applicants have sued the attorney general, the chief of the Ugandan Defense forces,commissioner general Uganda prisons and the Inspector general of police for continuous violation of their rights .
These are accusing the security agencies of among other things holding them beyond the mandatory 48 hours without being charged and in un-gazatted detention centers including Kasijjagirwa and Makindye military barracks, defying a Masaka order to grant them bail,and denying them medical attention of their choices despite having visible signs of torture.

They also claim that their trial at both Masaka chief magistrate court and the the general court martial and denial to access their lawyers, next of kin and medical doctors of their choices also violates their rights guaranteed in constitution of Uganda.

These now want court to order for their immediate release and also declare that their trial both at Masaka and Makindye army court is illegal and was in violation of their constitutional rights including to a fair hearing before the army court since they were also denied access to their lawyers while being charged and remanded.

They also want court to declare that the actions of the head of Uganda prisons to defy the orders of the Masaka chief magistrate to release them after giving them bail and instead hand them to the UPDF leading to their further illegal detention at Makindye military barracks was a violation of their rights and freedoms.

The NUP members want court to declare that the procedure leading to the detention was irregular, unlawful and marred by gross human rights violation specifically the right to a fair hearing and freedom from torture, inhumane and degrading treatment and also issue a permanent injunction restraining the respondents from further trial and prosecution on the alleged illegal charges.

They have also asked the court to order to stop the said security agencies from having their officers from removing their name tags from their uniforms and car number plates for easy identification of the violators of Human rights and the DPP to commence investigations into the said officers.

Relatives of arrested NUP members gather at Masaka court, demand for their loved ones’ freedom

By Sania Babirye

Relatives of Over 90 National Unity platform party supporters have camped at the gates of Masaka court in hope of having their loved ones back.

The group including Bobiwine’s body guard Eddie Mutwe and confidant Nubian Li were arrested in Kalangala were Bobiwine had gone for his campaigns before the military whisked him off from the Island and flew him back to his home in Magere in their chopper.

Kalungu East MP Sewungu Gibzanga who is at the court has told the relatives to remain calm and not provoke security from again turning their weapons to the relatives.

Sewungu informed the desperate relatives that security officials are looking for any opportunity to fire tear gas and bullets to them and that they should not do anything that will give them the said opportune yet they want to get their supporters out.

Security remains tight at the court premises and all those allowed to enter the court premises are being checked before being allowed in.

Meanwhile 25 of those will be arraigned before Kalangala court and NUP lawyers are stationed at both courts.

Police, OPM , Minister of Kampala to probe claimants

By Robert Segawa

The police management, office of prime minister together with minister of Kampala have embarked on a probe into those who were wounded and killed by stray bullets shot during violent protests started by NUP supporters demanding immediate release of Robert Kyagulanyi when he was arrested in Luuka district.

The probe comes hours after President Museveni said that government was going to compensate those who were hit by stray bullets yet were not part of the protests.

While addressing the journalists in Kampala police spokesman Fred Enanga said that the OPM, Kampala officials are working to establish a full list of contacts of those victims and will soon be released to the public.

He however added that the forensic team had collected several bullet cartridge from the crime scene for further examination.

Meanwhile the inspector general of police Martin’s Okoth Ochola has issued a new circular on use of live ammunition by police.

Robert Kyagulanyi released on bail

By Sania Babirye

The National Unity Platform party president and presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has been granted bail by the Iganga magistrate court.

Chief magistrate Catherine Agwero Nshemere has released Kyagulanyi on a non cash court bond but with stringent measures.

She has ordered Kyagulanyi to respect the guidelines issued by the electoral commission and the standard operation procedures issued by ministry of health to combat COVID-19.

Kyagulanyi is expected not to have more than 200 people during his remaining campaigns. He is expected to wear a mask and exercise social distancing. He should always have hand washing equipment at all his venues. He also must campaign within the stipulated time.

Kyagulanyi pleaded not guilty to one count of doing an act likely to spread an infectious disease contrary to penal code act and the public health control of COVID-19 rules.

Prosecution states that on the 18th of November 2020 at around 11:00am at Luuka town council, in Luuka district, negligently did an act which he knew or had reasons to believe was likely to spread the infectious of COVID-19 a disease dangerous to life.

When given a chance to address court, Kyagulanyi informed the Magistrate that this case instead of being Uganda vs Kyagulanyi should instead be Uganda vs Museveni.

Bobiwine while in the court dock stated that President Museveni should be tried for the alleged killing and committing of other crimes against innocent Ugandans.

He said that he has not committed any crime , but his crime is just contesting to challenge the over 35 year murder reign of dictator Museveni.

He has however stated that Uganda does not belong to president Museveni but belongs to the people of Uganda and Ugandans will soon reclaim it.

His lawyers led by Medard Segona also asked court to order a police officer who confiscate his torn and dirty clothes that he was arrested in .

This is after his lawyers made him change into some thing clean as he reached court but a police officer only identified as

Segona stated that it was an upfront to the integrity on the process of court and have no right to confiscate his clothes at court since once an accused person has been delivered to court he seizes to be a property of police and so his belongings.

Bobiwine’s sureties included Jonh Baptist Nambeshe, Paul Mwiru among others.

He returns to court on the 18th of this month for further mention of his case.

Bobi Wine dedicates Arua campaign to former driver Kawuma

By Sania Babirye

National Unity Platform party presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi says he will be dedicating his campaigns in Arua to his late driver Yasin Kawuma.

Kawuma was killed during the Arua by election campaigns last year when Bobiwine was campaigning for Hon.Wadri.

He says as NUP, they know that there is every intention by the regime and its security agencies to break, weaken and intimidate them as it was during nomination when they wanted to block them.

He says that their campaign in Arua will prove to the regime that they embraced their fear and want Yasin Kawuma who is with them in spirit to know that they will not give up or disappoint the cause he paid an ultimate price for.

Bobiwine has also called upon Ugandans to embrace the coming elections saying its not just an ordinary election but its a revolutionary election .

He says there is every effort to vulgarize his election and stop them and is now asking incumbent president Museveni to be very scared saying this is going to be a turning force for history.

NUP postpones manifesto launch

By Sania Babirye

National Unity platform president Robert Kyagulanyi has said that they have postponed their manifesto launch from Friday to Saturday 7th November.

According to Bobiwine, this is due to the untimely death of senior leader, Sheikh Anas Kalisa, who will be buried this Friday in Ntungamo.

He says this is meant to enable their senior leaders, including himself, to participate in the funeral.

The manifesto launch is scheduled to take place in Mbarara, Kakoba Division. NUP says they have notified the Electoral Commission and Uganda police about the changes.

Jinja NUP offices raided by security

By Sania Babirye

Police has today raided and sealed off offices of the National Unity Platform in Jinja District .

The reasons for the raid are yet to be known but party spokesperson Joel Senyonyi says they have arrested two people including their party coordinator and an attendant Saulo Nsongambi to their offices.

This comes hardly a month after security operatives raided NUP headquarter offices in Kamyokya in which over 40 supporters were arrested a d charged in court for being in possession of military gears or its resemblance and are currently on remand in prison.

The security operatives also confiscated property’s including their red uniforms and berets.

The said raid is said to have been commanded by the DPC and RDC of Jinja.

Information shows that documents including all posters have been confiscated.

NUP asks EC to intervene on police interference during campaigns

By Sania Babirye

National unity platform party led by Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi has unveiled their Presidential candidate Official Poster.

These have also launched their slogan, “When the struggle is over, we shall wear the victors’ crown in A NEW UGANDA.”

Speaking at the function at their headquarters in Kamyokya, David Lubongoya the party secretary general has revealed that their manifesto will be unveiled soon.

Joel Senyonyi the party spokesperson has called upon the electoral commission to intervene in what he has called the continued defacing of their presidential flag bearer posters by security operatives including the police and the army if its not partisan.

Ssenyonyi now wants the electoral commission to intervene if its independent by stopping the police and the army from continuing to pull down posters of party president Robert Kyagulanyi down while protecting those of president Museveni.

Senyonyi further says that it is not fair that EC that has powers but has not come out to criticise such actions of the army and police .

He says that if this does not stop, its likely to cause disharmony amongst Ugandans.

He also criticized the police from arresting and detaining their members including those who are underage like 17 year old Walakira Elijah without charging them with any offence.